TEST: Toned legs before summer!

TRAVEL: Random pics from Paris


Photos by me & Stine Palm 

So, as you may know I went to Paris a few weekends ago to visit my best friend, Stine.
I try to come there as often as I can – luckily Paris is not that far away and the tickets aren’t that expensive.
She moved from Copenhagen to Paris 2 years ago now, which sometimes makes it a little hard for me to stay in Copenhagen, because there doesn’t go one day where I don’t miss her. She’s my best friend, my family.

These are just some random pics from my long weekend at hers. As you see, we don’t really do touristic stuff, because I lived in Paris 7 years ago and she now, so we don’t really feel the need. We just make sure to enjoy each others company, eat great food, drinks (lots) of wine and talk talk talk.

I’ll go back to Paris to visit her real soon.

x M


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TEST: Toned legs before summer!