VIDEO WEDNESDAY: 5 Italian Beauty Brands

Hi guys,

From now on I’m going to upload a video every Wednesday. Hint: Video Wednesday!
This one is about 5 Italian beauty products that should be some of the Italian bestsellers out there.
I bought them while traveling around Tuscany earlier this summer and I really fell in love with some of these products.
I’m rambling a bit – but this is the first chit chat video, so don’t judge me ..


Whitening Mint Toothpaste, Marvis, 30 DKK HERE 

Water Eyeshadow, 200 Champagne, Kiko Milano, 70 DKK HERE

Cream Crush, 06 Pearly Chocolate, Kiko Milano, 50 DKK HERE

Defence Body Anticellulite, BioNike, HERE

Defence Cleansing Mousse, BioNike, HERE

Roberts Florentine Rose Water, Roberts, 60 DKK, HERE

Hope you like the video!

x M


Hydration in The Sun

mist1 mist2 mist3mist6 Photos by Maria Jernov /

So, as you know I’m in Italy. Which means the weather is hot. HOT.
As you’ve probably noticed earlier on the blog, I’m really into everything hydrating. And you should too!
All year around, hydration is super important. I see myself as an addict.
I can’t wait more than 1 minut after a shower, before I put on serum, creams and mists. Not only on my face, but also on my body.
I simply feel naked without. Which is kind of stupid. Because I am naked with or without.

But something that will never leave my beauty bag, hand purse or whatever, when I travel, is a mist. A mist.
It doesn’t sound of much. But it’s everything.
I always take it with me on the airplane, in the car or to the pool and beach.
Sometimes I even put it in my fridge over night, to take with me in the morning. It has such a cooling, soothing and refreshing effect on your skin. It really refreshes and hydrates right away.

After using it for a long period of time, I can really feel and see the difference.
My skin is softer, looks younger, feels more even and of course, more hydrated.

I’ve been totally obsessed with the Nano Spray from M2, which is absolutely groundbreaking.

Hyaluron & Collagen Facial Nano Spray, M2 Beauté, 750 DKK HERE

The mist revitalizes as well as provides firmer, smoother skin. The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid captures and locks moisture in the skin as well as straightens the cellular bonds.
I can really see and feel a difference.

It’s my best friend here on vacation.

x M


How To Get Tanned Legs in Less Than 5 min

skaermbillede-2017-06-25-kl-16-10-40skaermbillede-2017-06-25-kl-16-05-28skaermbillede-2017-06-25-kl-16-13-49 semi-tan3 semi-tan4Photos by me / Mia Due

Hi guys,

Many of you have asked me how I keep my legs super tanned and sunkissed.
As many of you know I’m a big fan of self tanning. I’ve always used it a lot – and therefore knows a lot!
But enough about that – I promise you that this tanning queen will make you the ultimative self tanning guide asap.

So, if you’re not a big fan of self tan, but still want nice and tanned legs, this is for you.
These products are like a BB creme or foundation for your skin. They make a beautiful filter and sun kissed color.
I’ve become super addicted to these products. You can either use it as it is or mix some of it with your body lotion.
Just apply on your legs, make sure to let it dry in and wash your hands straight after!
The products are somewhat waterproof, but you have to make sure that the product has dried into your skin, before biking through water and jumping in the rain.

No tan on my legs. They’re bare, shaved and naked.

Left leg has Body Blur from Vita Liberata in the color Dark Moccha on. The right leg is wearing nothing.

Now I’ve applied Bronzing Body BB Creme from The Body Shop on my right leg.
It’s difficult to compare the two colors to each other because of the lightening. But the one from The Body Shop is much more light than the one from Vita Liberata.

You can really see the difference here. Left leg is bronzed and ready for a short dress – the right leg is light and boring to look at.
Left leg has Body Blur from Vita Liberata in the color Dark Moccha on. The right leg is wearing nothing.

From left to right:
Body Blur in the color Light Latte from Vita Liberata, 280 DKK HERE
Body Blur in the color Dark Moccha from Vita Liberata, 280 DKK HERE
Bronzing Body BB Creme from The Body Shop, 120 DKK HERE

Try it out! It makes the whole difference.
I’m really addicted to these products whenever I’ve forgotten to tan or
the times where I’ve been unprepared for spontaneous events.

x M


TRAVEL: Colorful Packing

packing packing1 packing2 packing3Photos by me / Mia Due

So I’m leaving for Toscany today – and I’m super excited!
Suddenly I found out that my beauty bag is super colorful.
But if there’s something I like it’s dressing colorful while traveling in the south, and apparently you can see that in my beauty bag!
But these products are some of my definite travel essentials.

Issa Hybrid, Foreo, 1400 DKK, HERE

Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Björn Axén, 75 DKK Each, HERE

Tinted Mineral Liplux SPF30, Coola, 150 DKK HERE


Exfoliation Clay Mask, Sephora, 55 DKK
You can get it in Sephora from August.

Tinted Sun Cream SPF30, Sisley, 1015 DKK HERE

Luna Go, Foreo, 795 DKK, HERE


I promise to post a lot of pics from my Toscany trip.
I’m gonna drive around in the country on a little roadtrip and staying in 5 different hotels.
Wine tasting, beaches, good food and company. Can’t wait!

x M

TRAVEL: The Ultimate Sun Protection Guide

toscana_sun toscana_sun1 toscana_sun2 toscana_sun3 toscana_sun5Photos by me / Mia Due

So I’m leaving for Toscany tomorrow, which means I’m packing all my stuff right now.
I’m the typical girl, who brings too much while I travel. You probably know the dilemma too.
But while I bring a lot of cute outfits that needs to feel the sun, I also bring a lot of beauty. Obviously.

I have promised myself to make you guys a few tutorials while I’m away.
So remember to keep an eye on my YouTube Channel or here on the blog.

These products are the ones I’ve packed so far – and they’re the most important ones too.
Everything in sun protection. As I’ve been traveling a lot since I was only a child and living abroad waaaay south, I’ve learned that the most important thing is to protect both your skin, body and hair against the UVA & UVB.


It’s super important to take care of your hair while you’re in the sun. 
Most women doesn’t know that the UV & UVB rays really damage and dry out your hair. 
Therefore I always use both a shampoo, conditioner and UV spray to take care of my hair while being in the sun. 
The spray protects the hair against the rays in up till 10 hours. The shampoo and conditioner will nourish and protect your hair, so it will stay hydrated and soft. 

Bain Après-Soleil Anti-Damaged Shampoo, Kérastase Soleil, 120 DKK HERE

Lait Richesse Restoring and Moisturizing Care, Kérastase Soleil, 150 DKK HERE

Sun UV Spray, Wella SP, 240 DKK HERE


I always use a sunscreen spray on the body, cause I find it easier to spread out. 
But I’ve really fallen in love with the body lotion with SPF from Rudolph Care, it has the most lovely shine in it.
Not tacky glitter. But shine. 
I’ve also come to love the primer from Coola, since I’ve never been that happy for sunscreen in my face. I hate the stickiness. 
This primer is super soft and light on your skin. Perfect for hot weather. 
As I have a lipliner tattoo (which I’ll talk about in a later blog post), I always use protection on my lips. 
It’s important so the pigmentation doesn’t darken. 

Sun-C Sunscreen & Antioxidants Body Spray SPF30, Nimue, 350 DKK HERE

Sun Body Lotion SPF30 Shimmer Edition, Rudolph Sun, 165 DKK HERE

Daydream Mineral Primer SPF30, Coola, 400 DKK HERE

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK HERE


Always nice, refreshing and nourishing to use an after sun after being in the sun all day.
The only part is that it can sting a bit in your face, when using the same aftersun for your face as you use on the body.

After Sun, Muti, 260 DKK HERE

After Sun Face Cream Yoghurt, Korres, 200 DKK HERE


As mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of sunscreen in the face. Therefor I’m super excited about a facemist with SPF in it. 
You can even use this mist in your hair scalp if you tend to get a sunburn there. Then your hair won’t get greasy. Yay!

UV Bronze Hydra-Refreshing Anti-Aging Sun Mist SPF50, Filorga, 295 DKK HERE

Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Suncare Face SPF30, Dior, 260 DKK HERE


Even though the sun is gonna give me a lot of tan while driving through Italy, I also like to help it a little on its way. 
The Dry Oil both has a SPF and gives you a gradual build tan, with I find super genius. 
The Glow Drops you can mix in your day or night cream, to get an extra glow that you can gradually build yourself. 

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan SPF50, Vita Liberata, 400 DKK HERE

Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, Clarins, 225 DKK HERE

So, I know there are a loooot of products. As I wrote them all down I suddenly saw how much sun protection I was planning on bringing along. Maybe I need to redo my packing, just a tad. Haha!

But I hope you can find inspiration in some of the products.

x M