TRAVEL: Random pics from Paris


Photos by me & Stine Palm 

So, as you may know I went to Paris a few weekends ago to visit my best friend, Stine.
I try to come there as often as I can – luckily Paris is not that far away and the tickets aren’t that expensive.
She moved from Copenhagen to Paris 2 years ago now, which sometimes makes it a little hard for me to stay in Copenhagen, because there doesn’t go one day where I don’t miss her. She’s my best friend, my family.

These are just some random pics from my long weekend at hers. As you see, we don’t really do touristic stuff, because I lived in Paris 7 years ago and she now, so we don’t really feel the need. We just make sure to enjoy each others company, eat great food, drinks (lots) of wine and talk talk talk.

I’ll go back to Paris to visit her real soon.

x M

TEST: Toned legs before summer!


Okay, so I know the weather in Copenhagen sucks – even though we’re in May! It still feels like winter in the city, which just makes everything depressing .. But, I know that summer is just around the corner – and I, somehow, always get super surprised and I always feel unprepared.

Cellulite affects about 90% of every women – and it’s no shame! Yes, it can get worse from bad dieting, smoking and lack of exercise (honestly, let people live ffs) – but most of the times the cellulite is in your genes. People say it might look like the skin of an orange – I say it looks more like cottage cheese, which is so not charming. Therefore, I have done my homework and tested some promising products for you guys. I’ve tested these products for a longer period of time, to make it easier for you to chose and succeed. These products will make the appearance of stubborn cellulite smaller and at the same time, firm, tighten and tone your skin – to give you smooth and sexy legs!


I know that you can never get rid of cellulite all the way – but you can make them more invisible, smaller and smoother with a few tips and tricks.

    Recharge Ionic Body Brush, Karmameju, 400 DKK HERE 
    Sugekop Str. 4, Sard Copenhagen, 170 DKK, HERE
    Q10 Firming Body Oil, Nivea, 55 DKK HERE
    Contouring Body Fit, Clarins, 200 ml., 395 DKK HERE
    Body Strategist Cream Gel, Comfort Zone, 465 DKK, HERE
    Body Tone Firming Concentrate, Exuviance, 525 DKK HERE


Hope you’ll like it!

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Care & Dare Summer Look


Photos by me / Mia Due

The perfect summer look created by the Creative & Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips. The collection is called Care & Dare and gives you the perfect glow on your skin with some daring colors on lips and eyes!

I’m already addicted by the radiance powder, that gives you that nice sunkissed color, with a hint of shine – but no glitter! Just how I like it. I’ve always been a fan of the addict lipstick range and this bright red color fits perfect into my selection. I can’t wait to be tanned and wear this daring color!
But the product that I was most excited about, is the Nude Air Luminizer, which I use a few drops of in my foundation. It gives you a hint of sunkissed color and the most healthy and beautiful glow. It really makes your makeup look so much more dewy and flawless.

These are the products I tried:

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow, Dior, 445 DKK*
Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer, Dior, 395 DKK*
Diorskin Nude Air Radiance Powder, Dior, 440 DKK HERE
Addict Care & Dare Lipstick Gentle Red, Dior, 280 DKK*

*You can buy the most products in Sephora, Magasin & Matas. 

The products just launched – can’t wait for you guys try it!

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Organic Björn Axén

BJORN AXENBJORN AXEN2Skærmbillede 2017-05-05 kl. 15.49.05BJORN AXEN3BJORN AXEN5Photos by me / Mia Due

Normally I’m not fan of a lot of organic products – and specially not when it comes to haircare. But these, I’m for sure fan of! They actually work and doesn’t just leave your hair greasy and heavy – the products cleans the hair and leaves it soft and feeling stronger.

This new treatment and styling collection from Björn Axén has minimum 95% natural ingredients and 10 % organic ingredients in it. All the best from Aloe vera, oils from shea, jojoba and sunflowers are just some of the natural ingredients in the products. It gives your hair loads of care, softness and smoothness.

Organic Moisturizing Conditioner, Björn Axén, 250 ml., 250 DKK HERE
Organic Moisturizing Gentle Shampoo, Björn Axén, 250 ml., 240 DKK HERE
Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray, Björn Axén, 150 ml., 220 DKK HERE
Organic Universal Styling Cream, Björn Axén, 100 ml., 220 DKK HERE
Organic Caring Hair Oil 100 % Natural, Björn Axén, 30 ml., 290 DKK HERE

My favorites are the styling cream and oil – I mix these two, put them in towel dried hair and blow dry. It leaves the hair so beautiful and feeling super soft.

Tell me what you think!

x M

TREATMENT: Wella Fusion

WELLAWELLA2.jpgPhotos by me / Mia Due

After this treatment, my hair felt super healthy, silky smooth and had the most beautiful shine. It really made my hair look and feel like silk!

Wella just launched this treatment, called Fusion. It’s an intensive repair-system for your hair, that’s gonna give the hair the opportunity to become the best version.The treatment is for severely damaged and over stylet hair, so the hair can be woken back into life, to give it health, shine and a stronger feel.

The treatments is made of amino acids, that can go deeper into the hair fibers so the hair gets stronger and have less hairbreakage.


It’s a 20 minutes treatment, made in the salon of your choosing. There are 3 steps in the treatments – and every step is so relaxing and feels luxurious!

STEP 1: Your hair gets washed by their Intense Repair Shampoo, which has the most amazing smell ever! It’s a mix of summer flowers and clean laundry – but without being a heavy scent. It’s a delicate shampoo that repairs damaged hair and leaves it super creamy, clean and light.

STEP 2: Now the important step starts. This is the Fusion Amino Refiller, which is a clear fluid that goes all the way into the hair fibers and smooths out all the breakage in your hair. Every piece of your hair gets soaked in the fluid and sits in your hair under a heat-helmet for about 15 minutes.

STEP 3: After washing the refiller out, the Intense Repair Mask can be used in the hair for 5 minutes or just the Intense Repair Conditioner, depending how damaged your hair is.

After a good blowdry your hair feels like new. It’s super light, smooth like silk and has the most amazing shine. I really love this treatment!
It’s a few days after my treatment and I’ve continued to use the products at home. My hair still feels super soft and silky – and I really can’t get enough of this amazing scent!

Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo, Wella, 250 ml., 190 DKK HERE
Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner, Wella, 200 ml., 200 DKK HERE
Fusion Intense Repair Mask, Wella, 150 ml., 215 DKK HERE
Fusion Amino Refiller, Wella (Ask in your local Wella salon)

Hope you’ll like it too!

x M