Bye Bye Muffin Top!

thumbnail_fatSponsored content by Aglaia Klinikken

So this is very much out of my comfort zone, to talk about and to show you.
But, do you know that annoying stobborn muffin top that never really wanna go away,
no matter how much you work out or eat your greens? Well, I have that. Right here on my belly.
It’s very frustrating – but yet, very normal. So I don’t freak out about it, I just deal.
But the good news is that you can actually do something about it.
And no, this is not being lazy, this is just about helping all the stubborn parts of your body that needs a little ekstra push!

So I decided to try out the very popular treatment called Cool Tech.
This treatment is about freezing your fat until it dies. Brutal? Yes, it sounds like it. But it actually isn’t.
It’s kind of like squeezing a pimple while yelling “diiiiiie”
Dying fat, doesn’t that just sounds like the best thing ever? I do.

As always I made this treatment in cooperation with Aglaia Klinikken
My always go to, when getting anything done.
They know what they’re doing, they do it well and I’m always super happy with the results.

Because it’s very complicated understanding the procedure if I write it down, I made a video together with my favorite cosmetic nurse, Line from Aglaia Klinikken. So instead of explaining everything, you can watch this video.
You’ll hear about what’s happening in the procedure, see me doing the treatment and talk about the final results 12 weeks later.


This treatment can be done, not only on your belly, but also on your thighs, chin, arms ect.
So if you have any problem with stubborn fat, I would highly suggest this painless procedure.
It’s quick, simple and easy.

The procedure takes 70 minutes, only a little discomfort the first 8 minutes and then you just lay there chill and read magazines.
Your tummy will be swollen right after and for a few days have this numb feeling – but after, the fun starts ..
The final result can be seen after 12 weeks. Which makes this treatment perfect for winter, so you can get bikini ready!

I really see a huge difference as you can see on the video – so I would definitely recommend this treatment.

For 25% off the treatment, write IAMMIAMAI in the message box when booking.

Read more about the Cool Tech treatment at Aglaia Klinikken, HERE

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions regarding this, I’m more than happy to help you in the right direction.

x M

Bye Bye Wrinkles .. And Hello Antioxidants!

vitaviva-antioxidant vitaviva-antioxidant2 vitaviva-antioxidants1Photos by me / Mia Due


So, I’m leaving for Toscany in Italy on Tuesday next week.
Which means that the last couple of weeks I’ve been really good with my supplements.
It’s important for me to keep my skin in the best shape it can be
– and that means preparing it for sunny destinations and another climate.

As you’ve probable seen on my blog earlier – I’m a big fan of Vitaviva.
It’s one of the only supplement brands I’ve ever tried, where I actually see a huge difference.
As I turned 26 two weeks ago, I’ve now come to a certain age where I’ve to take extra care of my skin,
to minimize wrinkles and unhealthy cells.

My supplements before and after my trip has a lot of good power antioxidants, protein and cleansing ingredients in it.
These 3 miracle wonders really helps me out …


Juice Complex is a mix of extracts of different red berries. It’s like the most perfect antioxidant, red smoothie with Acai, Pomegranate and Goji. Acai is a little purple berry from Brazil, which has become the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Together with the Goji berry, they create a mix of super strong antioxidants for your skin – while the Pomegranate has a heeling effect on your skin and makes sure your cell level is in balance.
This mix is perfekt for reducing the signs of aging, protect the skin and taking care of your cells.

Juice Complex, Vitaviva, 335 DKK HERE



Wrinkles Away has a strong combination of ingredients that makes your skin looking fresh, healthy and younger.
In this little mix, there are a lot of collagen – which is the most important protein in your connective tissue.
At the same time the little pill has a lot of hyaluron acid in it, which is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to hydrating your skin and reduce the signs of wrinkles.

Wrinkles Away, Vitaviva, 397 DKK HERE



When I was a gymnast, I always ate a lot of Turmeric, because it has inflammatory and bactericidal properties.
This means that it will take care of any inflamed are in your skin or body and make sure to get the balance back.
Turemic is at the same time a super strong antioxidant – which you’ve already known what it’s good for.
So this little pill will keep you in a healthy balance, take care of your stomach and intestines, while it will clean your liver.

Tumeric, Vitaviva, 385 DKK HERE

If you haven’t tried any of their products yet, I will highly suggest you to do so!

x M

Bikini ready, already?

VITAVIVAVITAVIVA2.jpgPictures by me / Mia Due

Wauw, I don’t know about you guys – but the good weather has finally hit Denmark, and suddenly it feels like the summer has arrived. Scared, excited or how do you feel about it? Somehow the summer always takes me by surprise. Even though you can spend the whole winter eating well, working out and taking care of yourself – the feeling of wearing a bikini never excites me.

I’m not the kind of type that gets scared off by dietary supplements – I actually love them! It’s a good and easy way to get all the nutrition and vitamins that you need.
Vitaviva is a brand that I always feel like I can count on. They make good products, they’re reliable and they actually work.
When the summer comes nearer – or a big event of some sort, I always go for their 15 days cleanse. It’s an “easy” detox treatment, that will get rid of all the toxins and waste in you body. But this summer, I’m trying something else.

It’s not that I have a sweet tooth, but I simply just love food. And if I feel like snacking, I always go for something salt – which is not always good for your body.

Therefor I’ve combined these two products to help me out a bit, before the summer and warmer beach days finally arrives.

Craving crusher is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrient-rich superfoods, such as Spiraling, raw Cocoa Powder, Guarana, Ginger and Korean Ginseng Powder. You take 1-2 pills a day, which contributes to increased energy, healthier skin, a faster metabolism and as a booster to the immune system – but best of all it is a product that helps crush those afternoon sugar cravings.

Craving Crusher, Vitaviva, 430 DKK HERE

Cellulite away is a complex of herbs, vitamins and amino acids such as Ginger, Cayenne Pepper and Horse Chestnut – yep, this product will kick you hard.
These ingredients all have detoxifying and invigorating qualities that can contribute to burn fat, increase metabolism, boost your circulation and flush toxins from the body.
The most important thing to do if you wanna get rid of your small lumps and bumps is to get a healthy blood circulation – which I also do by dry brushing my skin. (Specially the legs and bum)

Cellulite Away, Vitaviva & Dry Brush, Karmameju, 785 DKK HERE

I’ll start my little dietary supplement treatment now – I hope you get inspired to do the same, so we can get ready to show off some smooth legs and happy bodies!

x M