Bye Bye Muffin Top!

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So this is very much out of my comfort zone, to talk about and to show you.
But, do you know that annoying stobborn muffin top that never really wanna go away,
no matter how much you work out or eat your greens? Well, I have that. Right here on my belly.
It’s very frustrating – but yet, very normal. So I don’t freak out about it, I just deal.
But the good news is that you can actually do something about it.
And no, this is not being lazy, this is just about helping all the stubborn parts of your body that needs a little ekstra push!

So I decided to try out the very popular treatment called Cool Tech.
This treatment is about freezing your fat until it dies. Brutal? Yes, it sounds like it. But it actually isn’t.
It’s kind of like squeezing a pimple while yelling “diiiiiie”
Dying fat, doesn’t that just sounds like the best thing ever? I do.

As always I made this treatment in cooperation with Aglaia Klinikken
My always go to, when getting anything done.
They know what they’re doing, they do it well and I’m always super happy with the results.

Because it’s very complicated understanding the procedure if I write it down, I made a video together with my favorite cosmetic nurse, Line from Aglaia Klinikken. So instead of explaining everything, you can watch this video.
You’ll hear about what’s happening in the procedure, see me doing the treatment and talk about the final results 12 weeks later.


This treatment can be done, not only on your belly, but also on your thighs, chin, arms ect.
So if you have any problem with stubborn fat, I would highly suggest this painless procedure.
It’s quick, simple and easy.

The procedure takes 70 minutes, only a little discomfort the first 8 minutes and then you just lay there chill and read magazines.
Your tummy will be swollen right after and for a few days have this numb feeling – but after, the fun starts ..
The final result can be seen after 12 weeks. Which makes this treatment perfect for winter, so you can get bikini ready!

I really see a huge difference as you can see on the video – so I would definitely recommend this treatment.

For 25% off the treatment, write IAMMIAMAI in the message box when booking.

Read more about the Cool Tech treatment at Aglaia Klinikken, HERE

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions regarding this, I’m more than happy to help you in the right direction.

x M

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