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WEEK 1│Los Angeles

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One week has gone since I arrived in Los Angeles with Maria.
We’ve had some busy days – but we also agreed that the first week should be vacation, so we could get rid of our jetlag,
enjoy the city and get to know the area we live in.
But we still had a busy time looking for our new apartment, so a lot of the first days went by apartment hunting.
We live in a gorgeous luxury complex right now, we have a pool, tennis court, jacuzzi and a gym.
Not bad at all – and the apartment is big, very comfy and just perfect.
The only thing we don’t like, is the location. Well, the location doesn’t suck at all – it’s close to the beach, shops and everything we need. But it’s in Playa del Rey, which is south of Venice.
The new apartments we’re looking at, are in the Venice area, close to Ocean Blvd and Abbot Kinney.
That’s more of a LA vibe there and we both love this area.
But, for now, we’re staying and enjoyed a little bit more of luxury until next month. So we’re aren’t complaining.
Besides apartment hunting, we’ve done a little bit of shopping, visited our favorite hotspots and restaurants.

On Sunday we went to the Melrose Trading Post which is a flee market between Melrose and Fairfax Avenue.
They have everything from jewelries, the real band tee’s, cool denim, music and a lot of hidden treasures. It’s a must!
You can walk around finding forgotten things, with a coffee in hand and maybe run into some celebrities.
After that we wen’t to the cool Carrera Cafe, where you can get everything from a Ryan Gosling stamp to the Kimojii stamp on your coffee – it’s freaking adorable. I love it. 
Now we’re gonna hit the Ulta store, one of my absolute favorites when it comes to makeup and beauty.
So I’ll keep you updates.

Have a great day,
x M


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