BEAUTY NEWS: Miss Dior 2017

“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

– Christian Dior

Yes. Again, I know. I love Dior. Always have and always will.
This parfume is no exception.
There haven’t been a Dior Parfume that I really love, yet. I just haven’t found my match.
Well, maybe I have. But thot a woman’s parfume. Yes, I know it’s weird. But I love fragrances for men.

Miss Dior. The new fragrance from Christian Dior, smells like love.
It’s a love parfume. With love, for love.
It has a very fruity note, fresh citrus, blood orange and mandarin – but still gives a warm feeling of rosewood and pink peppercorn.

At first, I thought I didn’t like it. It’s too sweet.
And as you’ve probably read before – I’m not a fan of the sweet notes.
But as it had been sitting on my neck for a little while, there was something about it that changed.
And so did my opinion of the smell. I suddenly really liked it.
The citrus notes took over a bit of the sweetness and the sophisticated notes reinforced.

It really smells like love – I can’t describe it in any other way.
And I really like it.

It’s sensual, suggestive and mesmerizing.


This new floral declaration by Dior, will be out in September 2017.

x M


prada2Photo by me / Mia Due

I had to show you guys this pretty pink perfume.
Normally I’m not all about the sweet perfumes – but this one has a fresh summer citrus twist!
I really like it, and the look of it .. omg!
How pretty can a perfume bottle get?


Candy Gloss, Prada, 30 ml., 480 DKK HERE

x M

MY PINK LADIES: Mysterious, sexy & delicate


Photos by me / Mia Due

I thought it was time for me to show you some of my favorite scents and parfums I’m wearing right now. Nothing says more about a woman, than her parfums and lingeries!


The ones who knows me, know that I absolutely adore roses. It’s not my favorite flower – and I rarely buy them, because I find them a little tacky. But the smell! Oh my .. I love the smell of roses in every kind! But, the thing about roses is, that the perfect rose scent can be super difficult to make. This parfum is perfect. Delicate, fine and super sorphisticated.
Rosa Excelsa, Dolce & Gabbana, 50 ml., DKK 590 HERE

Loads of colors and fruity notes, it has a lot of volume and a delicate sweetness. Essences from mandarin, jasmin anEveryd citrusflower, which makes it sweet, flowery and with a hint of beachy notes. Perfect for summer!
Le Parfum (Resort Collection), Elie Saab, 50 ml., 510 DKK HERE

Normally I’m a flower girl, when it comes to perfums. Never too sweet, never too heavy – but a little bit of fresh and with hints of citrus. This parfum is so different from what I would normally be attracted to, but I’m so in love with this scent. It’s mysterious, dark and very addictive. It’s like a spicy bucket of flowers, with sensuel notes that can’t do anything but turning heads!
Fleur Musc for her, Narciso Rodriquez, 30 ml., DKK 440 HERE

Every girl should own a sex parfum – or a going-out parfum, whatever you want to call it. The most sensuel and sexy parfums I own, funny enough, always comes from Gucci. It’s delicate, deep, intense and soft – all at the same time. It smells like being a strong, independent woman, who still wants to show her feminine and sensual sides. Flowers, tree notes and amber makes one hell of a sexy parfum!
Bamboo, Gucci, 50 ml., DKK 745 HERE

Maybe you get inspired by trying some of these lovely ladies!

x M

BEAUTY NEWS: & Other Stories

OTHER STORIES2.jpgOTHER STORIES3.jpgPhotos by me / Mia Due

It’s no secret that the whole cotton univers have been a huge trend in the beauty industry. The whole idea is to make fragrances, lotions and mists smell like everyday cotton notes. Like clean clothes from the washing machine, your clean duvet or your towel after a good shower. It’s a soft, gentle touch that gives your a feeling of comfort and awaken your senses to feel at home and safe.

& Other Stories has also made a popular Cotton Care range – and is now adding two new fragrances:

Crinoline Violet“Infused with hints of violet for a dreamy cotton scent ..”
Crinoline Green“Graced with notes of green for a zesty cotton scent ..”

The name Crinoline comes from a coarse cotton fabric, which is used to line and stiffen hats and garments. I really like these two body frangrances, because they’re so calm and understated. Crinoline Vilot is sweet and soft, where Crinoline Green is crisp and clean.

They costs 195 DKK and you can buy them in &Other Stories.

x M