White Liner is The New Black Liner


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Photos by Maria / mariajernov.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Okay, I always used to say that nothing beats the perfect black winged eye.
But look at this bomb white liner! That’s so cool.
I love the contrast of the almost neon white to my tanned skin. It makes my eyes look a little bit surreal.
First I wasn’t sure weather or not it looked like eyelash glue on my lids – but now I’m such a fan!
I think it’s important to experiment with different colors around the eyes, and yeah I guess this I a quite bold look ..
But as long as you dig it – just rock it!


The most perfect creamy highlighter that I’m obsessed with right now, is the
Bright Idea Illuminating Stick from NYX.
It blends in so well with my skin and leaves the gorgeous glow – so natural and lovely.

For my lips is one of my favorite lip products from my all-time favorite brand, Dior.
Its the Dior Addict Laquer Stick in the color Lazy. 
As you maybe have seen from my previous video HERE, I love all their new shades.

The star of the show for this look, is the cool white eyeliner.
White Liquid Liner from NYX.
It’s super easy to use, shapes the edges really nice – and it last for sooo long!
I wen’t out on town with this bad girl on, and she stayed put all night.

Soon it’s Halloween time – so as promised, a Halloween video will be up on my channel real soon!

I hope you liked it,

x M


WEDNESDAY VIDEO│How To Get Vampy Lips For Fall


Well, even though I’m in Los Angeles, it’s all about the fall. It’s the hottest month of the year here in California.
But there’s pumpkins, halloween decorations and cosy sweaters all over the town even though it’s 35 degrees outside.
I’ve always loved fall, I love the colors on the trees, the cosy afternoons, cool jackets and most of all the fall makeup!
There’s nothing that screams fall like the perfect vampy lips.
So even tho I’m sweating my ass of in this video, with the AC pumpring around in the air
– this one is for all you fall loveling people, like me!

In the video I’ll show you tips and tricks to make the color last all day!


Simply Vamp Lip Cream in the Color Bewitching, NYX

Slide On Lip Pencil in the Color Nebula, NYX

I hope you guys like the video, even tho the AC was making all that noice and I keep talking.
Please let me know what you wanna see next time!

My halloween video will be up this week!

x M

Kissable Lips & Rosy Cheeks

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

img_1648img_1647– sponsored – 

Hi guys,

A lot of you asked me after I did my first impression on the Glossier products, about these two darlings.
So I decided that I wanted to take a few shots with me wearing these gorgeous colors.
For the lips I actually wore both colors, starting with the Cloud Paint in the color Haze, and then finished with
the Cherry Balm Dotcom – which really smells and tastes like cherries!

I really like these two products, they make both my lips and cheeks feel fresh, rosy and kissable!
The cherry balm has already become my favorite go-to lip product that I always bring with me in my bag.

You should really try out some of there products – they’re not only cute. They’re hella good.
If you didn’t see the video where I’m testing and trying out all the products for the first time, you can find it HERE

x M


WEDNESDAY VIDEO│ Bye Bye Tired Eyes!

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of activity on my site. A lot of stuff has happened, which made me pull away from all work for a while.
I will tell you all about it in a post very soon – but for now, I just needed to be offline.
That’s why there wasn’t a Wednesday Video last Wednesday, which I’m sorry for – but I just couldn’t do it.

BUT, now I’ve made you a quick little tutorial with some tricks and tips to get your eyes looking more fresh and wide!
I was super tired when I was shooting the video, so I though – why not make a video that makes me look more fresh than I am?

Here it goes, I hope you will enjoy it!


Shape Tape, Tarte

Setting Powder
Diorskin Forever & Ever Loose Powder, Dior

Faux Whites Eye Brightener, NYX

Paradise Extatic, L’Oreal 

I hope you could use some of my tips – please let me know what you would like to see next!

x M

VIDEO│First Impression & Review on Glossier


Hi guys,
A little surprise video for you – I know it’s not Wednesday, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this one.
I’ve really wanted to try these products for so long – and I was definitely not disappointed.
Because you can’t get this brand at home in Denmark, I was super excited about ordering now when I’m in LA.
You can see in the video that this is my first impression on everything from the packaging,
the scents, the texture, feels, looks and everything else.
I must say they really didn’t disappoint – just made me even more excited to start using them on a daily basis.

I’ll keep you updated on what I think about the products.
.. and then you’ll probably see one or two favorites sneaking into some of my blogposts in the future.
Who knows?

My Wednesday Video will still be up this week, don’t worry!

x M


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetimg_0138img_0140Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 
Location: Playa del Rey, Los Angeles

Okay, you’ve probably seen this palette before on my feed.
But I love the colors so much – it really is all about the heat.
These colors remind me so much of these LA days, its so hot and even though I’m trying to enjoy it, I run for the shadow.
I love how these colors blends so nicely together and the shades are unreal. It really puts me into a specific mood.
I wanna play a little bit more with them and use some of the darker shades and the sparkling ones.
So if you own this palette, let me know if I should make a special tutorial or look for you!

For this look I used two products that I’m a huge fan of right now.


Naked Heat Palette, Urban Decay
I used the colors Sauced, Low Blow and He Devil.
It’s a matt dusty beige for the whole eyelid, a more burnt beige/brown for the crease and a reddish/burnt brown for making definition in the ender of the eye.

Paradise Ecstatic, L’Oreal
My favorite mascara right now – I don’t even have to curl them or anything.
They gets such a nice curl with volume and length!

I hope you liked it.
x M


WEDNESDAY VIDEO│Quick Everyday Makeup


The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, La Mer
Diorskin Nude Air Luminize Serum, Dior

Naked Skin Shapeshifter, Urban Decay
Diorblush Color & Light, Dior 

Diorshow Bold Brow, Dior

Naked Skin Shapeshifter, Urban Decay
Paradise Ecstatic Mascara, L’Oreal

I know it’s a little bit different type of tutorial than I normally do.
I’m trying out a different format. I wanna do videos for you guys both on IG and Youtube.
But I wanna do different templates and formats on each place.
Please tell me what you would like to see and if you’re missing something important!

Hope you liked my little experiment.

x M

FAVORITE│Modern Señorita

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Photos by Maria / mariajernov.com
Location: Venice, Los Angeles

Nothing beats a red lip. It’s bold and beautiful.
I’ve never been afraid on putting a bright red color on my pout a Monday morning – so you shouldn’t either!
But I know it can be difficult trusting that little devil red color.
What if it gets stuck on your teeth? Smudged out everywhere on your white dress – or ending on another persons mouth after a great snog? I know, there are tons of reasons why the red lips is a bad idea, that can ruin your day.

.. but, there are actually some red lipsticks out there, that can win your trust back.
This one, is my most loyal badass red lipstick I own. I don’t even think about it when I’m wearing this cool girl.
She will let me sweat on the dance floor all night, kiss all the guys I want – without leaving a trail and she will never smudge off!
She’s my sidekick, and I love her.

Always On Liquid Lipstick by Smashbox

I’m wearing the color, Bawse, which is a deep red color.

I love the name, ‘Always On’, cause it will literally stay on forever.
Are you still having a hard time trusting your lipstick?
Then you can watch the video tutorial I made, where I give tips and tricks on how to make your lipstick stay on.
You can see the video HERE

I hope you like this liquid lipstick just as much as I do.
They have a range of cool colors, so go and find your match!

x M

MY BROWS│Permanent Makeup

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
Pictures by Maria / mariajernov.com 
Before and after pictures in the bottom of this article


It is no secret that I like to shape my face and features with a little help sometimes.
But the first thing I ever had made in my face, was my brows.
Brows were such a trend back when I had them made – about 1,5 years ago – it still is though.
.. but you know the whole drill with Cara Delevigne and everybody on this planet wanting fuller and more bushy brows.
Well, I was definitely not born with gorgeous, bushy and pretty shaped brows. Not at all.
I hated to draw my brows on my face every single morning (and sometimes during the day too).
The fear of the weather changing to rain while I was on my bike to work was horrifying.
There’s nothing sexy about showing up to a meeting with only one eyebrow, because your makeup didn’t stick to your face.
.. and yes, I know that there are so many really good brow products out there, to help you out.
But when you’re single – you don’t want to wake up at a strangers house with a hangover AND without your brows!
And it’s just not very exciting paddling around in a pool in Ibiza with your girlfriends and your brows are melting off.
I can keep going – life is just really sad without brows.

So, I decided that I wanted permanent – or semi-permanent eyebrows.
Yep, I wanted them drawn on my face and stay there!
I know, I still remember my mom screaming at me. ‘You’re going to have a tattoo on your face?! You’re insane!’
The funny story is, that she has just booked an appointment to have hers done now. Ha! The irony.
But I know. It sounds a little bit more dramatic and crazy, than it actually is.

First of all, it’s safe. Well, as long as you choose the right place.
This is another reason for me to tell you all there is to know about getting permanent makeup – there are so many places that will make your permanent makeup for you, super cheap and quick, they keep popping up everywhere.
But all I can say is, don’t do it.
It’s just not worth ruining  your entire face, just to save a few bucks.
I have a friend, who had hers done by the wrong person – and now she had to get all the ‘ink’ out of her skin.
.. and the place wasn’t shady or anything! Long story short, it was horrible. Poor thing.

So there’s only one person I will lay my face in the hands of.
Her name is Line Therkildsen and she owns this little adorable clinic called Aglaia Klinikken.
She is not only super talented – she’s so sweet and kind, you can’t feel anything else than safe and welcome at her clinic.
.. and she’s such a perfectionist. She will never stop working on your face till she’s satisfied with her work.
You can really feel like it’s her goal in life, to help other people feel beautiful and loving themselves.
Everything she does is so natural and never over done. She knows what to do and when to stop, which I appreciate so much.
So don’t you worry, you’ll never end up looking like the cat lady.
(.. if you dont know the cat lady, google it! .. or maybe don’t, you’ll get scared of ever getting anything done!)

Permanent makeup can naturally change what nature has not designed perfectly and is therefore a natural enchantment of your own features. The permanent makeup is not always about replacing your daily makeup, but can help to add the last thing that nature has not given you – in my case basically just hair.
As you can see in the before and after pictures – it didn’t have a lot of hair.
I’m a 90’s teenager, which means over tweezing was all I knew of when it came to my brows.
So yeah, not really impressive with what I was born with.

Permanent makeup is best described as a superficial tattoo. At the Aglaia Klinik they use allergy tested and EU approved plant colors, which are added to mineral substances dissolved in alcohol and distilled in water. This makes plant dyes particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The plant colors are carefully deposited into the skin’s outer layer in the desired area using a very thin needle – doesn’t really sound so appealing I know. But it really isn’t that bad.
At the Aglaia Clinic they use professional equipment that is advanced and specially designed to perform permanent make-up – the equipment can not be compared to equipment for a normal tattoo. It is really not the same at all.
Why I like the colors they uses is because they will not create that grey or purple tone that some colors makes – they always use colors that are tailored to your skin tone, so they can create a natural expression for all of their customers.

Permanent makeup is suitable for anyone who wants well-formed brows, beautifully framed eyes and beautiful lips.
Permanent makeup can also help if you have a lack of hair growth and / or alopecia. It can also be used if you have makeup allergy, wear glasses or have poor eyesight and experience genes in connection with your daily makeup routine.
There really isn’t any reason not to do it if you don’t like your brows.

I chose to get the 3D hairstrokes, which is called Microblading.
It’s definitely the most natural looking permanent makeup you can get.
With Microblading you get a permanent makeup that can be used to create natural and very fine hair strokes. It’s a relatively new technique, where they use a manual pen to create a hairline. Why they use Microblading is to create fine and ultra-thin hair that resembles your own natural hair and creates a natural expression. Microblading can also be used to change the shape of the brows. Which we also did with mine. I was missing a little more arch in both of the brows – which can really make a huge difference and change your face. It’s like a facelift and it can really open up your eyes.
When the treatment is complete, you can expect a reduction of 20% of the color after a few weeks,
so don’t get scared if the brows look super dark and crazy – it will go away again.

You can expect it to last 2-5 years. Though, it’s a good idea to refresh your treatment.
It typically happens after a year and may be especially necessary for permanent makeup of the brow.
I had my refreshment of the tattoo done after 1,5 year. .. and it was really only a few strokes here or there.
When getting the tattoo, you get a refreshment of the treatment 1-2 months after it’s done, which is within the price you paid.
The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes – but you’ll have 1,5 hour for the whole booking, so everything is taken care of.

Getting these brows done has really been a lifesaver. It sounds so superficial, but it’s crazy what it can do to your face.
I rarely use any makeup on my brows, I still get them colored as normal
– but besides that I just run a brow gel through my brows and I’m good to go.
No more hiding when it rains or being afraid that you left the eyebrow makeup on your pillow after a night out.

Everybody askes about the pain – well, you get an anesthetic cream on your brows before they start the session.
You can’t feel a thing the first 20 minutes, only hear the awful sound of the needle.
(.. it sounds like a knife on a blackboard) – and that’s probably the worst part about it.
After the 20 minutes, you can feel it a bit yes. I won’t deny that in the end of the session you just want it over with.
But before you know, it’s done and you can relax. It really is worth the whole pain.
Which I didn’t think was that big. On a scale from 1-10? Probably 6.


Phone: +45 53 600 660
E-mail: info@aglaia-klinikken.dk
Øster Farimagsgade 73
2100 Kbh. Ø

brynLeft picture is from the morning of treatment day, with no makeup on
Right picture is in the treatment room same day, now with the brow shape drawn on with a pencil 

img_4051Before and after pictures, the top one is just before the treatment and the bottom one is right after the treatment

So guys, don’t hesitate asking me anything about this treatment.
I know a thing or two – and you can always book a free consultation and talk with Line yourselves.
Because there really isn’t any other place I would recommend.
Better feel safe, than sorry – you don’t wanna end up looking like a criminal.

x M



Finally my Wednesday Video is up again!
I talk a bit about why it’s been two weeks since I uploaded my video – so sorry.
But this is a video about getting the right glow, which works for both summer and winter time.
I’m using a lot of products in the video, so don’t get scared – but as always, you chose which products you think would work into your own makeup routine. I never use all of them, I’m just a normal human being as well.
Sorry for the awkward frog angle on the camera and the bad lightning – its hard for me to find the perfect filming spot in our new apartment here in Los Angeles. It will get better, I promise.
I look a little bit like a bimbo in this video – crazy blonde hair and tanned skin, I know.
Read about my little hair accident HERE


Nude Air Luminizer, Dior, HERE
The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, La Mer, HERE
Laguna Liquid Bronzer, NARS, HERE

Cream Touch Bronzer, Nilens Jord, HERE
Bright Idea Pear Pink Lace, NYX

Naked Skin Shapeshifter, Urban Decay, HERE
After Glow Highlighter Palette, Urban Decay, HERE

I hope you liked it.
Please let me know what kind of video you would like to see from me!

x M


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


img_3927Photos by Maria / mariajernov.com
Location: Venice, Los Angeles

I found this super cool wall in Venice, well there are so many – but this one got me so inspired.
What cooler way than rock som crazy neon lips?
I had this gorgeous orange liquid lipstick – so I decided this was the perfect way to express my feeling.

The liquid lipstick is from Nars – and their Suede collection has so many edgy and trendy colors!
I own more than a few to be honest .. Well, they just really stays on your lips forever and they’re so pigmented.

This very creamy lipstick is called Liquid Suede from NYX. 
I used the color Foiled Again

I love colors – and I adore to mix and match everything, so this was heaven.
After these crazy photos, me and Maria decided to go and get a Poké Bowl at one of our favorite places in Venice.
It’s called the Poké Shack, you should check it out!

Now we’ll go on a hunt for food .. once again.

Have a great day,

x M


LA BEAUTY TIP #1 │The Detox Market

img_3204img_3201 img_3202 img_3203THE DETOX MARKET
1231 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

My first tip when it comes to beauty in Los Angeles.
I wanna give you guys some of my favorite places to shop beauty, my favorite American beauty brands and hidden secrets.
One of them is this little treasure – The Detox Market.
Why I like it is because they have my favorite Organic brands gathered together at one place.
.. as you probably know by now, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to Organic makeup.
But this little store has my favorite green brands and some extra lifestyle products that I’m really into.
The thing about me is, that I’m not very much into Organic beauty products – like makeup or skincare, but I love
everything Organic when it comes to nursing your body from the inside.
.. and they have some pretty cool things in this section!

Always always always, restock on my RMS beauty products.
You can read why they’re so amazing here: A Makeup Artist Must Haves
I also restocked on my Resurfacing Face Mask from Tata Harper – perfect when it comes to dull looking skin!
.. and this really cool “dust” that I put in my smoothie in the morning.
It’s a mix of super herbs and supermushrooms to nourish your skin, hair and nails and keep your body stressfree and detoxed.
I really feel like it does a difference – and they’re so cute to look at!
My favorite is Full Moon Dust by Moon Juice. Check them out!

If you come to Santa Monica in California, you should definitely check out the Montana Avenue.
There’re so many cute shops – and then you have the opportunity to visit this cute little green shop.

x M