Summer kisses, the matte edition

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344A1683_LUCiDPhotos by Maria Jernov /

I’ve always loved matte lip colors, it just give such a feminine and sophisticated look. These matteshakers from Lancôme are not just fun to put on – look at the sponge kind of application – but they really give you a fine, simple color that last so good!
Why I think these lip colors works so well, is because you can build the look you desire. Sometime I love a full matte lip for a retro look – other times I like to just dap a small amount on the lips with my finger, to give my lips a little color – but without looking to make upped ..

Both the matte shakers and the lip liners comes in 7 different colors, and these are my favorites right now.


Matte Shaker, 189 Ready in 5, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE

Matte Shaker, 378 Pink Power, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE

Matte Shaker, 272 Energy Peach, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE


Le Lip Liner, 290 Sheer Raspberry, Lancôme, 185 DKK HERE

Le Lip Liner, 06 Rose Thé, Lancôme, 185 DKK  HERE

Le Lip Liner, 132 Caprice, Lancôme,185 DKK  HERE

Hope you like these! They’re gonna be my pop of color this summer!

x M



BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Care & Dare Summer Look


Photos by me / Mia Due

The perfect summer look created by the Creative & Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips. The collection is called Care & Dare and gives you the perfect glow on your skin with some daring colors on lips and eyes!

I’m already addicted by the radiance powder, that gives you that nice sunkissed color, with a hint of shine – but no glitter! Just how I like it. I’ve always been a fan of the addict lipstick range and this bright red color fits perfect into my selection. I can’t wait to be tanned and wear this daring color!
But the product that I was most excited about, is the Nude Air Luminizer, which I use a few drops of in my foundation. It gives you a hint of sunkissed color and the most healthy and beautiful glow. It really makes your makeup look so much more dewy and flawless.

These are the products I tried:

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow, Dior, 445 DKK*
Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer, Dior, 395 DKK*
Diorskin Nude Air Radiance Powder, Dior, 440 DKK HERE
Addict Care & Dare Lipstick Gentle Red, Dior, 280 DKK*

*You can buy the most products in Sephora, Magasin & Matas. 

The products just launched – can’t wait for you guys try it!

x M

TRAVEL: Sophisticated in Paris


So I’ve travelled to Paris – as usual. As you may know, my best friend Stine, lives here, which means that I go to Paris to visit her as much as possible.

When I travel to Paris, it’s often only for a weekend or a little longer, so I tend to travel light and only with hand luggage. As a beauty junkie the rules and restrictions about only having 100 ml., of fluids in your hand luggage, can really stress me out. How can I pack only 100 ml., of fluids?! It’s so hard having to change your routines when you travel – but I’v found my little beauty kit that I like to travel with when I only travel for a short period of time.

A good skin care routine, the perfect scent and some red lips are all you ever gonna need in Paris. Here are my must bring to Paris essentials ..

Rouge Allure Velvet, Rouge Feu, Chanel, 280 DKK

Soothing Beautiful Starter Kit, 300 DKK:
Soothing Gel Cleanser, Murad
Recovery Treatment Gel, Murad
Correctin Moisturizer, Murad

Énergie de Vie Night Mask, Lancôme, (NORMAL SIZE), 410 DKK

Iris Meadow Eau de Parfum, Aerin Lauder, 1145 DKK

Stay tuned, there’ll be a lot of updates from Paris – both here and on my social media platforms.
IG: @miamajadue

xx M

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks

DIOR 1 Photos by me / Mia Due

Sorry for being a little bit offline – but I just got back from the French Alps where I’ve been the last two weeks skiing. But, I am back, which means I’m not gonna trick you for any beauty updates no more!

When I got home I got a ton of packages with a lot of exciting beauty news. And in this huge pile of goodies was a little pretty Dior box …

Peter Phillips, the creative and image director of Dior makup have created some new lipsticks .. Or actually, it’s kind og a lipstick and gloss in one. They’re called lip lacquer and has a super high pigmentation, while the finish is more shiny than matt.

They come in 20 different colors and I’m totally in love with all of them!
But these are the ones I got …

Diablo – a super bright pink
Sauvage – a berry dark bourdeux red
Turn me Dior – a bright classical red
Tease – a baby rose pink

The last one is my favorite right now – but I know for sure that I’m gonna use all of them the whole summer. They feel super light and comfortable on the lips – almost like a lipbalm, which I like.

Another little surprise in the box was the new Lip Sugar Scrub. It’s a lip scrub but as a lipstick – how cool is that? You just apply it on your lips, scrub them together and voila! They’re smooth and soft and ready to apply lipstick on! Both the lacquer and the lip scrub costs 280 DKK and you can buy them here

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: Marc Jacobs


As some of you maybe saw on Instagram, I was introduced for the summer news from Marc Jacobs. And omg .. I want it all! So, I’ve always loved the design of the products – and there even is a lot of interesting stories behind them – but the products are actually super good! They’re not just another highend brand with a beauty line, they actually now what they’re doing.

So, I saw all these amazing new products, but then I got bummed. They’re all made with some sort of coconutecstract, and the ones who know me, knows that i hate the smell of coconut. BUT .. it actually isn’t that bad. The smell is super light and just reminds me of summer and a good time on the beach, not at all nauscia as I normally think.

So, be prepared for all these lovely goodies – they got everything from a highlighter fluid, setting mist, bronzer, lip liquid and glosses!

My favorites were deffinatly the fluid highlighter – because LOOK AT IT! The most perfect golden glow that melts into your skin! And the lip liquids comes in the most beautiful nude colors and gives the most perfect finish. But one product I couldn’t get my hands down over, was the bronzer. It’s not an annoring orange-ish, shimmering bronzer – which there’s too many of on the market btw. No no, it’s this beautiful olivebronzed mattifying powder that gives your skin the most beautiful color – without even looking to overdone! In love.

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, 24 ml., 325 DKK.
Re(cover) Coconut Setting Mist, 112 ml., 290 DKK.
O!Mega Bronze Bronzing Powder, 360 DKK.
Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème, 245 DKK.
Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer, 225 DKK.

You can get all the products in Sephora in May 2017.

x M