BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Double Rouge & Rouge Liquid

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The very popular Dior Rouge sortiment is getting even bigger!
Adding to the range of many beautiful lipsticks, comes Double Rouge and Rouge Liquid.

As you know, I’m a big Dior fan – and their lipsticks are no exception!
The Dior Rouge Lipstick is something I always carry with me .. and now a new one has arrived.
It’s called double, because it’s a double color. Simple as that.
The lipstick itself is mat – which you know I love – but in the center of the lipstick a shimmer/metallic color appears.
This gives the lips a lot of great pigmentation from the matte color – but with a shiny and shimmering finish.
I really like it.

First swatches from left: 

999 Matte Metal – 288 Miss Crush – 510 Jungle Beige – 992 Poison Purple

Rouge Dior, Double Rouge, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

The other lipsticks are Rouge Liquid.
I’ve talked about them before, liquid lipsticks. They are highly pigmented, dries in and last longer than a regular.
Some of them has a twist from their normal range of Rouge Liquid – because instead of matte, they’re shimmering.
The ones I tried is a mix of both.

Two last pictures – swatches from left: 

999 Matte – 979 Poison Metal – 614 Jungle Matte – 162 Miss Satin

Rouge Dior, Rouge Liquid, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

I know they also made their iconic Rouge Dior Vernis, nail polish in the colors from above.
Go check them out and find your favorite color from the new sortiment!

x M


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