VIDEO WEDNESDAY: 101 Hair Extensions x Balmain Hair Couture

It’s Video Wednesday … orrrr, it’s actually not.
… And I’m so sorry! There has been Copenhagen Fashion Week the last couple of days – which has delayed my video.
But, now it’s here! I’m telling you everything there is to know about hair extensions.

How to wear them, style them, pick the right color, quality and so on!

The next couple of weeks I’ll make videos where I make different hairstyles using hair extensions.
I’ve tried so many kinds – but my absolut favorite are the ones I use in the video.
They’re from Balmain Hair Couture, and they’re absolutely amazing.

I’ll show you all the different hair extensions they have to offer in the video.
Keep an eye out the next couple of weeks!

.. As a little I’m sorry gift – I’ve made a special video for you.
It’s out tomorrow, so stay tuned!

x M.



Phew, finally I feel a little bit like myself again.
I haven’t posted for a while – and I’m so sorry, but I’ve been sick in bed with Pneumonia.
Kids, don’t ever get that, it really sucks.

It isn’t my first time tho .. Sadly I get it at least a couple of times every year. My lungs aren’t that god.

BUT, I feel much better and I have so many cool videos and beauty news that I wanna share with you!
I’ll go out for lunch with my best friend Stine now, who is home from Paris for a couple of days.
But keep you eyes on the blog – a lot of good stuff is online the next couple of days!

x M

Nudes for the Nails


Six perfect nudes for the nails – these limited edition gel couture polishes from Essie are absolute must-haves! But you have to hurry .. they’re only in the store one more week!

Adorable colors, perfect for spring! And they all have ballet inspired names, such as; Satin Slipper, Lace Me Up, At The Barre, Perfect Posture and Closing Night.
But my favorite is Hold The Position, because it is super girly and just the perfect shade of pink. It’s a perfect fit with a spring tan or a more cool and boyish outfit – it can add the most delicate and feminim touch.

Go get ‘em!

Gel Couture Ballet Nudes, Essie, 110 DKK.

x M