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TREATMENT: Wella Fusion

WELLAWELLA2.jpgPhotos by me / Mia Due

After this treatment, my hair felt super healthy, silky smooth and had the most beautiful shine. It really made my hair look and feel like silk!

Wella just launched this treatment, called Fusion. It’s an intensive repair-system for your hair, that’s gonna give the hair the opportunity to become the best version.The treatment is for severely damaged and over stylet hair, so the hair can be woken back into life, to give it health, shine and a stronger feel.

The treatments is made of amino acids, that can go deeper into the hair fibers so the hair gets stronger and have less hairbreakage.


It’s a 20 minutes treatment, made in the salon of your choosing. There are 3 steps in the treatments – and every step is so relaxing and feels luxurious!

STEP 1: Your hair gets washed by their Intense Repair Shampoo, which has the most amazing smell ever! It’s a mix of summer flowers and clean laundry – but without being a heavy scent. It’s a delicate shampoo that repairs damaged hair and leaves it super creamy, clean and light.

STEP 2: Now the important step starts. This is the Fusion Amino Refiller, which is a clear fluid that goes all the way into the hair fibers and smooths out all the breakage in your hair. Every piece of your hair gets soaked in the fluid and sits in your hair under a heat-helmet for about 15 minutes.

STEP 3: After washing the refiller out, the Intense Repair Mask can be used in the hair for 5 minutes or just the Intense Repair Conditioner, depending how damaged your hair is.

After a good blowdry your hair feels like new. It’s super light, smooth like silk and has the most amazing shine. I really love this treatment!
It’s a few days after my treatment and I’ve continued to use the products at home. My hair still feels super soft and silky – and I really can’t get enough of this amazing scent!

Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo, Wella, 250 ml., 190 DKK HERE
Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner, Wella, 200 ml., 200 DKK HERE
Fusion Intense Repair Mask, Wella, 150 ml., 215 DKK HERE
Fusion Amino Refiller, Wella (Ask in your local Wella salon)

Hope you’ll like it too!

x M

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