I scream for ICE CREAM and ..


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Hi beauties,

A few small moments and pictures from my birthday Saturday June 2nd, which was this weekend.
It was really hard for me waking up in another country without my closest friends and families around me. Normally I don’t really care about birthdays, because they’re always a bit emotional for me. Don’t know why – probably because I hate getting older. ha!
So living in another country with out the normal traditions, songs etc. felt a bit lonely.

But I am super blessed and lucky to live the life I’m living right now, to fulfill my dreams and chase my career.
I celebrated with my LA friends, eating brunch at Malibu Farm – my forever go-to spot. Dining at Laurels Hardware and finishing at a club supporting my DJ friends, Nonsens. All in all, a very lovely birthday.

Even better was me waking up at 4:30 am to live stream my little sister compete in Team Gymnastics back home in Denmark – my forever favorite sport. Of course she won – as always – that super talent that she is. So for me, there was no better way to start my birthday, even though I was a little tired from getting up that early.

I received so many flowers, cards, phone calls and messages.
It really was heartwarming feeling all the love all the way from Denmark.

Thank you,


Overstående billede skal der lige lægges mærke til mine øjenbryn, som er blevet styrket efter at have brugt Revitalash serum – sikke et fint resultat!

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I scream for ICE CREAM and ..