Bye Bye Muffin Top!

thumbnail_fatSponsored content by Aglaia Klinikken

So this is very much out of my comfort zone, to talk about and to show you.
But, do you know that annoying stobborn muffin top that never really wanna go away,
no matter how much you work out or eat your greens? Well, I have that. Right here on my belly.
It’s very frustrating – but yet, very normal. So I don’t freak out about it, I just deal.
But the good news is that you can actually do something about it.
And no, this is not being lazy, this is just about helping all the stubborn parts of your body that needs a little ekstra push!

So I decided to try out the very popular treatment called Cool Tech.
This treatment is about freezing your fat until it dies. Brutal? Yes, it sounds like it. But it actually isn’t.
It’s kind of like squeezing a pimple while yelling “diiiiiie”
Dying fat, doesn’t that just sounds like the best thing ever? I do.

As always I made this treatment in cooperation with Aglaia Klinikken
My always go to, when getting anything done.
They know what they’re doing, they do it well and I’m always super happy with the results.

Because it’s very complicated understanding the procedure if I write it down, I made a video together with my favorite cosmetic nurse, Line from Aglaia Klinikken. So instead of explaining everything, you can watch this video.
You’ll hear about what’s happening in the procedure, see me doing the treatment and talk about the final results 12 weeks later.


This treatment can be done, not only on your belly, but also on your thighs, chin, arms ect.
So if you have any problem with stubborn fat, I would highly suggest this painless procedure.
It’s quick, simple and easy.

The procedure takes 70 minutes, only a little discomfort the first 8 minutes and then you just lay there chill and read magazines.
Your tummy will be swollen right after and for a few days have this numb feeling – but after, the fun starts ..
The final result can be seen after 12 weeks. Which makes this treatment perfect for winter, so you can get bikini ready!

I really see a huge difference as you can see on the video – so I would definitely recommend this treatment.

For 25% off the treatment, write IAMMIAMAI in the message box when booking.

Read more about the Cool Tech treatment at Aglaia Klinikken, HERE

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions regarding this, I’m more than happy to help you in the right direction.

x M

MY BROWS│Permanent Makeup

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
Pictures by Maria / 
Before and after pictures in the bottom of this article


It is no secret that I like to shape my face and features with a little help sometimes.
But the first thing I ever had made in my face, was my brows.
Brows were such a trend back when I had them made – about 1,5 years ago – it still is though.
.. but you know the whole drill with Cara Delevigne and everybody on this planet wanting fuller and more bushy brows.
Well, I was definitely not born with gorgeous, bushy and pretty shaped brows. Not at all.
I hated to draw my brows on my face every single morning (and sometimes during the day too).
The fear of the weather changing to rain while I was on my bike to work was horrifying.
There’s nothing sexy about showing up to a meeting with only one eyebrow, because your makeup didn’t stick to your face.
.. and yes, I know that there are so many really good brow products out there, to help you out.
But when you’re single – you don’t want to wake up at a strangers house with a hangover AND without your brows!
And it’s just not very exciting paddling around in a pool in Ibiza with your girlfriends and your brows are melting off.
I can keep going – life is just really sad without brows.

So, I decided that I wanted permanent – or semi-permanent eyebrows.
Yep, I wanted them drawn on my face and stay there!
I know, I still remember my mom screaming at me. ‘You’re going to have a tattoo on your face?! You’re insane!’
The funny story is, that she has just booked an appointment to have hers done now. Ha! The irony.
But I know. It sounds a little bit more dramatic and crazy, than it actually is.

First of all, it’s safe. Well, as long as you choose the right place.
This is another reason for me to tell you all there is to know about getting permanent makeup – there are so many places that will make your permanent makeup for you, super cheap and quick, they keep popping up everywhere.
But all I can say is, don’t do it.
It’s just not worth ruining  your entire face, just to save a few bucks.
I have a friend, who had hers done by the wrong person – and now she had to get all the ‘ink’ out of her skin.
.. and the place wasn’t shady or anything! Long story short, it was horrible. Poor thing.

So there’s only one person I will lay my face in the hands of.
Her name is Line Therkildsen and she owns this little adorable clinic called Aglaia Klinikken.
She is not only super talented – she’s so sweet and kind, you can’t feel anything else than safe and welcome at her clinic.
.. and she’s such a perfectionist. She will never stop working on your face till she’s satisfied with her work.
You can really feel like it’s her goal in life, to help other people feel beautiful and loving themselves.
Everything she does is so natural and never over done. She knows what to do and when to stop, which I appreciate so much.
So don’t you worry, you’ll never end up looking like the cat lady.
(.. if you dont know the cat lady, google it! .. or maybe don’t, you’ll get scared of ever getting anything done!)

Permanent makeup can naturally change what nature has not designed perfectly and is therefore a natural enchantment of your own features. The permanent makeup is not always about replacing your daily makeup, but can help to add the last thing that nature has not given you – in my case basically just hair.
As you can see in the before and after pictures – it didn’t have a lot of hair.
I’m a 90’s teenager, which means over tweezing was all I knew of when it came to my brows.
So yeah, not really impressive with what I was born with.

Permanent makeup is best described as a superficial tattoo. At the Aglaia Klinik they use allergy tested and EU approved plant colors, which are added to mineral substances dissolved in alcohol and distilled in water. This makes plant dyes particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The plant colors are carefully deposited into the skin’s outer layer in the desired area using a very thin needle – doesn’t really sound so appealing I know. But it really isn’t that bad.
At the Aglaia Clinic they use professional equipment that is advanced and specially designed to perform permanent make-up – the equipment can not be compared to equipment for a normal tattoo. It is really not the same at all.
Why I like the colors they uses is because they will not create that grey or purple tone that some colors makes – they always use colors that are tailored to your skin tone, so they can create a natural expression for all of their customers.

Permanent makeup is suitable for anyone who wants well-formed brows, beautifully framed eyes and beautiful lips.
Permanent makeup can also help if you have a lack of hair growth and / or alopecia. It can also be used if you have makeup allergy, wear glasses or have poor eyesight and experience genes in connection with your daily makeup routine.
There really isn’t any reason not to do it if you don’t like your brows.

I chose to get the 3D hairstrokes, which is called Microblading.
It’s definitely the most natural looking permanent makeup you can get.
With Microblading you get a permanent makeup that can be used to create natural and very fine hair strokes. It’s a relatively new technique, where they use a manual pen to create a hairline. Why they use Microblading is to create fine and ultra-thin hair that resembles your own natural hair and creates a natural expression. Microblading can also be used to change the shape of the brows. Which we also did with mine. I was missing a little more arch in both of the brows – which can really make a huge difference and change your face. It’s like a facelift and it can really open up your eyes.
When the treatment is complete, you can expect a reduction of 20% of the color after a few weeks,
so don’t get scared if the brows look super dark and crazy – it will go away again.

You can expect it to last 2-5 years. Though, it’s a good idea to refresh your treatment.
It typically happens after a year and may be especially necessary for permanent makeup of the brow.
I had my refreshment of the tattoo done after 1,5 year. .. and it was really only a few strokes here or there.
When getting the tattoo, you get a refreshment of the treatment 1-2 months after it’s done, which is within the price you paid.
The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes – but you’ll have 1,5 hour for the whole booking, so everything is taken care of.

Getting these brows done has really been a lifesaver. It sounds so superficial, but it’s crazy what it can do to your face.
I rarely use any makeup on my brows, I still get them colored as normal
– but besides that I just run a brow gel through my brows and I’m good to go.
No more hiding when it rains or being afraid that you left the eyebrow makeup on your pillow after a night out.

Everybody askes about the pain – well, you get an anesthetic cream on your brows before they start the session.
You can’t feel a thing the first 20 minutes, only hear the awful sound of the needle.
(.. it sounds like a knife on a blackboard) – and that’s probably the worst part about it.
After the 20 minutes, you can feel it a bit yes. I won’t deny that in the end of the session you just want it over with.
But before you know, it’s done and you can relax. It really is worth the whole pain.
Which I didn’t think was that big. On a scale from 1-10? Probably 6.


Phone: +45 53 600 660
Øster Farimagsgade 73
2100 Kbh. Ø

brynLeft picture is from the morning of treatment day, with no makeup on
Right picture is in the treatment room same day, now with the brow shape drawn on with a pencil 

img_4051Before and after pictures, the top one is just before the treatment and the bottom one is right after the treatment

So guys, don’t hesitate asking me anything about this treatment.
I know a thing or two – and you can always book a free consultation and talk with Line yourselves.
Because there really isn’t any other place I would recommend.
Better feel safe, than sorry – you don’t wanna end up looking like a criminal.

x M

TREATMENT: Detox your hair back to life

 olaplexolaplex2olaplex3Before / After

This is taken after the hair got trimmed and styled. Look at how much lighter the shade is!
Apparently I had a lot of dirt in my hair that made my blonde hair darker. Amazing!

Have you ever wondered if you hair ever gets fully cleaned?
You use a ton of different products during a whole lifetime, you swim in the ocean and swimmingpools, you work out, visit different countries or maybe you have an everyday life in a pollution high city.
Your hair gets so filled with dirt, minerals, accumulations and pollution that sometimes you feel like your haircolor fades away, your hair feels heavier and more greasy – or that all the styling and treatments doesn’t pay off.

I went to Con Amor in Ringsted with the Olaplex team to get a detox to my hair – so I could feel like it was brand new again.
The team is so amazing. Marianne who fixed my hair real good, is an angel when it comes to your hair. She’s one of the most talented hairdressers and stylist that we have in Denmark. She really know her way around any kind of hair.


The treatment is a mix between Olaplex and Malibu C. It’s a unique way to detox your hair and create the healthiest looking hair for a long time. It’s based on vitamin C and antioxidants, which will clean your hair from dirt, oils and accumulations. In that way, your hair can get back to normal – like a fresh breath of air .. and suddenly your hair feels light as a feather, the smoothness is back and you got a much healthier looking hair.

My hair got washed with the Un-Do-Goo Shampoo from Malibu C, it cleans my hair from dirt and accumulations.

A gel called Crystal Gel gets carefully added to my hair in sections. This gel improves the quality of my future chemical treatment – which will also save time and minimizes treatments to be repeated, because it makes them last longer. The gel removes minerals, metals, nicotine and other color-blocking accumulations that can feel heavy on the hair.
I was sitting under the heat with the gel in my hair for about 45 minuts.

My hair got washed through with the Un-Do-Goo Shampoo from Malibu C one more time.

Now to the first part of the Olaplex treatment. I get the Olaplex treatment in my hair, during a 5. minut session and after that it sits for another 5 minuts.

Three different treatments from Malibu C called Rehydr8, Rehabiliti8 and Illumin8 gets mixed with the second Olaplex treatment and sits in my hair for about 10 minuts.  Step 6.
My hair gets washed with the Blonde serie from Malibu C , blowdried, trimmed and styled.

After my treatment I’ve never had this many compliments for my hair. It has truly been amazing!
My hair feels brand new – like I got to start fresh.
My hair is super soft, specially when I use my Olaplex treatment for home once a week. But most amazing off all is that my hair is super healthy and vibrant again. Over a month after and I see and feel the absolut same result as when I left the salon.


Un-Do-Goo Shampoo, Malibu C, 110 DKK HERE

Deeply cleans your hair, gets rid of leftovers from stylingproducts and gives back the smoothness and shine.

Blondes Shampoo & Conditioner, Malibu C, 400 DKK  HERE

Protects my hair against pollution and envirommental factors. It’s the most perfect shampoo for blonde hair – it doesn’t color it purple, it simply just gives it the perfekt light shade with no yellows!

Olaplex Nr. 3, 280 DKK HERE
I use this between treatments, to make sure that my hair stays the same high quality after getting a salon treatment.
It makes sure that my hair is fully hydrated, strong and healthy.

Really hope you’ll take your time and try out the Califonication treatment, I’ve never experienced anything this great for my hair.
And I can only recommend the Salon Con Amor in Ringsted, Denmark. They’re really know what they’re doing and they make sure to take good care of you and your hair.

Con Amor
Tinggade 7
4100 Ringsted

x M

TREATMENT: Brows by Kenny Anker

Kenny Anker Brows Fotograf: Tania Gibson 2016

Kenny Anker Brows
Fotograf: Tania Gibson 2016

FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_5052.JPGSorry the shitty pictures, I was feeling ill that day – and therefore not one of my greatest moments!

By now you should now that the Queen of Brows lives in Beverly Hills, Anastasia. She has a brand under the same name, Anastasia Beverly Hills and is the most known brow artist to fix the A-lists brows. But today is not about her ..

Copenhagen has got its own superstar when it comes to fixing and designing brows.
You need to remember this name, cause there’s no doubt is gonna be a big one.

Kenny Anker Brows

Forget everything you know about brows, cause this man right here – he’ll change your life, or at least your brows.
His oh so popular brow lifts already has a long waitlist and there’s no wonder. He doesn’t just tweeze and wax your brows,  he spends an entire hour to make them perfect.
I most say, this is the prettiest my brows has been forever! I’ve always admired other women (and men’s) big and beautiful brows – and now I got a pair of my own! Amazing.

He’s located in Copenhagen – but sometimes you’ll find him in Aarhus.
+45 20 62 92 75

x M