BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Metallics

dior-metal1 dior-metal2 dior-metal3
dior-metal5 dior-metal6 dior-metal7 dior-metal8 dior-metal9dior-metal11 dior-metal12 dior-metal14 dior-metal15Photos by me / Mia Due
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It haven’t really been a super summer here in Denmark.
It has been a lot of rain, no beach days and just super boring weather.
So you can say that the fall vibes has been here for the last couple of months – but now we’re really getting there.
The nights gets darker earlier and the leafs changes colors.
I’ve always been a fan of autumn – there are so many beautiful colors and I like the colder wind on my face.

The new fall collection from Dior, makes me wanna cuddle up in some nice oversize sweater with a cup of tea.
They’re the ideal colors when it comes to bringing up the colder times.
I love the cold and warm metallics with a hint of subtle colors and burnt shades.

My favorite so far is the Metalizer in Platine Fusion. It has this creamy texture you can blend to your eyes and even the lips!
I adore this color, with shimmery metallics and the warm tone.
I’m also happy that they’ve made a new blush and highlighter stick! One of my favorite products in the whole world, is the Contour & Light stick from Dior – but they don’t make it anymore and I already ran out. So sad.
But this one gives a great highlight and a creamy, rose tint on your cheeks. Perfect.

The products already launched the 15. August, so just go get it!

You can buy them all HERE

x M



friday-wishlist3Reklame links


Sitting under my duvet with a crossword pusle and some homemade banana bread, this friday evening.
Who am I? I sound like a 70 year-old. I need to get out some more, this is straight up embarrassing.
Well, while I’m sitting here, I might as well do my wishlist – because yes, I keep dreaming about nice things and wishing they were mine. And sometimes they do, become mine, I mean. I’m quiet the big spender – not always a good quality tho’.

I’m dreaming of a more organized life after the summer, my jewelries are a mess, laying everywhere ..
From my nightstand, to my makeup table – the other day I found my watch in the fridge?! I mean, I need this sorted asap.
.. And this little woody box is so cute!
Not only need my jewelries to be sorted. I have so much planning to do after this summer,
so I need a more simple way to know what I’m doing day to day.
I’ve always been a huge fan of calendars and small note books – so this whiteboard makes so much sense!
My hair is as messy as my things, so that needs to be sorted out with a good hairmask.
As pink as these dream suede boots are – as much do I feel myself makeup inspired these days.
I dream of crazy colors, experimenting glitters and fun times with these Mac mixers.
They make everything possible! And I feel like I need that in my life ..

Well, thats it from grandma, enjoy your friday night kids!

x M

No Makeup Makeup For Un Balanced Skin

color1 color2 color3colorny2color7color9colorny3

So, my skin has been acting out the last couple of days.
PMS, back to reality after the summer and a lot of exciting things stresses my skin right now.
I found these products at my dermatologist at Aglaia Klinikken.
The cool thing about these products is that they really calms the skin and keeps it in balance.

You’re on vacation every day with this Bronzing Perfector.
Extended makeup wear and the radiance you crave in an instant sun-kissed tint.
It’s so smooth on the skin, gives just the right amount of color and blends into the skin super easily.
You can use it alone as your first layer of sun protection or after your daily skincare routine.

Skin Perfector Bronzing Primer SPF20, Colorescience, HERE

Infused with Vitamin E and antioxidants, this lightweight UV protective foundation provides buildable coverage,
anti-aging benefits and a radiant natural finish. I absolutely love how this powder looks on the skin. I’m normally not a powder girl – but this leaves my skin so soft, smooth and natural looking. I dont look makup-y at all!
Apply using a kabuki brush for medium to full coverage.
Apply with the brush in tight circles for a full finish. Large, sweeping circles will provide a medium finish.
It keeps your skin looking glowing and fresh!

Natural Finish Pressed Foundation Power SPF20, Colorescience, HERE

These pictures are perfect if your skin is out of balance, you’ve just had a facial or your skin needs to breathe
– but you still want some coverage.
And sorry for the super ugly pictures and ridiculous grind!
What I learned from these pictures is, that I desperately need a little color action on my lashes and brows! Haha!
1, 2, 3 .. to the color room!

x M


VIDEO WEDNESDAY: How To Do a Salon Blow Dry at Home

I promised you videos where I style some of my Balmain Hair Couture Extensions.
Here’s one of my favorite looks using only one piece of hair extension.
Who hasn’t always loved the feeling of a new blow dry straight from the salon?
Your hair always feels so soft, bouncy and smooth.
… and why not create the same feeling and look at home?

This is my way of doing it, at I absolutely love this look.


Advanced Split End Therapy, GHD, HERE

Densifique Densimorphose, Kérastase, HERE

Rotating Brush 800 Ionic, Babyliss, HERE

Hairdress, Balmain Hair Couture, HERE

I hope you’ll like it just as much as I do.
And please let me know if there’s a hairstyle you would want a tutorial on!

x M



Okay, so you know those small annoying wrinkles or layers of skin you’ve got under your eyes (haha – can you even say that?)
Well, women in every ages can have them! Both my mom, sister and I have quite deep and dark spaces under our eyes.
So, I tried this stick some time back – and I swear I couldn’t believe my own eyes!
Normally I don’t fall for stuff like this, I believe in more drastic ways, like Restylane or something like that.
But this is indeed a confident stick!
What I does, is that it not only smooths out your fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.
It also brightens, take away dark cirkles and evens out your skin under the eyes.
It really works and it looks like you’ve gotten an injection of Restylane or Botox, it fills out all the lines.

It’s like magic! 

I tried it out on both my mom (53) and sister (23) today – and it worked on both of them!
So, I thought that this should definite be my weekly favorite.

You can buy it HERE

Tell me what you think!

x M

How To Create The Munthe Look│CPHFW SS18 Edition


I promised you a special video, so here it is!
It’s the look I created for the Munthe show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, last Wednesday.
As you maybe saw on my previous post, I did the makeup as shown on the pictures.
This is a makeup and hair tutorial on me re-creating the look.
At the show I was sponsored by Nilens Jord – but in this video I used all different kinds of brands, to make it more real.

I hope you like it!


The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, La Mer HERE

Master Mixer, RMS Beauty, HERE

Syn Wash Diffusing Bronzing Powder, Laguna, Nars HERE

Touch Pen Complexion Sculptor & Concealer, Eborian, HERE


Longer Intense Cream Eyeliner, Hyberblack, Chanel, HERE

Eyeliner & Brow Makeup Brush, YSL, HERE

Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara, L’Oréal Paris, HERE

Monsiur Big Mascara, Lancôme, HERE

Eyelashes Lana #10, Huda Beauty, HERE


.. a little bit of the concealer!

Top Secrets Lip Perfector, YSL, HERE

Go check out the danish Munthe brand HERE
I think you’ll love it just as much as I do!

x M



dsc00547-copy 18146500-bm2 18146890-bmfullsizerender-2 fullsizerenderPictures from Berlingske & Munthe


Copenhagen Fashion Week is finally over and I’m chilling on my couch.
Been a couch potato all day long .. cphfw is more exhausting that it sounds.
It’s not all glam and fun, it’s super hard and tiring. Sounds like a spoiled thing to say, right?

Well, first day I worked backstage, doing makeup on all the beautiful models.
I working at the Munthe show, which is an amazing danish brand.
They make such beautiful clothes – it was an honor working with them.

The fashion show was held at the Danish Music Conservatory.
Freja Kirk, a danish performer was singing while the models strode by.
Really well done.

I was doing a beautiful sharp cat-eye, with dewy skin, bushy brows and nude lips.
I was doing makeup on Caroline Brasch, Kim Riekenberg and Ragnhild Jevne.
You can see some of the pictures here.

In honor of Copenhagen Fashion Week I’ve made a tutorial on the look.
It will be up here on the blog and my Youtube Channel tomorrow morning.


Hope you’ll like it.

x M

VIDEO WEDNESDAY: 101 Hair Extensions x Balmain Hair Couture

It’s Video Wednesday … orrrr, it’s actually not.
… And I’m so sorry! There has been Copenhagen Fashion Week the last couple of days – which has delayed my video.
But, now it’s here! I’m telling you everything there is to know about hair extensions.

How to wear them, style them, pick the right color, quality and so on!

The next couple of weeks I’ll make videos where I make different hairstyles using hair extensions.
I’ve tried so many kinds – but my absolut favorite are the ones I use in the video.
They’re from Balmain Hair Couture, and they’re absolutely amazing.

I’ll show you all the different hair extensions they have to offer in the video.
Keep an eye out the next couple of weeks!

.. As a little I’m sorry gift – I’ve made a special video for you.
It’s out tomorrow, so stay tuned!

x M.

WEEKLY FAVORITE: A Makeup Artists Must Have …


OKAY, so the thing about my Weekly Favorites is, that it’s about products I simply couldn’t live without.
These two beauties are probably some of the products that would never leave my makeup bag.
Not my personal one – and never my professional work kit.

The swatches doesn’t do these products justice at all. I’m very confused about what would ever make them look as good as they are. Cause they are. Good, I mean. More than that actually.

You work the products into your fingers and apply them literally anywhere you feel like it.
On the eyelids. Sure, no problem. On the lips, yep great idea! On the cheeks and on your upper forehead – YES PLEASE.
They can transform your skin into looking more beautiful, fresh and young, than most face masks and night creams can ever do.

Yeah, I know. I’m a silly person who’s in love.
But I am. Head over hells for these products. No shame.
I have loved them since I got to know them a few years back – and I really think you should too.

Whenever I wear these, which is basically all the time … People always asks me what I’ve done to my skin and how I get such a natural and beautiful glow. Well, I own it to these guys.

If you want to see a tutorial on how to use them, let me know.

Until then, you can try out for yourselves.

Buriti Bronzer, RMS Beauty, HERE

Master Mixer, RMS Beauty, HERE

x M




img_0555 img_0568
img_0667 img_9935 img_9943 img_9974


Happy sunday babes!

This week has been with very mixed emotions and hard work.
While trying to get on top of my game after being sick with Pneumoni, I just haven’t really felt like myself.
There are so many things going on in my life right now – both exciting and less fun.
The super exciting part of it, I’ll share with you very soon. The less fun part is probably a more private matter, that I may talk to you about sometime. Either way, I’m one big mess these days – and I don’t really know what to do about it.

Enough about that – there has been a few glimpses of some happy times this week.
I had an exciting makeup job at the beginning of the week, which had someting to do with a lot of horses!
I’m so fascinated by horses btw – I’ve never tried riding one in my life. But I actually feel like I would be quite good at it. Ha!
Those horses we worked with are some big ones – and super expensive ones for that matter. Holy f*ck.
Well, it was a fun experience and I’m super excited to see the final result of my work.

Besides that I’ve just done a lot of work the whole week – trying to catch up with everything that I had missed while being sick.
Working a lot from home, to fully recover and so on.
My bff Stine, was home from Paris for a few days. We went to visit my parents, have dinner with them, swim in the cold danish sea and enjoy some ‘us’ time. It was really nice.

I got my hair fixet, with some blonde highlights and a fresh cut at Rodeo in Copenhagen, Amager.
It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten highlights – I normally go for a balayage or let the sun do its job!
But they really do at nice job – if you’re in Copenhagen, go check them out. They’re hip and cool – and has some great talent!

This weekend I’ve just relaxed, went to dinner with my littlesister and her gorgeous new Gucci bag. Jel!
.. and went on a little boat trip with some of my favorite people in this world.
The weekend ended up being pretty great, but I’m not at all ready for Copenhagen Fashion Week, which begins Wednesday.

I have a few jobs for some of the shows this week – and at the same time, I’m going to attend some.
It’s gonna be hell of a busy week, as FW always is.

But, stay tuned on the blog – I have some great things for you this week.

Goodnight loves,

x M

Flawless Skin On The Go

lancome-cushion lancome-cushion1 lancome-cushion2 lancome-cushion3 lancome-cushion4 lancome-cushion5 lancome-cushion6Photos by Maria Jernov / 

Fashion Week has arrived – and I’m gonna run around like a crazy chicken everyday.
But my face and hair need to stay perfect all the time!
When you’re a makeup addict, like me. Or maybe just any girl out there.
It’s hard to carry around a whole makeup bag everyday, to touch up your face.
The most important thing for me to touch up during the day, is the face and my lips.
The face can get tired looking, smudged out or oily from running from meeting to meeting.

This product I have about 3-4 of, laying around in each of my bags at all times. It’s so simple to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space and really does the work that I need it to do. I just use the little sponge, dap my face to enchance glow and a more even compelxion – and voila, my face is looking flawless again.
The cool thing about it is that you buy the whole Cushion one time – and when you’re done with the Cushion, you just buy a refill and put into your case. Cheap and simple.

I love it!

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation, Lancôme, 280 DKK HERE

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Double Rouge & Rouge Liquid

dior-news-lipstickdior-news-lipstick-1 dior-news-lipstick-2 dior-news-lipstick-3 dior-news-lipstick-4 dior-news-lipstick-5

The very popular Dior Rouge sortiment is getting even bigger!
Adding to the range of many beautiful lipsticks, comes Double Rouge and Rouge Liquid.

As you know, I’m a big Dior fan – and their lipsticks are no exception!
The Dior Rouge Lipstick is something I always carry with me .. and now a new one has arrived.
It’s called double, because it’s a double color. Simple as that.
The lipstick itself is mat – which you know I love – but in the center of the lipstick a shimmer/metallic color appears.
This gives the lips a lot of great pigmentation from the matte color – but with a shiny and shimmering finish.
I really like it.

First swatches from left: 

999 Matte Metal – 288 Miss Crush – 510 Jungle Beige – 992 Poison Purple

Rouge Dior, Double Rouge, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

The other lipsticks are Rouge Liquid.
I’ve talked about them before, liquid lipsticks. They are highly pigmented, dries in and last longer than a regular.
Some of them has a twist from their normal range of Rouge Liquid – because instead of matte, they’re shimmering.
The ones I tried is a mix of both.

Two last pictures – swatches from left: 

999 Matte – 979 Poison Metal – 614 Jungle Matte – 162 Miss Satin

Rouge Dior, Rouge Liquid, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

I know they also made their iconic Rouge Dior Vernis, nail polish in the colors from above.
Go check them out and find your favorite color from the new sortiment!

x M