Bye Bye Wrinkles .. And Hello Antioxidants!

vitaviva-antioxidant vitaviva-antioxidant2 vitaviva-antioxidants1Photos by me / Mia Due


So, I’m leaving for Toscany in Italy on Tuesday next week.
Which means that the last couple of weeks I’ve been really good with my supplements.
It’s important for me to keep my skin in the best shape it can be
– and that means preparing it for sunny destinations and another climate.

As you’ve probable seen on my blog earlier – I’m a big fan of Vitaviva.
It’s one of the only supplement brands I’ve ever tried, where I actually see a huge difference.
As I turned 26 two weeks ago, I’ve now come to a certain age where I’ve to take extra care of my skin,
to minimize wrinkles and unhealthy cells.

My supplements before and after my trip has a lot of good power antioxidants, protein and cleansing ingredients in it.
These 3 miracle wonders really helps me out …


Juice Complex is a mix of extracts of different red berries. It’s like the most perfect antioxidant, red smoothie with Acai, Pomegranate and Goji. Acai is a little purple berry from Brazil, which has become the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Together with the Goji berry, they create a mix of super strong antioxidants for your skin – while the Pomegranate has a heeling effect on your skin and makes sure your cell level is in balance.
This mix is perfekt for reducing the signs of aging, protect the skin and taking care of your cells.

Juice Complex, Vitaviva, 335 DKK HERE



Wrinkles Away has a strong combination of ingredients that makes your skin looking fresh, healthy and younger.
In this little mix, there are a lot of collagen – which is the most important protein in your connective tissue.
At the same time the little pill has a lot of hyaluron acid in it, which is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to hydrating your skin and reduce the signs of wrinkles.

Wrinkles Away, Vitaviva, 397 DKK HERE



When I was a gymnast, I always ate a lot of Turmeric, because it has inflammatory and bactericidal properties.
This means that it will take care of any inflamed are in your skin or body and make sure to get the balance back.
Turemic is at the same time a super strong antioxidant – which you’ve already known what it’s good for.
So this little pill will keep you in a healthy balance, take care of your stomach and intestines, while it will clean your liver.

Tumeric, Vitaviva, 385 DKK HERE

If you haven’t tried any of their products yet, I will highly suggest you to do so!

x M

7 Sunscreens You Need This Summer

sol1_fotor sol2_fotor sol3_fotor sol4_fotor sol5_fotor sol6_fotorPhotos by me / Mia Due

So, I guess the summer has arrived. Even though it went from biking with wool gloves to wearing short skirts in like, a day.
Therefore you need to take ekstra care of your skin – and I’ll help you find some of the best products for it.
Maybe you’re going on a vacation soon, or you’re just enjoying the summer at home – either way, there are different sunscreens and protectors for different use. I, for example do everything from a sporty vacation with hiking, sailing and surfing to just relaxing by the beach. I always make sure that I have the right sunscreens with me – and a good amount of that!


I hate the stickiness of a sunscreen in your face – it’s really hard to find one that doesn’t make your skin greasy or too white looking. I was super excited to find out that one of my favorite brands now has launched a sun protector with a little nice color in it! It’s super light, blends perfect and gives me that no-makeup-makeup look I want to achieve.

Alt-i-En Beskyttelse, Pudderdå, 245 DKK HERE


When exercising it’s important to have a good amount of sunscreen on – but again, you don’t wanna get greasy or slippery when you paddle around in the ocean or running the mountains.
This sunscreen is super light, easy to blend into your skin and it has a water-resistant of 40 minutes. It has a SPF50 which you really need when you do some kind of sport for a long time in the sun.

Protection 50 Sport, Dermalogica, 275 DKK HERE


If you’re not much of a playfull pool person – but more like the one that enjoys a few drinks in the sun by the pool, this product is for you. It gives you a SPF30 – and a beautiful looking glow. This sunscreen contains organic and natural ingredients ang gives a nice little shimmer effect on your skin.

Sun Body Lotion 30 Shimmer Edition, Rudolph Sun, 165 DKK HERE


Nothing is worse than having a sunburn – it can hurt so bad. The sun is dangerous, so it’s important that we take good care of our skin both before, during and after sunbathing. I’ve always used an old trick, when getting a sunburn. I would put greek yoghurt all over my skin and just lay, while it sank into my skin.
Therefore I was super excited when this product launched, based on the yoghurt trick.Yoghurt is a natural source of lactose, proteins and minerals and vitamins, that can increase the water content of the top layers of the skin, to cool it down and relieving UV-induced redness.

Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yoghurt, Korres, 190 DKK HERE


Remember always to use sunscreen in your face – all year around.
But there’s nothing more annoying than sunscreen burning your eyes or making your skin greasy.
This product is super light, easy to use and has anti-aging ingredients in it, to prepare your skin from aging and UVA and UVB.
It’s perfect for a day on the beach or by the pool, when you don’t want a burning face from mixing sunscreen and saltwater.

Anti-Age Face SPF30, MUTI, 260 DKK HERE


Okay, this is for your who really don’t like sunscreen. You don’t like the feeling, the smell or the look it gives you.
Do you feel like the sunscreen will ruin your makeup or did you just forget to put it on? This product is simply genius! It’s a sunscreen in sprayform – which means that you easily can apply or reapply it all he time, anywhere and anytime.
It’s like a mist that gives you tons of hydration and a SPF50.
This is gonna be my all time product to carry around in my bag this summer.

Ambre Solaire Hydrating Face Protection Mist SPF50, Garnier, 90 DKK HERE


Never ever forget the lips – you don’t want wrinkled, sad looking lips – do you?
This is one of my favorite products. It has a SPF20 and gives you smooth, hydrated and protected lips.
Perfect for everyday use or when your lips gets dried out from too much sun bathing.

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK HERE

Now you know which products will help you out this summer. Remember to take care of yourself and your skin – and stay in shadow from 12-15 AM.

x M

TRAVEL: Sophisticated in Paris


So I’ve travelled to Paris – as usual. As you may know, my best friend Stine, lives here, which means that I go to Paris to visit her as much as possible.

When I travel to Paris, it’s often only for a weekend or a little longer, so I tend to travel light and only with hand luggage. As a beauty junkie the rules and restrictions about only having 100 ml., of fluids in your hand luggage, can really stress me out. How can I pack only 100 ml., of fluids?! It’s so hard having to change your routines when you travel – but I’v found my little beauty kit that I like to travel with when I only travel for a short period of time.

A good skin care routine, the perfect scent and some red lips are all you ever gonna need in Paris. Here are my must bring to Paris essentials ..

Rouge Allure Velvet, Rouge Feu, Chanel, 280 DKK

Soothing Beautiful Starter Kit, 300 DKK:
Soothing Gel Cleanser, Murad
Recovery Treatment Gel, Murad
Correctin Moisturizer, Murad

Énergie de Vie Night Mask, Lancôme, (NORMAL SIZE), 410 DKK

Iris Meadow Eau de Parfum, Aerin Lauder, 1145 DKK

Stay tuned, there’ll be a lot of updates from Paris – both here and on my social media platforms.
IG: @miamajadue

xx M

TRAVEL: Leaving for colder weather

TIL SKITIL SKI2.jpgTIL SKI3.jpgTIL SKI4.jpgTIL SKI5.jpgPhotos by me / Mia Due

So, I’m the kind of person who’s super bad at packing – specially when it comes to my beauty products. Cause a girl needs more than just a shampoo and a toothbrush – the girls who says that’s all they need, don’t trust them. They can’t be human, they’re aliens or something – you need to stay away from those kinds of people.

Even though I’ve been away skiing in the Alps every year for 2 months the last 24 years, I’m still shit at packing. Clothes is not a problem, cause I got my gear and I know what I need. But beauty? You NEVER know what you need! What if your skin break out, you get cold skin or your har suddently turns green?! You need to be prepared for everything to look your best. So, I’ve tried to gather some of the products and things I always bring with me – and isn’t to heavy. (Cause that’s a problem too, yep!)

Some of these products might not be the most charming ones, but they work – and that’s all that matters.

You need two things in colder weather – first of all a lot of moisture to keep your skin hydrated, but you also need to protect your skin. Therefore you need a good SPF – and yes also during the winter time! These two I can’t live without. The hydrating creme does the job, no matter how fucked my face is. The sunfactor works as a second layer of skin – no stickyness or greasy texture, I simple use is as a primer after my daycare.

Hydreane Riche Thermal Spring Water Cream, 40 ml.
Get it at your local pharmacy.

Sheer Daily Protector SPF50, 50 ml., 280 DKK

You need good nourtering ingrediens for the lips, so they stay soft and smooth. But your lips also needs protection, which is why I love this version with a good SPF20 in it.

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK

It’s not only your skin that gets affected by the weather – your hair does too. This bad boy helps me out everytime I feel like my hair is suffering, feeling dry or looking freezy under my helmet. It’s a leave in treatment, that makes sure your hair is smooth and protected during the day – even after one two many crashes in the snow.

Nutritive Crème Magistrale, Kérastase, 150 ml., 250 DKK

Your hands are extremly affected by the cold weather. They crack easily and gets super dry. Therefore I’m gonna make sure that they stay soft and protected with a retinol serum – that does the trick!
For my nails I normally tend to use this nail hardener polish 14 days before my ski trip. This makes them super strong and harder to break when I hit colder weather. I always bring it with me, so I’m sure that my nails will stay strong and protected.

Hand Serum with Retinol 8, Verso Skincare, 30 ml., 425 DKK

Nail Hardener Extra Strong, Herôme, 110 DKK

x M