WEDNESDAY VIDEO: How To Make A Pink Smokey Eye

Nudes Baby

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L.A is so hot these days. I can’t bare to wear any makeup – but of course, I still do.
I woke up this morning (at 4 am .. again – jetlag is such a bitch) and I didn’t really feel like embracing the day.
I went for a little game of tennis with Maria at 6.30 am, and then I started to be more ready to feel the day.
Because it’s so hot, I went for a very simple look. A nice skin, that still feels like it can breathe in the L.A weather and some taupe and light brown around the eyes. It really is all about the nudes today.
I’m wearing one of my favorite foundations with SPF20 – which is perfect for this heat, with two other favorite products of mine.
The eyeshadows from Smashbox are amazing. They come in all my favorite nude shades and blendes out perfectly.
The RMS bronzer I’ve talked about before. I use it almost everywhere.
I used in on top op my eyelids, the cheekbones and nosetip. Adorable. 
As you maybe notices, it looks like I have a pink/orange-ish lipliner on my lips. I’ll get back to that another day.
It’s a little struggles of mine.


Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, La Mer, HERE

Buriti Bronzer, RMS Beauty, HERE

Photo Up Eye Shadow Singles, Nude, Smashbox, HERE

The rest of the day we’ve just had errands, a little shopping and some more apartment hunting.
Right now we live in this amazing apartment with pool, tennis court a gym and a lot of other good stuff.
But we need a new place from October, so right now we’re on a little hunt.

I just came back from a little walk on the beach.
It’s seriously so beautiful out here, it’s really something.
I love it. 

x M


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WEDNESDAY VIDEO: How To Make A Pink Smokey Eye