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BEAUTY NEWS: Marc Jacobs


As some of you maybe saw on Instagram, I was introduced for the summer news from Marc Jacobs. And omg .. I want it all! So, I’ve always loved the design of the products – and there even is a lot of interesting stories behind them – but the products are actually super good! They’re not just another highend brand with a beauty line, they actually now what they’re doing.

So, I saw all these amazing new products, but then I got bummed. They’re all made with some sort of coconutecstract, and the ones who know me, knows that i hate the smell of coconut. BUT .. it actually isn’t that bad. The smell is super light and just reminds me of summer and a good time on the beach, not at all nauscia as I normally think.

So, be prepared for all these lovely goodies – they got everything from a highlighter fluid, setting mist, bronzer, lip liquid and glosses!

My favorites were deffinatly the fluid highlighter – because LOOK AT IT! The most perfect golden glow that melts into your skin! And the lip liquids comes in the most beautiful nude colors and gives the most perfect finish. But one product I couldn’t get my hands down over, was the bronzer. It’s not an annoring orange-ish, shimmering bronzer – which there’s too many of on the market btw. No no, it’s this beautiful olivebronzed mattifying powder that gives your skin the most beautiful color – without even looking to overdone! In love.

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, 24 ml., 325 DKK.
Re(cover) Coconut Setting Mist, 112 ml., 290 DKK.
O!Mega Bronze Bronzing Powder, 360 DKK.
Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème, 245 DKK.
Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer, 225 DKK.

You can get all the products in Sephora in May 2017.

x M

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TRAVEL: Leaving for colder weather