I’ve Found Myself a New Favorite Mascara

344a2477loewen 344a2483loewen2 loewen4344a2520loewen6 loewen7Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 

Do you have a hard time finding the right mascara? Yes? Well, me too. All the time.
I always use more than one mascara and I gladly mix brands and techniques.
But in a long time I’ve felt that I really missed a good one. Something that could change my lash game.
I was growing tired of my old favorite mascara – I know at some point I’ll always be back, cause that’s what you do when you really love something – but other times you need to break free and find some new favorite things to play with.

I’m always a bit skeptical when I’m introduced to new brands. Not because I wanna be rude, but because there are so many companies and new brands out there, that thinks they’ve figured out a new amazing thing to change the beauty industry.
Well, I mean, of course they need to believe that – and good for them. But it can confuse your hope and shadow your dreams. Your dreams of new products and new amazing possibilities.

Well, I’m happy to share with you my new mascara addiction!
And what’s better? It’s a Danish brand! Yay! I’m always in for supporting local –
and even more excited when the product is this good!

Guys, meet LØWÉN.

These mascaras became a part of my makeup routine the day after I got them. Not kidding.
I’s been a month now since I started playing with these products and me oh my!

Let me tell you this.
My lashes on my right eye looked like shit when I sat at a press lunch with Løwén and the sweet girls from Impression PR.
I had a few days ago played with a new mascara. And well, apparently it didn’t go so well.
Cause suddenly some of my lashes went missing and the rest snatched in half. Sad story. I know.

A week after, my lashes was almost back to normal after using these mascaras.
The best part is, that there are Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Biotinoyl in it,
which nourish and protect your lashes so they can grown longer and stronger.
I felt it right way, no kidding.

I’ve now come to an everyday ritual, where I use all three mascaras that they launched.
Sounds crazy, I know. But I really love them and I love the combo.

First I start out with ..

Beyond Volume & Curl Mascara, Løwén, 180 DKK HERE

.. to separate each lashes and make sure everyone of them are covered in the serum.

After that I use …

Unique Volume Mascara, Løwén, 150 DKK HERE

… to create volume by the roots

At last I move on to …

Perfection Length Mascara, Løwén, 150 DKK HERE

… to make my lashes long and spiky!

Of course you don’t have to use them all.
They can do their magic by themselves just fine!
Chose which one you need for your lashes and tell me what you think!

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Boiing Concealer from Benefit

pink-benefit pink-benefit1 pink-benefit2 pink-benefit3Photos by me / Mia Due

So – great news from the fun and playful Benefit univers!
If you didn’t know their Benefit concealers before, now’s the time.

Last week I was at a Benefit Event, where they launched a new concealer .. The Airbrush Concealer!
If that wasn’t enough, they changed the packaging to this cute and cool pink look – and now all their concealers are called Boiing.
So if you can’t find your favorite concealer on these pictures, it’s simply because it look different.

The new Airbrush Concealer is super smooth and creamy to use. It’s like a little delicate mousse.
It really covers your whole face super good and gives you that airbrush effect, like the supermodels!
I only wish they made this concealer as a foundation .. I would die.

Boiing Airbrush Concealer, Benefit, 180 DKK HERE

You need to try this out! It’s so good!

x M

Your makeup’s best friend this summer

Skærmbillede 2017-05-23 kl. 00.06.39344A1648_LUCiD344A1659Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 

Do you ever feel like your face is melting off in the sun? Well, that doesn’t really feel that nice – and if you’re wearing beautiful makeup, it can be your worst nightmare.
In Copenhagen, we bike everywhere and all the time, which means that you really can feel the summer heat hitting your face. And a sweaty face, isn’t that charming, no?

I always have this little thing in my bag. It’s so simple – but so smart!

It’s a mirror, a sponge, a setting powder and blotting papers in one.
You use the sponge to apply the setting powder – a setting powder is a powder that absorbs the oils in your skin to make it matte instead of shiny. The blotting papers you use to dap off sweat, oils and running makeup. It’s really clever!
Its small, handy and perfect for your bag. I always carry this with me – specially in the summer.

Kit pores & Matité, Clarins, 350 DKK HERE

Hope you can use it too!

x M

How to get your skin a bronzed glow

Skærmbillede 2017-05-25 kl. 13.12.39344A1533344a1522.jpgPhotos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 

The summer is upon us, which means tanned skin and short skirts. This is the time where you really can create the perfect-bronzed skin. But it can be a jungle to find the right match for you. You can find everything from shimmering and highlighted ones, to the matte and simple or maybe you just want the one that you can mix into your foundation routine. How to chose? I?ll help you out ..

The most important thing is that you don?t want to look orange. After that, it?s up to you what kind of look you prefer. I?ll guide you through some of my favorite bronzers for different purpose and teach you how to use them.

The matte bronzer is perfect if you want to use it all over your face to give you the perfect tanned face. Personally I love matte bronzers, because I sometimes like to give my whole face a good go, when I feel a little too pale. This matte bronzer is the perfect shade, because it looks like you actually got a real tan. It doesn?t look orange and it won?t make you look like you have a ton of makeup on.

Use it with a big fluffy brush all over your face with light strokes ? or with a contouring brush to make shadows under your cheekbones.

Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer, Laguna, Nars, 270 DKK HERE

If you just want a look that you can cooperate into your beauty routine a creamed bronzer would be for you. This product is simply genius ? as I didn?t like the cushion foundations enough, L?Oreal now made a bronzed version. It?s super simple and easy to use and it just gives you that nice bronzed shade on your skin.

If you like a simple no-makeup look, just dap a few dots on your skin with the sponge and mix with your sunscreen or day cream. You can also mix it with your regular foundation for better coverage ? just blend it in, and voila! Your summer face is ready!

Cushion De Soleil, L?Oreal, 140 DKK HERE

If you?re a little bit in the middle ? you want a solid matte bronzed shade but also a little bit of highlight, you can use a little bit of both worlds. This product I totally felt in love with, it?s so simple and beautiful. The bronzed base has the most perfect shade of brown and the little white highlight gives you just the right amount of shine.

You can actually use this all over your face, because the highlight is very sophisticated and not too much. There?s a little brush that comes with the powder, you can either use that to apply the bronzer a little bit more concentrated look ? or use a fluffy brush for an all over touch.

Diorskin Nude Air Care & Dare Bronze Tan, Dior,  440 DKK HERE

If you really love that super bronzed glow, this is your guy. Lots of color, lots of shimmer and a deep glow. You have to be careful with a product like this ? a little goes a long way and a lot is a lot.
I like to use this carefully on places I really wanna give a good bronzed glow. On my nose, the top of my forehead and cheekbones. I also love to use this product on my shoulders and ?.

Use a semi-fluffy brush so you don?t get it all over your face, because, get prepared ? there?s a lot of shimmer in this bad boy. Use it the places in your face you wanna give a good bronze. Like by your hairline on your forehead, the tip of your nose or under and over the cheekbones.

Mineralize SkinFinish Cheeky Bronze, MAC, 250 DKK HERE

If you don?t feel comfortable using a bronzer, but still want a little tanned glow, you can use a highlighter as a bronzer in one.
This product is perfect for just the right amount of bronzer on a more pale or porcelain skin tone ? or just if you don?t like a too bronzed skin.

Use it on the tip of your nose, the top of your cheekbones and on your apple cheeks for that perfect glow and highlight!

Yves Rocher

Get ready to get that bronzed glow girls!

x M

How to make your lipstick stay on



As you may know, I love wearing lipstick! So many of you have asked me how I make my lipstick stay put – and I understand this, because it can be really hard to find a good lipstick that does it all by itself. Therefore I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks on how to make your lipstick stay on the lips.

I really think it’s a beauty to see people exploring the world of lipsticks.
There are so many amazing colors, shades and formulas out there.

I talk a lot in the video to try and teach you guys a few tips and tricks – which means I’ll try and make it a little shorter here.
So here you go …

You can buy special lip primers, to prime your lips with. There are a lot of good ones out there – but if you don’t wanna spend money buying one, you can simply just use your regular primer. I always prime my face before foundation or powder – and you can use the same primer on your lips.

A primer will set the base for your lipstick, to make sure it doesn’t run out in small winkles or lines in your skin.
At the same time it makes it last longer.
I used one of my favorite primers from Benefit. This is the one I always use if it’s hot or I’m going out – because it really makes your makeup stay on forever!

Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Benefit, 215 DKK HERE

When you say lipliner, people often connect that with the 90’s and the whole Baywatch generation – but it really comes in handy when wearing lipstick. Chose a color closest to your lipstick color, and instead of just lining up your lips, you fill in the whole lip with the lip liner. In that way you won’t loose all your color on your lips while eating or drinking – because the lipliner acts like an “extra” layer.

Color Sensational Lip Liner 547, Maybelline, 60 DKK HERE

If you don’t trust your normal lipstick – try a liquid one. The difference with liquid lipsticks are that they tend to last longer and are highly pigmented – which makes the color more difficult to rub off. This one is my favorite one I’ve tried so far, it really stays on and doesn’t rub off on clothes or anything else.

Always On Liquid Lipstick, Bawse, Smashbox, 180 DKK HERE

This may seem like a silly thing to do – but it really works. If you don’t know setting powders, its time for you to get to know them now, cause they can save all makeup from rubbing off! It’s a white powder, but it’s transparent – which means you can’t see it on your lips or face. A setting powder is a powder that is matifying and absorbs excessive oils and sweat. It works wonders on your lips when you want your color to stay put.
Part a tissue into two, so you end up having a thin tissue. Now you place it over your lips and use a big fluffy brush to apply the powder on the tissue with.
This makes the powder stick on your lips – without ruining your color! Clever!

HD Powder, Make Up For Ever, 250 DKK HERE

I hope you guys liked it – sorry for looking a little sick in the video, I’m not wearing mascara to make you guys fokus on the lips. Haha!
Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you can follow all my beauty videos there!

x M


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