8 ways to use Coconut Oil

I sent my hair to rehab!


It can feel really good to start over and have a fresh new start with a lot of different things – the same when it comes to your hair.
Maybe you?re the kind of person who uses the same shampoo everyday and feel like you need a change and something new to happen! We often have the same routines when it comes to beauty, which can make our hair and face feel boring to look at, because we?re so used to looking at the same thing.

When using a lot of different products for washing, caring and styling, your hair can need a break. We wash it, style it, bike with it and does a lot of harsh things to it everyday and at some point the hair can?t grow any longer or get any healthier.

As a beauty junkie, I try a lot of different stuff with my hair. Actually, I?m really not nice to it. If my hair was my friend, I think it would have left me long time ago.
Therefore I decided to send my hair to rehab ? which is quiet mean of me, since it?s my fault that my hair has lost its shine, vitality and health.

So I got this challenge, about only using Living Proof products in my hair for at least 14. Washes ? or until I had emptied the bottles. I chose to go all in and use the products until the last drop of shampoo was used.

? and WOW what a difference it made in my hair.

Normally my hair is super dry and often damaged from the environment or bleach. I have super fine Scandinavian hair, so it tend to break easily and feel unhealthy at times.
I started using the restore line from Living Proof ? and normally I?m super skeptical about hair products. Specially because there are SO many out there and they always promise you everything and nothing. It?s so rarely that I find products that actually work ? and not just superficial, but also changes how your hair feels and looks for good!

I?m not joking when I say that these products are some of the best products I?ve ever tried.

It?s the first time ever, that I don?t need to use a styling iron of some sort, to make my hair look beautiful after a good blowdry. Just from shampoo and conditioning itself, I saw a huge change in my hair from my very first use. And after that I used 1-2 products from Living Proof, to make it even more smooth or for styling.

I?ve now used the products for 1,5 months ? and last night I ran out. A little sad actually.
But the good thing is, that now I?m aloud to try some of their other products, now that my hair has been in rehab.
It?s like starting on a fresh. My hair feels super healthy and SUPER strong ? so I don?t feel bad when I style it, try out new products or styling tools. Because the hair is healthy and ready to whatever comes at it.

What is so different about Living Proof products?
Well, the difference from Living Proof to other products is, that they use science. It sounds super simple, but actually it makes a lot of sense. Most important, they discovered a molecule OFPMA, that gives your hair a delicate, thin and invisible protection shield around each hair. This little shield protects your hair against humidity, it keeps dirt away ? so your hair stays clean longer and it gives your hair a lot of strength and shine to make it healthier.

Normally I have to wash my hair every day ? or every other. But after using this shampoo and conditioner it would stay clean for 3 whole days and still look fresh!

I used:

Restore Shampoo & Conditioner
A gentle shampoo for dry, damaged hair that when used as part of the Restore System helps hair behave like it was not damaged at all. It helped my dry, damaged hair appear visibly healthier. It instantly restores damaged hair cuticles so they act more like new and restores the moisture levels.
Shampoo, 200 DKK HERE
Conditioner, 200 DKK HERE

Restore Instant Repair
It?s a corrective leave-in that is infused with silk proteins, which made my hair soft, silky and strong. It transforms hair to look, act and feel like it was not damaged at all. I could really see a difference with this, it helps to prevent up to 93% of new split ends typically caused by styling and leaves your hair 15x stronger after just one use!
Leave-In, 250 DKK HERE

Restore Mask Treatment
This is a deeply conditioning treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing each strand, leaving your hair visibly healthier, stronger and shinier. My hair felt so strong and was super shining after using this. I use it 2 times a week ? and sometimes I sleep with it over night.
Hair Mask, 250 DKK HERE

No Frizz Nourishing Oil
Oils can be your best friend when it comes to frizzy hair! This is fast-absorbing oil that nourishes even the coarsest hair. This nourishing oil blend was specifically formulated to mimic hair?s natural oil composition, providing coarse hair breakthrough frizz protection for smooth, shiny, healthy- and hydrated-feeling hair. Even my worst split ends looked smooth after using this. But be careful ? you don?t need a lot of this!
Hair Oil, 250 DKK HERE

*They?re all silicone-free!

It might seem like a lot of products to invest in. But I chose to go all in. You can try out the shampoo and conditioner ? but it?s super important that you don?t mix any other products while using these. Remember, you send your hair to rehab, so try to stay with only these products for a while.

Let me know what you think!
… and sorry for the bad haircolor – I’m getting that fixed tomorrow! Haha!


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