The next months calls for cold weather, dry cheeks and comfy clothes. So I wanna be prepared ..
I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite products to use in the winter time, so you can survive the winter with me.
It’s all about hydrating and nourishing your skin, body and health .. and these products will defiantly become your new best friends. How great is it to buy something that’s good for you – and will save you money?!
I’m definatly gonna use this Black Friday as an excuse to stock up on my favorite products and brands.
So I figured I would gather some of my must-buys right here.

Best body lotion in the whole world, nothing to discuss here. Done.
Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Save 20% CODE B20

I can’t live without my Olaplex, it keeps my hair locked in, adds shine and health to my winter damaged locks.
Olaplex Hair Perfector No3
Save 20% CODE B20

This is the only product on my list I have yet to try. But I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this brand,
that I had to sneak it into my basket.
The Ordinary 

You all know I love French pharmacy products and this one will always be in my beauty bag.
Really good for all skin types – also sensitive.
Lait Creme Concentrate, Embryolisse
Save 20% CODE WIN20

One of the best serums I’ve tried – and it’s super cheap.
It’s like giving your skin a big glass of water.
Moisture Boost Concentrate, Yves Rocher
Save 50% CODE BLACK17

Always loving a little serum on my lashes, to keep them long and healthy.
M2 Lash Serum
Save 20% CODE B20

Did you see my video on how to give yourself a beautiful bouncy blow dry at home?
I love this one so much. See the video HERE
New Hair, Babyliss
Save 20% CODE B20

One of the best concealers out there. It gives the right amount of coverage and they come in so many shades!
Radiant Concealer, NARS
Save 20% CODE WIN20

I wanna have these flashy party shoes so bad for all the upcoming Christmas parties.
I’ve had them in my ‘Saved items’ bag for a while now, so why not save a little extra?
Elegance Embellished Pointed Ankle Boots
Save 20% CODE WIN20

Looking for a new ski jacket for the upcoming season, I had never though of looking at ASOS.
But then I saw this one, how cool is it?!
Volcom Snow Prospect Jacket
Save 20% CODE WIN20

This came base layer for skiing is so cool – I feel like I could be in that snow scene from Inception?!
You can never have too much base layer as a skier, just saying ..
Superdry Snow Carbon Layer
Save 20% CODE WIN20

OTHER GREAT SAVINGS 20 % off 20-50% off up til 70% off up til 70% off

.. so beauty shoppers, go buy good stuff and save som $$!
x M









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Dior – Elizabeth Arden – Glossier – Lipstick Queen – Yves Saint Laurent

I always got a lot of questions on the products I use on my lips on a daily basis.
And yes, pink is defiantly my color when it comes to my lips, I can’t leave my apartment without a pink shade in my bag.
I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with pink lipsticks and glosses, but I just think that it adds such a nice definition, glow and color to your whole face. I doesn’t matter if its winter or summer, but a little color on your face never hurt.
Of course I’m always trying out new textures, colors and shades, but these 5 beauties are the ones I’ve been stuck on for the last few months. I’ll have them laying around in my apartment and in different bags.
Trust me, you don’t wanna meet a panicked Mia if I left my home without a lipstick with me.


Yves Saint Laurent
The most perfect peachy pink, looks perfect with a little tan and feels so good on the lips.
I’ve always thought that the designs on the Yves Saint Laurents lipstick is the most beautiful ever.
So this one doesn’t look bad in your party bag. I love this color, it’s vibrant and not too rich!
Volupté Tint-In-Balm, YSL

A newer addition to my pink family. This one looks more red-ish than it is – and yes, it does have a more deep red undetone.
I use this one for when my lips needs some extra nourishment, but at the same time wanna look kissable.
The color and texture gives you the most luminous pout, that just looks like it has been kissed.
This one is key to the no-makeup-makeup-look.
Balm dotcom Cherry, Glossier

Lipstick Queen
Yeah, this is a yellow lipstick. I know weird, right? But it doesn’t actually come off as a yellow shade.
This lipstick is a ph lipstick – or a mood lipstick as it’s also called.
The color will change depending on the ph number in your body, with makes it kinda like a personalized lipstick.
It will give you the most beautiful pink pout, with a little yellow undertone that reminds me of sunset.
It’s perfect for the summertime or when you’re having a tan.
Morning Sunshine, Lipstick Queen

Elizabeth Arden
This is hands down a perfect combo, for the ideal pink lipstick.
It’s creamy like nourishing lip balm, but gives you a sheer pink shade.
It smells like peppermint and makes your lips feel so soft and kissable. You can’t get anything but happy with this color.
Not too pink, not too sheer, not too nothing. It’s just super super good.
Gelato Plush Up Lipstick Candy Girl, Elizabeth Arden

Wanna have a little bit more action and definition? I’ve talked about these lipsticks before and I still love them.
This color is more of a rosy, dusty pink – which I really like when I wanna make my look all about the pout.
I always get compliments when wearing this one. It just makes your lips looks so ridiculous full and beautiful.
It’s one of my favorite colors from their range, so go find yours!
Lazy Laquer Stick, Dior

x M


Bye Bye Muffin Top!

thumbnail_fatSponsored content by Aglaia Klinikken

So this is very much out of my comfort zone, to talk about and to show you.
But, do you know that annoying stobborn muffin top that never really wanna go away,
no matter how much you work out or eat your greens? Well, I have that. Right here on my belly.
It’s very frustrating – but yet, very normal. So I don’t freak out about it, I just deal.
But the good news is that you can actually do something about it.
And no, this is not being lazy, this is just about helping all the stubborn parts of your body that needs a little ekstra push!

So I decided to try out the very popular treatment called Cool Tech.
This treatment is about freezing your fat until it dies. Brutal? Yes, it sounds like it. But it actually isn’t.
It’s kind of like squeezing a pimple while yelling “diiiiiie”
Dying fat, doesn’t that just sounds like the best thing ever? I do.

As always I made this treatment in cooperation with Aglaia Klinikken
My always go to, when getting anything done.
They know what they’re doing, they do it well and I’m always super happy with the results.

Because it’s very complicated understanding the procedure if I write it down, I made a video together with my favorite cosmetic nurse, Line from Aglaia Klinikken. So instead of explaining everything, you can watch this video.
You’ll hear about what’s happening in the procedure, see me doing the treatment and talk about the final results 12 weeks later.


This treatment can be done, not only on your belly, but also on your thighs, chin, arms ect.
So if you have any problem with stubborn fat, I would highly suggest this painless procedure.
It’s quick, simple and easy.

The procedure takes 70 minutes, only a little discomfort the first 8 minutes and then you just lay there chill and read magazines.
Your tummy will be swollen right after and for a few days have this numb feeling – but after, the fun starts ..
The final result can be seen after 12 weeks. Which makes this treatment perfect for winter, so you can get bikini ready!

I really see a huge difference as you can see on the video – so I would definitely recommend this treatment.

For 25% off the treatment, write IAMMIAMAI in the message box when booking.

Read more about the Cool Tech treatment at Aglaia Klinikken, HERE

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions regarding this, I’m more than happy to help you in the right direction.

x M



I’ve always been a coffee girl. I need one every day, every morning and just to keep my eyes open during the day, haha.
So ofc, it’s important for me to find good coffee while I’m here in LA.
If I’m on the run, I’m actually not a Starbucks kind of girl. I mean, if it’s there, I’ll drink it.
But I always prefer to order my coffee from Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, which is another popular chain.
You can find it everywhere, the same with Starbucks. So if it’s on my daily route, I’ll grab one.
I always order a double shop cappuccino and a passion fruit ice tea, with one pump stevia sweetener. It’s my go-to.
But, we all know that there’s nothing better than catching up with a friend, drinking coffee and just talking for hours.
And when I need a place to enjoy my coffee, I’ve 3 favorite places to go.

Alfred Coffee

alfred alfred2

You can’t avoid this hip place to drink your coffee. It’s so instagram friendly with all the decor and different colored walls.
It’s so in and the coffee is to die for. Here you can get anything that your coffee – or tea heart desire.
Are u a mocha girl, or more into herbal teas, koffein free coffees or whatever – they have it here.

Carrera Cafe

carrera1 carrera2

Okay, be prepared for the most instagram friendly coffees.
Not only do they make super good coffees and pastries – but they’re also picture perfect.
Hold on, you can choose a stamp on your coffee from a chart they carry.
This means that you can get Ryan Goslings beautiful face on your cafe latte. I mean, how freakin’ cool?!
They have different stamps of your choosing, everything from Kim Kardashians cry face, to the Hollywood sign.
That’s so cool. You’ll defiantly meet a lot of bloggers clicking their pictures of the cool coffees and jut on the other side of the street is the popular pink Paul Smith wall, where you can take cool photos.

Urth Caffé

Another hip place that has different locations. My favorite location is on Melrose Ave.
It’s the ideal place to have breakfast or lunch – or just to grab your favorite cup of coffee.
But be aware, this place will most likely be packed everyday you’ll try and visit. But don’t worry, they’ll always find you a table even though it can take 5-10 minutes – be patient. Not only is this a good celebrity spotting place (all the A-listers pick up there coffees and matches from here), but they have amazing foods too.
All their food is good, homemade and filled with greens. Again, they have different kinds of coffees, teas and smoothies.
If you’re having a little sweet tooth, try their spanish coffee. It’s so good.

Hope you could use my favorite coffee spots to when you visit the city!
x M


Hi guys,

I’m so absence – and there’s a lot of reasons to that. Some that I’ll keep private a little longer and others that I’ll probably share with you in the upcoming weeks. But either way, I still enjoy posting great content for you and I’ll keep doing so.
This video that I made is a little different from the rest of my videos.
It’s probably what you’ll call a vlog – because it’s a few glimpses and clips from my everyday life here in LA.
This is me trying to let you in on some more personal stuff, than just my beauty tutorials and so on.
I will agree, that when my mom saw this video she was like ‘It looks like all you do is party and go to lunch’ .. haha, and I will agree with here. This was a weekend, which means I wasn’t really doing much work – just enjoying my friend visiting!

I hope you like it – and remember, I’m new in the whole vlogging, so it will get better!
Enjoy loves,
x M