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BEAUTY NEWS: Boiing Concealer from Benefit

pink-benefit pink-benefit1 pink-benefit2 pink-benefit3Photos by me / Mia Due

So – great news from the fun and playful Benefit univers!
If you didn’t know their Benefit concealers before, now’s the time.

Last week I was at a Benefit Event, where they launched a new concealer .. The Airbrush Concealer!
If that wasn’t enough, they changed the packaging to this cute and cool pink look – and now all their concealers are called Boiing.
So if you can’t find your favorite concealer on these pictures, it’s simply because it look different.

The new Airbrush Concealer is super smooth and creamy to use. It’s like a little delicate mousse.
It really covers your whole face super good and gives you that airbrush effect, like the supermodels!
I only wish they made this concealer as a foundation .. I would die.

Boiing Airbrush Concealer, Benefit, 180 DKK HERE

You need to try this out! It’s so good!

x M

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