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Bulletproof Ways To Apply & Chose Your Eyeshadow Color

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Do you find it super difficult applying eyeshadow in different shades?
Where do I put the color? Which colors work together?
Questions like that, are super normalt to ask. Cause it isn’t always easy. And if you aren’t a makeup geek, but still want the look, nobody should take that away from you.

These eyeshadow palets will help you out!
It’s so simple – and yet so clever ..


This palet is super cool. You got 6 different looks and on the back of the palet is a little drawing on where to apply the different colors. In the 6 different looks, there’s 3 different colors in each.
A base color for the whole eye, a shining color for debt and a darker color for definition.
It’s really super easy and the palette has some beautiful colors.

Mixology Eyeshadow Palette, Sephora, 250 DKK HERE


I haven’t seen anything like these before. It can’t get simpler than that!
You can get them in so many different colors, depending on which look you like.
All you gotta do is just swipe the little applying sponge that comes with the eyeshadow kit, and apply it in one motion over your eyelid. Super easy. Now you’ve gotten the base on your eyelid and the darker color in the crease of your eye.
So so simple and so genius!

They’re Real! Duo Eyeshadow Blender Beyond Easy, Benefit, 160 DKK HERE

A lot of you have asked me about more tutorials where I show you how to apply eyeshadow and make cool looks.
I’m working on it, so I’ll be posting a lot of videos in the future.

x M

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