WEEKLY FAVORITE: A Dry Shampoo That Actually Cleans Your Hair

VIDEO WEDNESDAY: No Makeup – Makeup Look ft. Nudestix

Yeah, that’s me. Super tired and with messy hair. But that is me today.
I’m so busy these days – also why I’m posting so little content.
I will tell you all about why, tomorrow.
Because I got some pretty exciting and big news!

Anyway, a little natural makeup tutorial look for you on this rainy Wednesday.
Very No Makeup Makeup Look, only using a few products and my hands as tools.
All of the products are from Nudestix, a brand I’ve become totally obsessed with.

This canadian brand, is a brand for everybody.
It’s so easy and simple to use.
And I also like that it’s all about enhancing your face features, instead of covering them up.
Love it!



Lip & Cheek Pencil, Whisper
Lips & Cheek Balm, Luxe


Lip & Cheek, Whisper


Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel, Dirty Blonde


Magnetic Matte Eye Color, Taupe

Magnetic Luminous Eye Color, Immortal

You can buy them all in Sephora.
You should really check them out, I’ll promise you that I’m gonna show you more of these cool products.

Easy peasy!

x M

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WEEKLY FAVORITE: A Dry Shampoo That Actually Cleans Your Hair