I’ve always been a coffee girl. I need one every day, every morning and just to keep my eyes open during the day, haha.
So ofc, it’s important for me to find good coffee while I’m here in LA.
If I’m on the run, I’m actually not a Starbucks kind of girl. I mean, if it’s there, I’ll drink it.
But I always prefer to order my coffee from Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, which is another popular chain.
You can find it everywhere, the same with Starbucks. So if it’s on my daily route, I’ll grab one.
I always order a double shop cappuccino and a passion fruit ice tea, with one pump stevia sweetener. It’s my go-to.
But, we all know that there’s nothing better than catching up with a friend, drinking coffee and just talking for hours.
And when I need a place to enjoy my coffee, I’ve 3 favorite places to go.

Alfred Coffee

alfred alfred2

You can’t avoid this hip place to drink your coffee. It’s so instagram friendly with all the decor and different colored walls.
It’s so in and the coffee is to die for. Here you can get anything that your coffee – or tea heart desire.
Are u a mocha girl, or more into herbal teas, koffein free coffees or whatever – they have it here.

Carrera Cafe

carrera1 carrera2

Okay, be prepared for the most instagram friendly coffees.
Not only do they make super good coffees and pastries – but they’re also picture perfect.
Hold on, you can choose a stamp on your coffee from a chart they carry.
This means that you can get Ryan Goslings beautiful face on your cafe latte. I mean, how freakin’ cool?!
They have different stamps of your choosing, everything from Kim Kardashians cry face, to the Hollywood sign.
That’s so cool. You’ll defiantly meet a lot of bloggers clicking their pictures of the cool coffees and jut on the other side of the street is the popular pink Paul Smith wall, where you can take cool photos.

Urth Caffé

Another hip place that has different locations. My favorite location is on Melrose Ave.
It’s the ideal place to have breakfast or lunch – or just to grab your favorite cup of coffee.
But be aware, this place will most likely be packed everyday you’ll try and visit. But don’t worry, they’ll always find you a table even though it can take 5-10 minutes – be patient. Not only is this a good celebrity spotting place (all the A-listers pick up there coffees and matches from here), but they have amazing foods too.
All their food is good, homemade and filled with greens. Again, they have different kinds of coffees, teas and smoothies.
If you’re having a little sweet tooth, try their spanish coffee. It’s so good.

Hope you could use my favorite coffee spots to when you visit the city!
x M


Hi guys,

I’m so absence – and there’s a lot of reasons to that. Some that I’ll keep private a little longer and others that I’ll probably share with you in the upcoming weeks. But either way, I still enjoy posting great content for you and I’ll keep doing so.
This video that I made is a little different from the rest of my videos.
It’s probably what you’ll call a vlog – because it’s a few glimpses and clips from my everyday life here in LA.
This is me trying to let you in on some more personal stuff, than just my beauty tutorials and so on.
I will agree, that when my mom saw this video she was like ‘It looks like all you do is party and go to lunch’ .. haha, and I will agree with here. This was a weekend, which means I wasn’t really doing much work – just enjoying my friend visiting!

I hope you like it – and remember, I’m new in the whole vlogging, so it will get better!
Enjoy loves,
x M

LA BEAUTY TIP #1 │The Detox Market

img_3204img_3201 img_3202 img_3203THE DETOX MARKET
1231 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

My first tip when it comes to beauty in Los Angeles.
I wanna give you guys some of my favorite places to shop beauty, my favorite American beauty brands and hidden secrets.
One of them is this little treasure – The Detox Market.
Why I like it is because they have my favorite Organic brands gathered together at one place.
.. as you probably know by now, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to Organic makeup.
But this little store has my favorite green brands and some extra lifestyle products that I’m really into.
The thing about me is, that I’m not very much into Organic beauty products – like makeup or skincare, but I love
everything Organic when it comes to nursing your body from the inside.
.. and they have some pretty cool things in this section!

Always always always, restock on my RMS beauty products.
You can read why they’re so amazing here: A Makeup Artist Must Haves
I also restocked on my Resurfacing Face Mask from Tata Harper – perfect when it comes to dull looking skin!
.. and this really cool “dust” that I put in my smoothie in the morning.
It’s a mix of super herbs and supermushrooms to nourish your skin, hair and nails and keep your body stressfree and detoxed.
I really feel like it does a difference – and they’re so cute to look at!
My favorite is Full Moon Dust by Moon Juice. Check them out!

If you come to Santa Monica in California, you should definitely check out the Montana Avenue.
There’re so many cute shops – and then you have the opportunity to visit this cute little green shop.

x M

WEEK 1│Los Angeles

img_3036 img_2820img_3093

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img_3097 img_3098 img_3099 img_3100 img_3101 img_3102 img_3103 img_3104 img_3105 img_3106 img_3107 img_3108img_2596

One week has gone since I arrived in Los Angeles with Maria.
We’ve had some busy days – but we also agreed that the first week should be vacation, so we could get rid of our jetlag,
enjoy the city and get to know the area we live in.
But we still had a busy time looking for our new apartment, so a lot of the first days went by apartment hunting.
We live in a gorgeous luxury complex right now, we have a pool, tennis court, jacuzzi and a gym.
Not bad at all – and the apartment is big, very comfy and just perfect.
The only thing we don’t like, is the location. Well, the location doesn’t suck at all – it’s close to the beach, shops and everything we need. But it’s in Playa del Rey, which is south of Venice.
The new apartments we’re looking at, are in the Venice area, close to Ocean Blvd and Abbot Kinney.
That’s more of a LA vibe there and we both love this area.
But, for now, we’re staying and enjoyed a little bit more of luxury until next month. So we’re aren’t complaining.
Besides apartment hunting, we’ve done a little bit of shopping, visited our favorite hotspots and restaurants.

On Sunday we went to the Melrose Trading Post which is a flee market between Melrose and Fairfax Avenue.
They have everything from jewelries, the real band tee’s, cool denim, music and a lot of hidden treasures. It’s a must!
You can walk around finding forgotten things, with a coffee in hand and maybe run into some celebrities.
After that we wen’t to the cool Carrera Cafe, where you can get everything from a Ryan Gosling stamp to the Kimojii stamp on your coffee – it’s freaking adorable. I love it. 
Now we’re gonna hit the Ulta store, one of my absolute favorites when it comes to makeup and beauty.
So I’ll keep you updates.

Have a great day,
x M


A Little Pink Never Hurt Nobody

wowair1wowair2 wowair3wowair4 wowair6Sponsored by Wow Air

So, as you know I’m flying to L.A tomorrow with Maria Jernov.
We’re flying with Wow Air, which is an Airplane company from Iceland.
And how cool is it that all of their planes are pink/purple ish?!
Well, I felt a little inspired I must admit. Those planes are hella cute.
So I thought to myself, why not make a cool and edgy pink makeup look?

I’ve really enjoyed changing my normal brownish smokey eye – to a more burnt purple and pink shade.
It makes my green eyes pop and it gives the eyes a little more mysterious and sexy look.
To make it less gothic and raw, I made a few freckles on the nose, for a little more girl-next-door look.
Added some rose blush cheeks and a pink pout, to make a contrast to the sexy and intense eyes.
I really love this look. 


Start by adding an intense pink color in your crease. I use the color Love Letter.
When you’re finished adding the color, make sure to take a clean fluffy pencil brush and lend out the color by going over, back and forward on the crease you just added color to.
Now I use the color Venetian Red, and ad in the end of my eyelid.
This will intensify and darken the area of the eye. Now, back to you clean fluffy pencil brush and blend out.
Last color I use is the Raw Sienna, I use that on the entire eyelid.
This color is a little burned brown/orange/taupe color, which will intensify the green in my eye as well.
Now mix the Raw Sienna and the Venetian Red and apply under your eye. Blend out with your fluffy clean pencil brush.

Modern Renaissance, Anastasia Beverly Hills, HERE

For volume I start by using the Beyond Volume mascara from the danish brand, Løwén.
This will give great volume, but still keep my lashes long and without getting cakey.
For more definition by the roots of the eyelashes, I will use the Pro Beyond Twisted Lash from MAC.
The cool thing is, that you can bend this mascara in every angle!
This one really give depth and definition, I also use this one on my under lashes.

Beyond Volume & Curl Mascara, Løwén, HERE
Pro Beyond Twisted Lash, MAC, HERE

A little cute rosepink cream blush on the cheeks to make the skin look fresh and girly.
The product I used on the cheeks is a new product from Elizabeth Arden, it’s so easy and simple to use.
You can either dip your finger in the little pod or use a sponge for application.
This color is the perfect combination to the sun kissed skin, created with the Compact Matte Bronzer in the color Sunset.
A nice little color on the face with some fresh cheeks – what’s not to like?
I made a few freckles with a little eyebrow pencil to give a more innocent and raw look in the contrast to the heavy eye makeup.

Cool Glow Cheek Tint, Pink Perfection, Elizabeth Arden, HERE
Compact Matte Bronzer, Sunset, Delilah, HERE
Eyebrow Pencil, Dark Brunette, Jane Iredale, HERE

For the lips I wanted a little matte, pink and girly finish.
The product I used is actually not for the lips, but its an obsession of mine, that I’ve used for quite some time now.
It’s one of my favorite blush products, that I’ve actually used on my lips.
A bad habit I’ve made. Or maybe a good one? In my world every product is a multi product.
But this color on the lips gives a great pink/rose color, but without overshadowing the rest fo the makeup.

Cheek Stick, Cosmopolite Rosewood, Dior, HERE

So that’s the final look.
Just like the cute airplanes I’m gonna fly on tomorrow.
I seriously can’t wait anymore. Today is super stressed – but it’s gonna be all worth it tomorrow on the plane.
I hope you like this look.
.. And as a little extra treat, I’ve made a video that’ll be on my Youtube Channel on Wednesday.
Then you can see how I created the full look.

x M