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It haven’t really been a super summer here in Denmark.
It has been a lot of rain, no beach days and just super boring weather.
So you can say that the fall vibes has been here for the last couple of months – but now we’re really getting there.
The nights gets darker earlier and the leafs changes colors.
I’ve always been a fan of autumn – there are so many beautiful colors and I like the colder wind on my face.

The new fall collection from Dior, makes me wanna cuddle up in some nice oversize sweater with a cup of tea.
They’re the ideal colors when it comes to bringing up the colder times.
I love the cold and warm metallics with a hint of subtle colors and burnt shades.

My favorite so far is the Metalizer in Platine Fusion. It has this creamy texture you can blend to your eyes and even the lips!
I adore this color, with shimmery metallics and the warm tone.
I’m also happy that they’ve made a new blush and highlighter stick! One of my favorite products in the whole world, is the Contour & Light stick from Dior – but they don’t make it anymore and I already ran out. So sad.
But this one gives a great highlight and a creamy, rose tint on your cheeks. Perfect.

The products already launched the 15. August, so just go get it!

You can buy them all HERE

x M

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  • Det ser virkelig ud til at være nogle lækre produkter 😉 Nu kender jeg ikke så meget til Dior makeup, men det ser lækkert ud 😉

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