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WEEKLY FAVORITE: Nars Liquid Blush

Photos by me / Mia Due

So, if you’re a makeup addict like I am, you probably already know the super popular blush from Nars called Orgasm. I know, a little saucy name. But if you think about it, is there a more beautiful glow than from an orgasm? Ha! I know, a little too much, but it’s true. So this blush has always been one of my favorites – and loads of makeup artist always try to find a blush similar to that color, but they can’t.

So you have to understand my excitement when I found out, that they made the blush in liquid form. It makes it blend so easily into your skin and give you that perfect pink shade with a little shine and shimmer. It’s perfect for summer – and already one of my absolute favorite blush products.

You gotta try this out! Ill put up a pic on instagram soon, so you can see how it looks on my (apple) cheeks.

You can get it at Sephora or find it here:
Liquid Blush Orgasm, Nars, 200 DKK HERE

x M

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