BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Care & Dare Summer Look

TEST: Toned legs before summer!


Okay, so I know the weather in Copenhagen sucks – even though we’re in May! It still feels like winter in the city, which just makes everything depressing .. But, I know that summer is just around the corner – and I, somehow, always get super surprised and I always feel unprepared.

Cellulite affects about 90% of every women – and it’s no shame! Yes, it can get worse from bad dieting, smoking and lack of exercise (honestly, let people live ffs) – but most of the times the cellulite is in your genes. People say it might look like the skin of an orange – I say it looks more like cottage cheese, which is so not charming. Therefore, I have done my homework and tested some promising products for you guys. I’ve tested these products for a longer period of time, to make it easier for you to chose and succeed. These products will make the appearance of stubborn cellulite smaller and at the same time, firm, tighten and tone your skin – to give you smooth and sexy legs!


I know that you can never get rid of cellulite all the way – but you can make them more invisible, smaller and smoother with a few tips and tricks.

    Recharge Ionic Body Brush, Karmameju, 400 DKK HERE 
    Sugekop Str. 4, Sard Copenhagen, 170 DKK, HERE
    Q10 Firming Body Oil, Nivea, 55 DKK HERE
    Contouring Body Fit, Clarins, 200 ml., 395 DKK HERE
    Body Strategist Cream Gel, Comfort Zone, 465 DKK, HERE
    Body Tone Firming Concentrate, Exuviance, 525 DKK HERE


Hope you’ll like it!

x M

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BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Care & Dare Summer Look