Flawless Skin On The Go

lancome-cushion lancome-cushion1 lancome-cushion2 lancome-cushion3 lancome-cushion4 lancome-cushion5 lancome-cushion6Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 

Fashion Week has arrived – and I’m gonna run around like a crazy chicken everyday.
But my face and hair need to stay perfect all the time!
When you’re a makeup addict, like me. Or maybe just any girl out there.
It’s hard to carry around a whole makeup bag everyday, to touch up your face.
The most important thing for me to touch up during the day, is the face and my lips.
The face can get tired looking, smudged out or oily from running from meeting to meeting.

This product I have about 3-4 of, laying around in each of my bags at all times. It’s so simple to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space and really does the work that I need it to do. I just use the little sponge, dap my face to enchance glow and a more even compelxion – and voila, my face is looking flawless again.
The cool thing about it is that you buy the whole Cushion one time – and when you’re done with the Cushion, you just buy a refill and put into your case. Cheap and simple.

I love it!

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation, Lancôme, 280 DKK HERE

x M

WEEKLY FAVORITE: DipBrow Pomade Anastasia Beverly Hills


This week’s favorite is an all timer.
I’ve used this for some years now and I keep going back and purchasing it.
I love to have them in a lot of shades, because for me, this is a multi product.
First of all, it’s genius for the brows. It lasts all day and have amazing pigmentation.
I use a small triangle brush for application – just dip it in the product and apply to your brows. Simple and easy.
I draw small hairstrokes on the brows and make sharp edges with it.

I’ve also been obsessed with using the different colors to draw small freckles with.
In the summertime, there’s nothing cuter than freckles. I, myself, get a few of them – but I like to mark them more visible with the dip brow pomade.

I’ll soon make a video for you where I show you how I do my brows and how I make freckles.

Brow Dip Pomade, Anastasia Beverly Hills, 220 DKK, HERE

Large Synthetic Duo Brush #12, Anastasia Beverly Hills, 210 DKK, HERE

x M

5 Hydrating Wonders

img_2766_redigeret img_2771_redigeret img_2774_redigeret img_2777_redigeret
Photos by me / Mia Due

Boys n’ girls, meet my 5 hydrating friends!
Even though it’s important to hydrate your skin all year around – the sun, beach and dry weather can be extra rough on the skin.
Therefore I’ve gathered my 5 most hydrating friends for you guys. These products really know how to take care of your skin. When I “feed” my skin with these babies, it’s like they’re slurping and drinking every single drop up, until my skin is satisfied.

Some of these products are more active than others, but they all do the job really well.
I’ll tell you which products I use when – and how I use them.


STEP 1. 
I always use a serum before my day creme. A long day needs a lot of care – and not only my skincare contains a lot of hydrating ingredients, so does my makeup. This serum is created of natural ingredients from blue zones, which is regions in the world where it’s proven that people live better and longer. It makes my skin looking super radiant and healthy. Just make sure to let it sink into your skin before using your day cream.

Blue Serum, Chanel, 30 ml., 740 DKK HERE

STEP 2. 
This cream is so refreshing to use in the morning. It’s a gel kinda looking blue creme, that melts into your skin and really hydrates you. It’s made from mauve and haberlea leafs, that strengthens the skins natural defenses. It can make even my dullest looking skin, look fresh, clean and fully hydrated.

Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Creme, Dior, 50 ml., 460 DKK HERE


This treatment has literally saved my skin so many time. Many of you probably know that I have real love from Exuviance products. These products has helped me out even with my worst skin problems.
This hydration treatment is a thick water-gel formula, that melts into your skin. It’s working to attack the damage from everyday factors that can age the skin. Let the treatment absorb into the skin in 5 minuts before continuing with your night cream.

Deep Hydration Treatment, Exuviance, xx DKK

STEP 2. 

This hydrating cream with macro hyaluronic acid, Moringa Oil and a blend of natural extracts makes sure to preserve a balanced skin hydration, that gives my skin a visibly smooth and bright effect. I use this cream before bedtime, because it’s a little bit more rich and gives me great hydration while I sleep.

Hydramemory Cream, Comfort Zone, 435 DKK HERE

When my skin really don’t wanna cooperate, I go to more drastic methods. Skin Ceuticals really has some serious correcting products that can change your skins well-being. This extract has a multi-beneficial formula that contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acts – which is the most important ingredient when it comes to hydrating your skin.
It supports skin’s natural hydration levels, and help renew plumpness, elasticity and firmness.
Use it before your serum or cream.

H.A. Intensifier, Skin Ceuticals, 30 ml., 830 DKK HERE

Some great products, lots of water and water-based foods can make your skin super hydrated, beautiful and stay smooth and wrinkle-free longer! Hope it was useful ..

Do you need a quick solution to dull and dry skin?
Weekly Favorite: Origins Drink Up Mask

x M

MY PINK LADIES: Mysterious, sexy & delicate


Photos by me / Mia Due

I thought it was time for me to show you some of my favorite scents and parfums I’m wearing right now. Nothing says more about a woman, than her parfums and lingeries!


The ones who knows me, know that I absolutely adore roses. It’s not my favorite flower – and I rarely buy them, because I find them a little tacky. But the smell! Oh my .. I love the smell of roses in every kind! But, the thing about roses is, that the perfect rose scent can be super difficult to make. This parfum is perfect. Delicate, fine and super sorphisticated.
Rosa Excelsa, Dolce & Gabbana, 50 ml., DKK 590 HERE

Loads of colors and fruity notes, it has a lot of volume and a delicate sweetness. Essences from mandarin, jasmin anEveryd citrusflower, which makes it sweet, flowery and with a hint of beachy notes. Perfect for summer!
Le Parfum (Resort Collection), Elie Saab, 50 ml., 510 DKK HERE

Normally I’m a flower girl, when it comes to perfums. Never too sweet, never too heavy – but a little bit of fresh and with hints of citrus. This parfum is so different from what I would normally be attracted to, but I’m so in love with this scent. It’s mysterious, dark and very addictive. It’s like a spicy bucket of flowers, with sensuel notes that can’t do anything but turning heads!
Fleur Musc for her, Narciso Rodriquez, 30 ml., DKK 440 HERE

Every girl should own a sex parfum – or a going-out parfum, whatever you want to call it. The most sensuel and sexy parfums I own, funny enough, always comes from Gucci. It’s delicate, deep, intense and soft – all at the same time. It smells like being a strong, independent woman, who still wants to show her feminine and sensual sides. Flowers, tree notes and amber makes one hell of a sexy parfum!
Bamboo, Gucci, 50 ml., DKK 745 HERE

Maybe you get inspired by trying some of these lovely ladies!

x M

WEEKLY FAVORITE: Becca Highlighter

So, the thing about highlighters is, that you dont wanna look like a discoball – but at the same time you wan’t that glow. That makes it really hard to find a good highlighter, cause there’s a lot of different ones out there.

I’ve been amazed by a lot of different highlighters – but also super disappointed.
This highlighter though, really does the trick … and a little more! It blends into your skin so easy and perfect, making the most beautiful shine of glow on your cheek bones, tip of your nose, on top of your lip and under your eyebrows.
I tend to use my fingers or a small, good blending brush for this product – again, super easy. This is what I meant when I said I wanted that perfect glow!
You don’t look like a glitter queen – but I swear everybody will ask you which highlighter you’re using when you’re wearing this (it happens to me all the time) ..

Go get that glow, babe!

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, Champagne Pop, Becca, 260 kr.

x M