I’ve always been a coffee girl. I need one every day, every morning and just to keep my eyes open during the day, haha.
So ofc, it’s important for me to find good coffee while I’m here in LA.
If I’m on the run, I’m actually not a Starbucks kind of girl. I mean, if it’s there, I’ll drink it.
But I always prefer to order my coffee from Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, which is another popular chain.
You can find it everywhere, the same with Starbucks. So if it’s on my daily route, I’ll grab one.
I always order a double shop cappuccino and a passion fruit ice tea, with one pump stevia sweetener. It’s my go-to.
But, we all know that there’s nothing better than catching up with a friend, drinking coffee and just talking for hours.
And when I need a place to enjoy my coffee, I’ve 3 favorite places to go.

Alfred Coffee

alfred alfred2

You can’t avoid this hip place to drink your coffee. It’s so instagram friendly with all the decor and different colored walls.
It’s so in and the coffee is to die for. Here you can get anything that your coffee – or tea heart desire.
Are u a mocha girl, or more into herbal teas, koffein free coffees or whatever – they have it here.

Carrera Cafe

carrera1 carrera2

Okay, be prepared for the most instagram friendly coffees.
Not only do they make super good coffees and pastries – but they’re also picture perfect.
Hold on, you can choose a stamp on your coffee from a chart they carry.
This means that you can get Ryan Goslings beautiful face on your cafe latte. I mean, how freakin’ cool?!
They have different stamps of your choosing, everything from Kim Kardashians cry face, to the Hollywood sign.
That’s so cool. You’ll defiantly meet a lot of bloggers clicking their pictures of the cool coffees and jut on the other side of the street is the popular pink Paul Smith wall, where you can take cool photos.

Urth Caffé

Another hip place that has different locations. My favorite location is on Melrose Ave.
It’s the ideal place to have breakfast or lunch – or just to grab your favorite cup of coffee.
But be aware, this place will most likely be packed everyday you’ll try and visit. But don’t worry, they’ll always find you a table even though it can take 5-10 minutes – be patient. Not only is this a good celebrity spotting place (all the A-listers pick up there coffees and matches from here), but they have amazing foods too.
All their food is good, homemade and filled with greens. Again, they have different kinds of coffees, teas and smoothies.
If you’re having a little sweet tooth, try their spanish coffee. It’s so good.

Hope you could use my favorite coffee spots to when you visit the city!
x M

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