BEAUTY NEWS: Miss Dior 2017

“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

– Christian Dior

Yes. Again, I know. I love Dior. Always have and always will.
This parfume is no exception.
There haven’t been a Dior Parfume that I really love, yet. I just haven’t found my match.
Well, maybe I have. But thot a woman’s parfume. Yes, I know it’s weird. But I love fragrances for men.

Miss Dior. The new fragrance from Christian Dior, smells like love.
It’s a love parfume. With love, for love.
It has a very fruity note, fresh citrus, blood orange and mandarin – but still gives a warm feeling of rosewood and pink peppercorn.

At first, I thought I didn’t like it. It’s too sweet.
And as you’ve probably read before – I’m not a fan of the sweet notes.
But as it had been sitting on my neck for a little while, there was something about it that changed.
And so did my opinion of the smell. I suddenly really liked it.
The citrus notes took over a bit of the sweetness and the sophisticated notes reinforced.

It really smells like love – I can’t describe it in any other way.
And I really like it.

It’s sensual, suggestive and mesmerizing.


This new floral declaration by Dior, will be out in September 2017.

x M

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