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TREATMENT: Detox your hair back to life

 olaplexolaplex2olaplex3Before / After

This is taken after the hair got trimmed and styled. Look at how much lighter the shade is!
Apparently I had a lot of dirt in my hair that made my blonde hair darker. Amazing!

Have you ever wondered if you hair ever gets fully cleaned?
You use a ton of different products during a whole lifetime, you swim in the ocean and swimmingpools, you work out, visit different countries or maybe you have an everyday life in a pollution high city.
Your hair gets so filled with dirt, minerals, accumulations and pollution that sometimes you feel like your haircolor fades away, your hair feels heavier and more greasy – or that all the styling and treatments doesn’t pay off.

I went to Con Amor in Ringsted with the Olaplex team to get a detox to my hair – so I could feel like it was brand new again.
The team is so amazing. Marianne who fixed my hair real good, is an angel when it comes to your hair. She’s one of the most talented hairdressers and stylist that we have in Denmark. She really know her way around any kind of hair.


The treatment is a mix between Olaplex and Malibu C. It’s a unique way to detox your hair and create the healthiest looking hair for a long time. It’s based on vitamin C and antioxidants, which will clean your hair from dirt, oils and accumulations. In that way, your hair can get back to normal – like a fresh breath of air .. and suddenly your hair feels light as a feather, the smoothness is back and you got a much healthier looking hair.

My hair got washed with the Un-Do-Goo Shampoo from Malibu C, it cleans my hair from dirt and accumulations.

A gel called Crystal Gel gets carefully added to my hair in sections. This gel improves the quality of my future chemical treatment – which will also save time and minimizes treatments to be repeated, because it makes them last longer. The gel removes minerals, metals, nicotine and other color-blocking accumulations that can feel heavy on the hair.
I was sitting under the heat with the gel in my hair for about 45 minuts.

My hair got washed through with the Un-Do-Goo Shampoo from Malibu C one more time.

Now to the first part of the Olaplex treatment. I get the Olaplex treatment in my hair, during a 5. minut session and after that it sits for another 5 minuts.

Three different treatments from Malibu C called Rehydr8, Rehabiliti8 and Illumin8 gets mixed with the second Olaplex treatment and sits in my hair for about 10 minuts.  Step 6.
My hair gets washed with the Blonde serie from Malibu C , blowdried, trimmed and styled.

After my treatment I’ve never had this many compliments for my hair. It has truly been amazing!
My hair feels brand new – like I got to start fresh.
My hair is super soft, specially when I use my Olaplex treatment for home once a week. But most amazing off all is that my hair is super healthy and vibrant again. Over a month after and I see and feel the absolut same result as when I left the salon.


Un-Do-Goo Shampoo, Malibu C, 110 DKK HERE

Deeply cleans your hair, gets rid of leftovers from stylingproducts and gives back the smoothness and shine.

Blondes Shampoo & Conditioner, Malibu C, 400 DKK  HERE

Protects my hair against pollution and envirommental factors. It’s the most perfect shampoo for blonde hair – it doesn’t color it purple, it simply just gives it the perfekt light shade with no yellows!

Olaplex Nr. 3, 280 DKK HERE
I use this between treatments, to make sure that my hair stays the same high quality after getting a salon treatment.
It makes sure that my hair is fully hydrated, strong and healthy.

Really hope you’ll take your time and try out the Califonication treatment, I’ve never experienced anything this great for my hair.
And I can only recommend the Salon Con Amor in Ringsted, Denmark. They’re really know what they’re doing and they make sure to take good care of you and your hair.

Con Amor
Tinggade 7
4100 Ringsted

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  • Thank’s for your article, my hair is dying at the moment, I needed help haha!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      So glad I could help!
      Go to you hairdresser and ask if they do the Californication treatment – if they don’t have it then find a Olaplex approved hairdresser!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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