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I’ve Found Myself a New Favorite Mascara

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Do you have a hard time finding the right mascara? Yes? Well, me too. All the time.
I always use more than one mascara and I gladly mix brands and techniques.
But in a long time I’ve felt that I really missed a good one. Something that could change my lash game.
I was growing tired of my old favorite mascara – I know at some point I’ll always be back, cause that’s what you do when you really love something – but other times you need to break free and find some new favorite things to play with.

I’m always a bit skeptical when I’m introduced to new brands. Not because I wanna be rude, but because there are so many companies and new brands out there, that thinks they’ve figured out a new amazing thing to change the beauty industry.
Well, I mean, of course they need to believe that – and good for them. But it can confuse your hope and shadow your dreams. Your dreams of new products and new amazing possibilities.

Well, I’m happy to share with you my new mascara addiction!
And what’s better? It’s a Danish brand! Yay! I’m always in for supporting local –
and even more excited when the product is this good!

Guys, meet LØWÉN.

These mascaras became a part of my makeup routine the day after I got them. Not kidding.
I’s been a month now since I started playing with these products and me oh my!

Let me tell you this.
My lashes on my right eye looked like shit when I sat at a press lunch with Løwén and the sweet girls from Impression PR.
I had a few days ago played with a new mascara. And well, apparently it didn’t go so well.
Cause suddenly some of my lashes went missing and the rest snatched in half. Sad story. I know.

A week after, my lashes was almost back to normal after using these mascaras.
The best part is, that there are Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Biotinoyl in it,
which nourish and protect your lashes so they can grown longer and stronger.
I felt it right way, no kidding.

I’ve now come to an everyday ritual, where I use all three mascaras that they launched.
Sounds crazy, I know. But I really love them and I love the combo.

First I start out with ..

Beyond Volume & Curl Mascara, Løwén, 180 DKK HERE

.. to separate each lashes and make sure everyone of them are covered in the serum.

After that I use …

Unique Volume Mascara, Løwén, 150 DKK HERE

… to create volume by the roots

At last I move on to …

Perfection Length Mascara, Løwén, 150 DKK HERE

… to make my lashes long and spiky!

Of course you don’t have to use them all.
They can do their magic by themselves just fine!
Chose which one you need for your lashes and tell me what you think!

x M

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