How to get your skin a bronzed glow

Your makeup’s best friend this summer

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Do you ever feel like your face is melting off in the sun? Well, that doesn’t really feel that nice – and if you’re wearing beautiful makeup, it can be your worst nightmare.
In Copenhagen, we bike everywhere and all the time, which means that you really can feel the summer heat hitting your face. And a sweaty face, isn’t that charming, no?

I always have this little thing in my bag. It’s so simple – but so smart!

It’s a mirror, a sponge, a setting powder and blotting papers in one.
You use the sponge to apply the setting powder – a setting powder is a powder that absorbs the oils in your skin to make it matte instead of shiny. The blotting papers you use to dap off sweat, oils and running makeup. It’s really clever!
Its small, handy and perfect for your bag. I always carry this with me – specially in the summer.

Kit pores & Matité, Clarins, 350 DKK HERE

Hope you can use it too!

x M

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How to get your skin a bronzed glow