How To Create The Munthe Look│CPHFW SS18 Edition



Okay, so you know those small annoying wrinkles or layers of skin you’ve got under your eyes (haha – can you even say that?)
Well, women in every ages can have them! Both my mom, sister and I have quite deep and dark spaces under our eyes.
So, I tried this stick some time back – and I swear I couldn’t believe my own eyes!
Normally I don’t fall for stuff like this, I believe in more drastic ways, like Restylane or something like that.
But this is indeed a confident stick!
What I does, is that it not only smooths out your fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.
It also brightens, take away dark cirkles and evens out your skin under the eyes.
It really works and it looks like you’ve gotten an injection of Restylane or Botox, it fills out all the lines.

It’s like magic! 

I tried it out on both my mom (53) and sister (23) today – and it worked on both of them!
So, I thought that this should definite be my weekly favorite.

You can buy it HERE

Tell me what you think!

x M

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How To Create The Munthe Look│CPHFW SS18 Edition