WEEK 1│Los Angeles


pinkhaar1 pinkhaar2 pinkhaar3 pinkhaar4 pinkhaar5 pinkhaar6Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com
Location: Los Angeles

Okay. Crazy thing. I colored my hair pink. Like, super pink.
Not permanent – god no, I’m too much of a chicken to do that, but this was a lot for me.
I had the idea after running around Venice all day long, with all these cool, inspiring people who dress how they like and act how they like. So why not try and go a little crazy too? I’m here aren’t I?
Well, I had these cool bottles of spray colors with me. One in a super hot pink color and another in a more babypink color.
To be honest, now that I look back at my little dare, I should probably only have used the baby pink one – it’s much more my style.
The hot pink – is super hot, I felt like one of those super tanned wrestling women you see in TV.
It was a little overwhelming to be honest.
BUT, I liked it. For one day. And then I wanted to wash it out.
On the bottles, it says one-day-color, which means you can just wash it out and have your old color back.
Well, it ain’t that easy. Right now I’ve washed my hair about 5 times in one sitting.
It has faded, in deed – but it’s not gone.
So, I found out that there’s this shampoo that matches the color sprays.
This shampoo should wash all the color out of your hair, so I’m gonna get dressed and drive to Ultra.
I bet they have it – I’ll keep you updated!

Colorista, L’Oreal, HERE

Okay. So I got the fading shampoo and washed my hair 10 times, it didn’t really help.
No I’ve tried the color remover – and it’s still not all out of my hair.
Obviously I’m super impatient, so I guess I’ll just have to wait. And keep calm. Ha!

x M


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WEEK 1│Los Angeles