A Little Pink Never Hurt Nobody

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So, as you know I’m flying to L.A tomorrow with Maria Jernov.
We’re flying with Wow Air, which is an Airplane company from Iceland.
And how cool is it that all of their planes are pink/purple ish?!
Well, I felt a little inspired I must admit. Those planes are hella cute.
So I thought to myself, why not make a cool and edgy pink makeup look?

I’ve really enjoyed changing my normal brownish smokey eye – to a more burnt purple and pink shade.
It makes my green eyes pop and it gives the eyes a little more mysterious and sexy look.
To make it less gothic and raw, I made a few freckles on the nose, for a little more girl-next-door look.
Added some rose blush cheeks and a pink pout, to make a contrast to the sexy and intense eyes.
I really love this look. 


Start by adding an intense pink color in your crease. I use the color Love Letter.
When you’re finished adding the color, make sure to take a clean fluffy pencil brush and lend out the color by going over, back and forward on the crease you just added color to.
Now I use the color Venetian Red, and ad in the end of my eyelid.
This will intensify and darken the area of the eye. Now, back to you clean fluffy pencil brush and blend out.
Last color I use is the Raw Sienna, I use that on the entire eyelid.
This color is a little burned brown/orange/taupe color, which will intensify the green in my eye as well.
Now mix the Raw Sienna and the Venetian Red and apply under your eye. Blend out with your fluffy clean pencil brush.

Modern Renaissance, Anastasia Beverly Hills, HERE

For volume I start by using the Beyond Volume mascara from the danish brand, Løwén.
This will give great volume, but still keep my lashes long and without getting cakey.
For more definition by the roots of the eyelashes, I will use the Pro Beyond Twisted Lash from MAC.
The cool thing is, that you can bend this mascara in every angle!
This one really give depth and definition, I also use this one on my under lashes.

Beyond Volume & Curl Mascara, Løwén, HERE
Pro Beyond Twisted Lash, MAC, HERE

A little cute rosepink cream blush on the cheeks to make the skin look fresh and girly.
The product I used on the cheeks is a new product from Elizabeth Arden, it’s so easy and simple to use.
You can either dip your finger in the little pod or use a sponge for application.
This color is the perfect combination to the sun kissed skin, created with the Compact Matte Bronzer in the color Sunset.
A nice little color on the face with some fresh cheeks – what’s not to like?
I made a few freckles with a little eyebrow pencil to give a more innocent and raw look in the contrast to the heavy eye makeup.

Cool Glow Cheek Tint, Pink Perfection, Elizabeth Arden, HERE
Compact Matte Bronzer, Sunset, Delilah, HERE
Eyebrow Pencil, Dark Brunette, Jane Iredale, HERE

For the lips I wanted a little matte, pink and girly finish.
The product I used is actually not for the lips, but its an obsession of mine, that I’ve used for quite some time now.
It’s one of my favorite blush products, that I’ve actually used on my lips.
A bad habit I’ve made. Or maybe a good one? In my world every product is a multi product.
But this color on the lips gives a great pink/rose color, but without overshadowing the rest fo the makeup.

Cheek Stick, Cosmopolite Rosewood, Dior, HERE

So that’s the final look.
Just like the cute airplanes I’m gonna fly on tomorrow.
I seriously can’t wait anymore. Today is super stressed – but it’s gonna be all worth it tomorrow on the plane.
I hope you like this look.
.. And as a little extra treat, I’ve made a video that’ll be on my Youtube Channel on Wednesday.
Then you can see how I created the full look.

x M

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