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LA BEAUTY TIP #1 │The Detox Market

img_3204img_3201 img_3202 img_3203THE DETOX MARKET
1231 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

My first tip when it comes to beauty in Los Angeles.
I wanna give you guys some of my favorite places to shop beauty, my favorite American beauty brands and hidden secrets.
One of them is this little treasure – The Detox Market.
Why I like it is because they have my favorite Organic brands gathered together at one place.
.. as you probably know by now, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to Organic makeup.
But this little store has my favorite green brands and some extra lifestyle products that I’m really into.
The thing about me is, that I’m not very much into Organic beauty products – like makeup or skincare, but I love
everything Organic when it comes to nursing your body from the inside.
.. and they have some pretty cool things in this section!

Always always always, restock on my RMS beauty products.
You can read why they’re so amazing here: A Makeup Artist Must Haves
I also restocked on my Resurfacing Face Mask from Tata Harper – perfect when it comes to dull looking skin!
.. and this really cool “dust” that I put in my smoothie in the morning.
It’s a mix of super herbs and supermushrooms to nourish your skin, hair and nails and keep your body stressfree and detoxed.
I really feel like it does a difference – and they’re so cute to look at!
My favorite is Full Moon Dust by Moon Juice. Check them out!

If you come to Santa Monica in California, you should definitely check out the Montana Avenue.
There’re so many cute shops – and then you have the opportunity to visit this cute little green shop.

x M

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