BEAUTY NEWS: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

aurelia1aurelia2 aurelia3 aurelia4 aurelia5 aurelia6Photos by me / Mia Due

How cool are these products from Aurelia? So cute, right?
As you may know by now, I’m not always a fan of organic products.
I like the idea that there’s pure ingredients in what I use on my skin – I just haven’t always had the best experiences with it.
These products however, I really have gotten a thing for already!

The Aurelia products are BioOrganic skincare, which means they denotes a farming practice, which is like organic farming, a practice where no toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) are used in the process.
.. And of course these products are made from organic ingredients as well.

I’ve already tried a few of them – and I really really like them.
Some of them comes in a little beauty bag, that is perfect for travel.
So I think I’ll use them when I leave for Toscana next week.

The most exciting thing I’ve tried so far, is the cream deodorant. Sounds cool right?
It’s a powder based cream that you apply in your armpits with your fingers. Maybe this doesn’t sound so charming, but it’s a really good product. It keeps your skin dry, while absorbing sweat and kills any bacteria.
The scent is everything between lavender, peppermint and tea tree eucalyptus.
It really works wonders! You can buy all their products in Magasin.

Botanical Cream Deodorant, Aurelia, 195 DKK HERE

Stay tuned on the other products.
x M


How To Protect Your Skin Agains Pollution and Environmental Factors

pollution pollution1 pollution2 pollution3pollution5Photos by me / Mia Due

Have you ever wondered how much damage your skin actually can get from living in a big city?
It’s not just the sun we have to protect ourselves from – there are so many other factors that can have an effect on your skin in a negative way. You can have a healthy lifestyle, but you still have to think about all the environmental factors.

Pollution, UV and UVB, smoking and blue light from your phone and computer, can create visible signs on your skin.
Both now and later on in life.


Have you ever wondered if you skin ever gets fully cleaned from pollution?
There can be so much pollution and dirt on your face after a whole day in the city.
This makeup remover is a blend of two marine plant extracts that helps combat pollution while preserving skin’s essential functions. It’s really soft and sensitive on your skin – and after one while I can really feel my skin being clean and fresh!

Anti-Pollution Face Makeup Remover, Chanel, 150 ml., 290 DKK HERE

This night cream revitalize your skin whilst you sleep. It’s a super effective hydrator, that really allows your skin to breath during the night after a long day in the city. The moisturiser delivers potent antioxidants to your skin, which are able to detoxify and neutralise pollutants, as well as improving your skin’s natural defence system.You wake up with a radiant and fresh looking skin. 

City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, Murad, 520 DKK HERE

This sunscreen is a must when you live in a city and just live a modern life. It not only protects your skin against UVA & UVB with a SPF50, it also protects your skin agains infrared radiation, pollution and blue light from devices. Each of these factors accelerates visible signs of aging and therefore protecting against them encourages a more youthful complexion.

City Skin Age Defense SPF50, Murad, 415 DKK HERE

This is my all time favorite sunscreen to use under makeup. It feels effortless and light on your skin, without getting greasy.
At the same time it gives your skin multi-antioxidants to help neutralize environmental damage in your skin – and the Green Tea Extract helps protect your cell DNA. It has a high SPF 50 and the product enhances your natural skin tone, which makes it perfect to use under makeup or without!

Sheer Daily Protector SPF50, Exuviance, 280 DKK HERE

Wanna make sure that dirt and oil really get cleaned away from your face?
This double action mask detoxifies your skin super quick. Smart polymers gently lift away dirt and oil and leaves your skin with minimized pores, brighter skin and a smoother complexion. Tree mushroom extracts and powerful antioxidants fight environmental aggressors to erase aging signs. Super easy to use!

City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask, Elizabeth Arden, 75 ml., 525 DKK HERE

This 2-in-1 cream for your face and eyes protects your skin against pollution and environmental factors.
Does your skin feel dehydrated, tired, have dark sports and a dull feeling? Then this cream makes wonders! It’s a super refreshing sorbet texture and intensely moisturizes the skin. This cream even protects your skin if you’re a smoker.

Citadine CityLife Pollution Face & Eyes Contour Sorbet Cream, Phytomer, 50 ml., 795 DKK HERE

Hope some of these cream can help you guys out!

x M

5 Hydrating Wonders

img_2766_redigeret img_2771_redigeret img_2774_redigeret img_2777_redigeret
Photos by me / Mia Due

Boys n’ girls, meet my 5 hydrating friends!
Even though it’s important to hydrate your skin all year around – the sun, beach and dry weather can be extra rough on the skin.
Therefore I’ve gathered my 5 most hydrating friends for you guys. These products really know how to take care of your skin. When I “feed” my skin with these babies, it’s like they’re slurping and drinking every single drop up, until my skin is satisfied.

Some of these products are more active than others, but they all do the job really well.
I’ll tell you which products I use when – and how I use them.


STEP 1. 
I always use a serum before my day creme. A long day needs a lot of care – and not only my skincare contains a lot of hydrating ingredients, so does my makeup. This serum is created of natural ingredients from blue zones, which is regions in the world where it’s proven that people live better and longer. It makes my skin looking super radiant and healthy. Just make sure to let it sink into your skin before using your day cream.

Blue Serum, Chanel, 30 ml., 740 DKK HERE

STEP 2. 
This cream is so refreshing to use in the morning. It’s a gel kinda looking blue creme, that melts into your skin and really hydrates you. It’s made from mauve and haberlea leafs, that strengthens the skins natural defenses. It can make even my dullest looking skin, look fresh, clean and fully hydrated.

Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Creme, Dior, 50 ml., 460 DKK HERE


This treatment has literally saved my skin so many time. Many of you probably know that I have real love from Exuviance products. These products has helped me out even with my worst skin problems.
This hydration treatment is a thick water-gel formula, that melts into your skin. It’s working to attack the damage from everyday factors that can age the skin. Let the treatment absorb into the skin in 5 minuts before continuing with your night cream.

Deep Hydration Treatment, Exuviance, xx DKK

STEP 2. 

This hydrating cream with macro hyaluronic acid, Moringa Oil and a blend of natural extracts makes sure to preserve a balanced skin hydration, that gives my skin a visibly smooth and bright effect. I use this cream before bedtime, because it’s a little bit more rich and gives me great hydration while I sleep.

Hydramemory Cream, Comfort Zone, 435 DKK HERE

When my skin really don’t wanna cooperate, I go to more drastic methods. Skin Ceuticals really has some serious correcting products that can change your skins well-being. This extract has a multi-beneficial formula that contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acts – which is the most important ingredient when it comes to hydrating your skin.
It supports skin’s natural hydration levels, and help renew plumpness, elasticity and firmness.
Use it before your serum or cream.

H.A. Intensifier, Skin Ceuticals, 30 ml., 830 DKK HERE

Some great products, lots of water and water-based foods can make your skin super hydrated, beautiful and stay smooth and wrinkle-free longer! Hope it was useful ..

Do you need a quick solution to dull and dry skin?
Weekly Favorite: Origins Drink Up Mask

x M

7 Sunscreens You Need This Summer

sol1_fotor sol2_fotor sol3_fotor sol4_fotor sol5_fotor sol6_fotorPhotos by me / Mia Due

So, I guess the summer has arrived. Even though it went from biking with wool gloves to wearing short skirts in like, a day.
Therefore you need to take ekstra care of your skin – and I’ll help you find some of the best products for it.
Maybe you’re going on a vacation soon, or you’re just enjoying the summer at home – either way, there are different sunscreens and protectors for different use. I, for example do everything from a sporty vacation with hiking, sailing and surfing to just relaxing by the beach. I always make sure that I have the right sunscreens with me – and a good amount of that!


I hate the stickiness of a sunscreen in your face – it’s really hard to find one that doesn’t make your skin greasy or too white looking. I was super excited to find out that one of my favorite brands now has launched a sun protector with a little nice color in it! It’s super light, blends perfect and gives me that no-makeup-makeup look I want to achieve.

Alt-i-En Beskyttelse, Pudderdå, 245 DKK HERE


When exercising it’s important to have a good amount of sunscreen on – but again, you don’t wanna get greasy or slippery when you paddle around in the ocean or running the mountains.
This sunscreen is super light, easy to blend into your skin and it has a water-resistant of 40 minutes. It has a SPF50 which you really need when you do some kind of sport for a long time in the sun.

Protection 50 Sport, Dermalogica, 275 DKK HERE


If you’re not much of a playfull pool person – but more like the one that enjoys a few drinks in the sun by the pool, this product is for you. It gives you a SPF30 – and a beautiful looking glow. This sunscreen contains organic and natural ingredients ang gives a nice little shimmer effect on your skin.

Sun Body Lotion 30 Shimmer Edition, Rudolph Sun, 165 DKK HERE


Nothing is worse than having a sunburn – it can hurt so bad. The sun is dangerous, so it’s important that we take good care of our skin both before, during and after sunbathing. I’ve always used an old trick, when getting a sunburn. I would put greek yoghurt all over my skin and just lay, while it sank into my skin.
Therefore I was super excited when this product launched, based on the yoghurt trick.Yoghurt is a natural source of lactose, proteins and minerals and vitamins, that can increase the water content of the top layers of the skin, to cool it down and relieving UV-induced redness.

Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yoghurt, Korres, 190 DKK HERE


Remember always to use sunscreen in your face – all year around.
But there’s nothing more annoying than sunscreen burning your eyes or making your skin greasy.
This product is super light, easy to use and has anti-aging ingredients in it, to prepare your skin from aging and UVA and UVB.
It’s perfect for a day on the beach or by the pool, when you don’t want a burning face from mixing sunscreen and saltwater.

Anti-Age Face SPF30, MUTI, 260 DKK HERE


Okay, this is for your who really don’t like sunscreen. You don’t like the feeling, the smell or the look it gives you.
Do you feel like the sunscreen will ruin your makeup or did you just forget to put it on? This product is simply genius! It’s a sunscreen in sprayform – which means that you easily can apply or reapply it all he time, anywhere and anytime.
It’s like a mist that gives you tons of hydration and a SPF50.
This is gonna be my all time product to carry around in my bag this summer.

Ambre Solaire Hydrating Face Protection Mist SPF50, Garnier, 90 DKK HERE


Never ever forget the lips – you don’t want wrinkled, sad looking lips – do you?
This is one of my favorite products. It has a SPF20 and gives you smooth, hydrated and protected lips.
Perfect for everyday use or when your lips gets dried out from too much sun bathing.

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK HERE

Now you know which products will help you out this summer. Remember to take care of yourself and your skin – and stay in shadow from 12-15 AM.

x M

Bikini ready, already?

VITAVIVAVITAVIVA2.jpgPictures by me / Mia Due

Wauw, I don’t know about you guys – but the good weather has finally hit Denmark, and suddenly it feels like the summer has arrived. Scared, excited or how do you feel about it? Somehow the summer always takes me by surprise. Even though you can spend the whole winter eating well, working out and taking care of yourself – the feeling of wearing a bikini never excites me.

I’m not the kind of type that gets scared off by dietary supplements – I actually love them! It’s a good and easy way to get all the nutrition and vitamins that you need.
Vitaviva is a brand that I always feel like I can count on. They make good products, they’re reliable and they actually work.
When the summer comes nearer – or a big event of some sort, I always go for their 15 days cleanse. It’s an “easy” detox treatment, that will get rid of all the toxins and waste in you body. But this summer, I’m trying something else.

It’s not that I have a sweet tooth, but I simply just love food. And if I feel like snacking, I always go for something salt – which is not always good for your body.

Therefor I’ve combined these two products to help me out a bit, before the summer and warmer beach days finally arrives.

Craving crusher is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrient-rich superfoods, such as Spiraling, raw Cocoa Powder, Guarana, Ginger and Korean Ginseng Powder. You take 1-2 pills a day, which contributes to increased energy, healthier skin, a faster metabolism and as a booster to the immune system – but best of all it is a product that helps crush those afternoon sugar cravings.

Craving Crusher, Vitaviva, 430 DKK HERE

Cellulite away is a complex of herbs, vitamins and amino acids such as Ginger, Cayenne Pepper and Horse Chestnut – yep, this product will kick you hard.
These ingredients all have detoxifying and invigorating qualities that can contribute to burn fat, increase metabolism, boost your circulation and flush toxins from the body.
The most important thing to do if you wanna get rid of your small lumps and bumps is to get a healthy blood circulation – which I also do by dry brushing my skin. (Specially the legs and bum)

Cellulite Away, Vitaviva & Dry Brush, Karmameju, 785 DKK HERE

I’ll start my little dietary supplement treatment now – I hope you get inspired to do the same, so we can get ready to show off some smooth legs and happy bodies!

x M