This is How I Protect my Skin


Spring has sprung, which means the sun is getting stronger – and for those of you who doesn’t like sunscreen, there’s a lot of other innovative ways to protect your skin.

Sunscreens can feel sticky or just mess up your makeup – which I’m not a big fan of. But I’m still very aware of protecting my skin against the sun, all the time. I will never leave my apartment without an SPF on my face.

I use this as an extra layer of skin after my day cream – if my day cream doesn’t have enough SPF in it, I’ll use this for extra protection. It’s mineral based with a lot of antioxidants and the small pigments makes your skin super smooth and with the most perfect finish before your makeup.

Prep Step Mineral Shield SPF50, BareMinerals, 400 kr.
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This is what comes closest to a sunscreen – but without the sticky consistency. It’s a perfect BB cream with a good amount of SPF in it, which makes it perfect for the beach or doing some sort of sports.

Super Soin Solaire Tinted Sun Care SPF30, Sisley, 1015 kr.
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This is such a wonderful and innovative product – it’s a serum foundation with SPF40! I haven’t found any other brands that does this. So not just because it has a lot of good ingredients in it, but also because it leaves your skin looking super beautiful. It’s thin and super easy to work with – and your skin will look refreshed and natural.

Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40, Bobbi Brown, 445 kr.
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This works as a primer, even though it isn’t. But it smooth out your skin super easy and makes it perfect before your foundation. Your skin is left mat and smooth, so if you like a more mat look, than a dewy one – this is for you.

Invisible Perfecting Shield SPF30, Murad, 450 kr.
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One of my favorite primers! Nars makes so many good products and their new primers just got added to their bestsellers. This one makes your skin look super fresh and smooth. The more amazing part is that it has a SPF50! I haven’t found that anywhere else, which makes this primer perfect for a protected makeup and skin in the summer!

Smooth & Protect Primer SPF50, Nars, 295 kr.
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x M

My Top 5 Concealers

It is hard to find a good concealer – and the market is so big and confusing!
But don’t worry, I got your back. This is is my top 5 of concealers ..

Favorite. Favorite. Favorite. I can’t live without this and I keep coming back to purchase it. They have a thousand (maybe not a thousand, but you get the point) different shades for every skin color. It stays put all day long and really does the job under my eyes.Naked Skin Weightless Concealer, Urban Decay, xx kr.
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This one doesn’t melt during the day, it doesn’t dry your skin and it lasts for 15 hours! I’ve never had any problem with this concealer, it really does its job. It has a medium coverage and it leaves your skin with a beautiful finish. This I use on small imperfections in my face, such as spots and red areas.Double Wear Stay-in-place Concealer SPF10, Estée Lauder, xx kr.
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Wow, if you really wanna cover up – this is the way to do it! This is full coverage, as you’ve never seen it before. This I use when I’m super fucked up with some bad spots or really look dark around my eyes.

Concealer + Pensel Nr. 18, Anastasia Beverly Hills, 350 kr. 
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If you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Urban Decay concealer, this one is your savior. It works almost just as good and has a lot of different shades and colors too. It has a super good coverage and stays put the whole day.

HD Concealer Wand, NYX, xx kr.
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Dealing with small lines under the eyes? Or just had a rough night? This one will save your face. It’s a primer and a concealer in one, which means it will cover your small lines super smooth. I always have this i my bag, because it’s a super easy and quick fix!

Backstage Pros Fix It, Dior, xx kr.
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