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LOCATION: Los Angeles


Even though it’s late September here in LA, it’s still super warm.
Actually September is one of the warmest months in LA, so the heat can get really real sometimes.
I’ve almost only been wearing burnt and orange colors on my eyes since I’ve gotten here. It really sums up the feel on the whole vibe, the weather and the people!
The burnt and orange colors really looks great on a suntanned skin too, so that’s not bad either.
.. and as you maybe can see I already got a little color. Which I loooove. 
Another thing I like to mix the makeup with, is bright colors.
Nothing beats a tanned skin and fresh eyes.
I’ve always loved the idea of opening up the eyes with a little kohl in a bright color on the inner eye.
But a little trick is to choose either a nude color og a lavender color on the wet part of your eye crease.
That will look most natural and really open up your eyes.

So, my eyes are actually quite big by themselves – so it’s not that I need them to get bigger.
I ones got told that I’ve crazy eyes. Which I don’t agree on, but it stuck to my mind.
But on a rough morning, a little whitening in the inner eye, can really help you out and eliminate the redness.


Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay, HERE
I used the colors Low Blow, He Devil and Cayenne
(… but honestly, I freaking love all of them!)

Faux Whites Eye Brightener, NYX, HERE
I used the color White Smoke – Periwinkle

… and ass you see I still have some crazy pink hair colors in my hair.
If you want to read about my little chaotic day with coloring my hair then find the article HERE

x M

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