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BEAUTY TALK: Sharon Rabi Founder of Dafni


Sorry for the stoned and sweaty face ….

So, big news! Some of you may know the Dafni Hair Straightening Brush, the rest of you maybe not.
The Dafni Brush is a brush that can straighten your hair with heat. It’s sounds crazy, I know. But it actually works.

… And now it comes in a smaller size, because the Dafni Go just launched last week!

I love the smaller version, because it’s easier for me to use in my Scandinavian hair.
I won’t write too much about it, instead I’ll let you watch the video, where I had the honor to meet the founder of Dafni, Sharon Rabi. We had a good morning playing with her hairtools – she’s such a sweetheart!


It’s faster than straightening your hair with a straightening iron.
Your hair doesn’t become flat and boring.
You keep your volume in your hair.
You don’t break or damage the hair with too much heat.
You can make waves with it.

Hope you’ll enjoy the video – and please subscribe!

x M

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