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How To Protect Your Skin Agains Pollution and Environmental Factors

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Have you ever wondered how much damage your skin actually can get from living in a big city?
It’s not just the sun we have to protect ourselves from – there are so many other factors that can have an effect on your skin in a negative way. You can have a healthy lifestyle, but you still have to think about all the environmental factors.

Pollution, UV and UVB, smoking and blue light from your phone and computer, can create visible signs on your skin.
Both now and later on in life.


Have you ever wondered if you skin ever gets fully cleaned from pollution?
There can be so much pollution and dirt on your face after a whole day in the city.
This makeup remover is a blend of two marine plant extracts that helps combat pollution while preserving skin’s essential functions. It’s really soft and sensitive on your skin – and after one while I can really feel my skin being clean and fresh!

Anti-Pollution Face Makeup Remover, Chanel, 150 ml., 290 DKK HERE

This night cream revitalize your skin whilst you sleep. It’s a super effective hydrator, that really allows your skin to breath during the night after a long day in the city. The moisturiser delivers potent antioxidants to your skin, which are able to detoxify and neutralise pollutants, as well as improving your skin’s natural defence system.You wake up with a radiant and fresh looking skin. 

City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, Murad, 520 DKK HERE

This sunscreen is a must when you live in a city and just live a modern life. It not only protects your skin against UVA & UVB with a SPF50, it also protects your skin agains infrared radiation, pollution and blue light from devices. Each of these factors accelerates visible signs of aging and therefore protecting against them encourages a more youthful complexion.

City Skin Age Defense SPF50, Murad, 415 DKK HERE

This is my all time favorite sunscreen to use under makeup. It feels effortless and light on your skin, without getting greasy.
At the same time it gives your skin multi-antioxidants to help neutralize environmental damage in your skin – and the Green Tea Extract helps protect your cell DNA. It has a high SPF 50 and the product enhances your natural skin tone, which makes it perfect to use under makeup or without!

Sheer Daily Protector SPF50, Exuviance, 280 DKK HERE

Wanna make sure that dirt and oil really get cleaned away from your face?
This double action mask detoxifies your skin super quick. Smart polymers gently lift away dirt and oil and leaves your skin with minimized pores, brighter skin and a smoother complexion. Tree mushroom extracts and powerful antioxidants fight environmental aggressors to erase aging signs. Super easy to use!

City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask, Elizabeth Arden, 75 ml., 525 DKK HERE

This 2-in-1 cream for your face and eyes protects your skin against pollution and environmental factors.
Does your skin feel dehydrated, tired, have dark sports and a dull feeling? Then this cream makes wonders! It’s a super refreshing sorbet texture and intensely moisturizes the skin. This cream even protects your skin if you’re a smoker.

Citadine CityLife Pollution Face & Eyes Contour Sorbet Cream, Phytomer, 50 ml., 795 DKK HERE

Hope some of these cream can help you guys out!

x M

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