Hi guys,

I’m so absence – and there’s a lot of reasons to that. Some that I’ll keep private a little longer and others that I’ll probably share with you in the upcoming weeks. But either way, I still enjoy posting great content for you and I’ll keep doing so.
This video that I made is a little different from the rest of my videos.
It’s probably what you’ll call a vlog – because it’s a few glimpses and clips from my everyday life here in LA.
This is me trying to let you in on some more personal stuff, than just my beauty tutorials and so on.
I will agree, that when my mom saw this video she was like ‘It looks like all you do is party and go to lunch’ .. haha, and I will agree with here. This was a weekend, which means I wasn’t really doing much work – just enjoying my friend visiting!

I hope you like it – and remember, I’m new in the whole vlogging, so it will get better!
Enjoy loves,
x M

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