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WEEKLY FAVORITE: Alt i en salve

PUDDERDÅSERNEI’m away skiing in the French Alps, which means I need some good products for my skin in this extreme weather. Though it’s at the end of the skiing season, which means it’s not too cold, I still have to take care of cracked lips, knockles and my nose!

There’s only one product I’ll always bring and it’s this balm.

I was so tired of all those lip balms out there, promising to repair my lips and leave them soft and smooth. No one ever did the job.
And then my good friends, Helene and Katja, made another wonderful product, the Alt-i-en Salve – and my life was good again.

Cause a lot of brands put good smoothing ingredients in their products – but they forget that you need to repair and fix something before you make it smooth.
So the Panthenol repairs the skin – but thet most important ingredient is the Salicylic Acid, because it’s eksfoliates your skin. So here it is, the best combo when it comes to broken skin! You’re welcome.

Alt i en Salve, Pudderdå, 30 ml., 95 DKK.

x M

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