VIDEO│First Impression & Review on Glossier


Hi guys,
A little surprise video for you – I know it’s not Wednesday, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this one.
I’ve really wanted to try these products for so long – and I was definitely not disappointed.
Because you can’t get this brand at home in Denmark, I was super excited about ordering now when I’m in LA.
You can see in the video that this is my first impression on everything from the packaging,
the scents, the texture, feels, looks and everything else.
I must say they really didn’t disappoint – just made me even more excited to start using them on a daily basis.

I’ll keep you updated on what I think about the products.
.. and then you’ll probably see one or two favorites sneaking into some of my blogposts in the future.
Who knows?

My Wednesday Video will still be up this week, don’t worry!

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Metallics

dior-metal1 dior-metal2 dior-metal3
dior-metal5 dior-metal6 dior-metal7 dior-metal8 dior-metal9dior-metal11 dior-metal12 dior-metal14 dior-metal15Photos by me / Mia Due
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It haven’t really been a super summer here in Denmark.
It has been a lot of rain, no beach days and just super boring weather.
So you can say that the fall vibes has been here for the last couple of months – but now we’re really getting there.
The nights gets darker earlier and the leafs changes colors.
I’ve always been a fan of autumn – there are so many beautiful colors and I like the colder wind on my face.

The new fall collection from Dior, makes me wanna cuddle up in some nice oversize sweater with a cup of tea.
They’re the ideal colors when it comes to bringing up the colder times.
I love the cold and warm metallics with a hint of subtle colors and burnt shades.

My favorite so far is the Metalizer in Platine Fusion. It has this creamy texture you can blend to your eyes and even the lips!
I adore this color, with shimmery metallics and the warm tone.
I’m also happy that they’ve made a new blush and highlighter stick! One of my favorite products in the whole world, is the Contour & Light stick from Dior – but they don’t make it anymore and I already ran out. So sad.
But this one gives a great highlight and a creamy, rose tint on your cheeks. Perfect.

The products already launched the 15. August, so just go get it!

You can buy them all HERE

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Double Rouge & Rouge Liquid

dior-news-lipstickdior-news-lipstick-1 dior-news-lipstick-2 dior-news-lipstick-3 dior-news-lipstick-4 dior-news-lipstick-5

The very popular Dior Rouge sortiment is getting even bigger!
Adding to the range of many beautiful lipsticks, comes Double Rouge and Rouge Liquid.

As you know, I’m a big Dior fan – and their lipsticks are no exception!
The Dior Rouge Lipstick is something I always carry with me .. and now a new one has arrived.
It’s called double, because it’s a double color. Simple as that.
The lipstick itself is mat – which you know I love – but in the center of the lipstick a shimmer/metallic color appears.
This gives the lips a lot of great pigmentation from the matte color – but with a shiny and shimmering finish.
I really like it.

First swatches from left: 

999 Matte Metal – 288 Miss Crush – 510 Jungle Beige – 992 Poison Purple

Rouge Dior, Double Rouge, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

The other lipsticks are Rouge Liquid.
I’ve talked about them before, liquid lipsticks. They are highly pigmented, dries in and last longer than a regular.
Some of them has a twist from their normal range of Rouge Liquid – because instead of matte, they’re shimmering.
The ones I tried is a mix of both.

Two last pictures – swatches from left: 

999 Matte – 979 Poison Metal – 614 Jungle Matte – 162 Miss Satin

Rouge Dior, Rouge Liquid, Dior, 280 DKK

1st. September 2017

I know they also made their iconic Rouge Dior Vernis, nail polish in the colors from above.
Go check them out and find your favorite color from the new sortiment!

x M


BEAUTY NEWS: Miss Dior 2017

“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

– Christian Dior

Yes. Again, I know. I love Dior. Always have and always will.
This parfume is no exception.
There haven’t been a Dior Parfume that I really love, yet. I just haven’t found my match.
Well, maybe I have. But thot a woman’s parfume. Yes, I know it’s weird. But I love fragrances for men.

Miss Dior. The new fragrance from Christian Dior, smells like love.
It’s a love parfume. With love, for love.
It has a very fruity note, fresh citrus, blood orange and mandarin – but still gives a warm feeling of rosewood and pink peppercorn.

At first, I thought I didn’t like it. It’s too sweet.
And as you’ve probably read before – I’m not a fan of the sweet notes.
But as it had been sitting on my neck for a little while, there was something about it that changed.
And so did my opinion of the smell. I suddenly really liked it.
The citrus notes took over a bit of the sweetness and the sophisticated notes reinforced.

It really smells like love – I can’t describe it in any other way.
And I really like it.

It’s sensual, suggestive and mesmerizing.


This new floral declaration by Dior, will be out in September 2017.

x M

Bulletproof Ways To Apply & Chose Your Eyeshadow Color

eyeshadow4 eyeshadow3 eyeshadow2 eyeshadow1 eyeshadow eyeshadow7
eyeshadow9eyeshadow6 eyeshadow5 Photos by Maria Jernov / 

Do you find it super difficult applying eyeshadow in different shades?
Where do I put the color? Which colors work together?
Questions like that, are super normalt to ask. Cause it isn’t always easy. And if you aren’t a makeup geek, but still want the look, nobody should take that away from you.

These eyeshadow palets will help you out!
It’s so simple – and yet so clever ..


This palet is super cool. You got 6 different looks and on the back of the palet is a little drawing on where to apply the different colors. In the 6 different looks, there’s 3 different colors in each.
A base color for the whole eye, a shining color for debt and a darker color for definition.
It’s really super easy and the palette has some beautiful colors.

Mixology Eyeshadow Palette, Sephora, 250 DKK HERE


I haven’t seen anything like these before. It can’t get simpler than that!
You can get them in so many different colors, depending on which look you like.
All you gotta do is just swipe the little applying sponge that comes with the eyeshadow kit, and apply it in one motion over your eyelid. Super easy. Now you’ve gotten the base on your eyelid and the darker color in the crease of your eye.
So so simple and so genius!

They’re Real! Duo Eyeshadow Blender Beyond Easy, Benefit, 160 DKK HERE

A lot of you have asked me about more tutorials where I show you how to apply eyeshadow and make cool looks.
I’m working on it, so I’ll be posting a lot of videos in the future.

x M

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