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I’m moving back to California, to Los Angeles on Tuesday.
I’m super excited, I can’t even describe how happy I’m about this decision.

We’re going to LA, because we’ve had a major opportunity to work with some of our international businesspartners.
We’ll both be working on our blogs as per usual – but we all know the content is so much more fascinating in a city like LA!

So that’s why I’ve been a little bit offline the last couple of weeks, I’ve had so much to take care of before leaving.
Right now I’m renovating my whole apartment in Copenhagen, and at the same time I’m trying to pack down all my shit.

Well, since I’m packing all my stuff (.. and I have a lot, believe me), I figured I would share with you, some of my must-haves when you’re on a plane. Cause you know, dry air, heavy eyes and messy hair.


Hydrate that skin!
For me it’s super important to give the skin a lot of moisture both before traveling and when you’re up in the air.
I bring this lovely cream from Dior with me, to give myself a little spa feeling while traveling.
You know how it gets when you’re flying, it’s not the most charming.
But this cream gives me a feeling of a little wellness, I absolutely love it. So creamy, so good!
Another little thing I’ve always brought with me while traveling is a face mist.
This one is a new one I’ve tried – and it feels so amazing on the skin.
So refreshing and perfect for tired skin, it’s feels like giving your skin a big glass of water after being super thirsty!
It makes your skin super dewy, glowy and fresh – and it makes your makeup look much better when getting off the plane.

Capture Totale La Crème, Dior, HERE

SuperFruit Hydrating Face Mist, Beauté Pacifique, HERE

Go away puffy eyes!
I always bring a sleeping mask with me when on an airplane, it feels like you have a little more privacy.
Nothing more awkward that waking up and some one is starring at you from the 4B seat.
At the same time, it close out all the light and noisiness.
After a 12 hrs long flight, where you’ve been sleeping in weird positions and had a lack of it as well, your eyes can get super puffy
and tired looking. Nothing better than a little eye mask to make you look fresh and ready for the day, when landing.
This eye mask is AMAZING. It really does the job. Almost like plastic surgery, in a good way I mean.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Mask, Estée Lauder, HERE

Soft palms, baby
I know, I keep talking about that dry air – but it’s a fact. The air is dry on an airplane, we can’t argue with that.
I’ve always been addicted to moisturizing everything, everywhere. 
I simple can’t live without a good moisturizer for face and body, hands and hair.
My hands gets super dry, super easily – so it’s super important for me to bring a really good hand cream.
This serum for the hands, makes them super soft, hydrated and protected. A must on an air plane.

Hand Serum, Verso, HERE

Smell like love
One of my favorite perfumes right now, is the news Miss Dior for Love.
As you know, I’m a Dior girl – and I’m living for this delicate scent.
This little travel size is perfect for when traveling and can save my whole mood.
You know that feeling you get when traveling? You can get super annoyed at everyone, super stressed and super exhausted.
Nothing can help you, than the perfect scent. And this little baby will help me out on the airplane.

Miss Dior for Love, Dior (out soon)

Messy, flat hair? No more!
Okay, we can all admit that nobody look like the supermodels when arriving at the airport.
Well, yes – I know that there’s the Victoria Secret models, but let’s be honest – they aren’t really humans.
A little dry shampoo in my hand luggage is a must. I have super boring, scandinavian hair – which gets super flat when sleeping on it and putting it up and down in a ponytail, like 15 times on the plane.
This little dry shampoo, has the perfect size and the perfect texture.
It gives my hair a great volume and at the same time a little undone messiness and texture that I really like.

Texture & Volume Dry Shampoo, Björn Axen, HERE

I can’t wait to leave for L.A.
Today I’ve moved all my stuff in the basement and my friends Jonathan’s things into my apartment.
He’s gonna live here while I’m gone.
We’ve just ordered pizza, so I’m gonna go now.
Can’t wait to show you guys all the amazing things I’m gonna make for you in the future!

x M


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