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It’s no secret that the whole cotton univers have been a huge trend in the beauty industry. The whole idea is to make fragrances, lotions and mists smell like everyday cotton notes. Like clean clothes from the washing machine, your clean duvet or your towel after a good shower. It’s a soft, gentle touch that gives your a feeling of comfort and awaken your senses to feel at home and safe.

& Other Stories has also made a popular Cotton Care range – and is now adding two new fragrances:

Crinoline Violet“Infused with hints of violet for a dreamy cotton scent ..”
Crinoline Green“Graced with notes of green for a zesty cotton scent ..”

The name Crinoline comes from a coarse cotton fabric, which is used to line and stiffen hats and garments. I really like these two body frangrances, because they’re so calm and understated. Crinoline Vilot is sweet and soft, where Crinoline Green is crisp and clean.

They costs 195 DKK and you can buy them in &Other Stories.

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