BEAUTY SCHOOL: How To Make Beach Waves With a Straightening Iron

The summer time calls for the perfect beach waves and I’m here to guide you how to make them.
I know I messed up a bit here and there – that’s what happens when you don’t use a mirror and only the kamera! Haha.
But it all worked about perfectly great anyway.
Just watch the video or read the step by step here.


Sektion your hair starting from the front of your face and back.
Make a curl in the front piece of your hair by turning the iron away from your face.


Continue next sektion of hair.
Now you wanna start you wave. Start on the mid length from your ears and down.
Start by turning the iron upwards, move a little down the hair sektion and turn it inwards.
Continue until you’re 5 cm. from the ends of your hair – now you wanna go straight down.
Remember not to press the iron too hard!


Do step 2 sektion by sektion.
Don’t brush your hair!


Add a light hairspray that isn’t too sticky.
I love to use Final Fix Hairspray, Ghd, 100 DKK
You can buy it HERE

After your hairspray you can use a texturing clay as I did.
This one really gives you that perfect messy, rock chic kind of look!
I like to clap it into the hair and separate the waves to give it the perfect finish.
Texture Clay, MoroccanOil, 200 DKK
You can buy it HERE


I hope you guy liked the video!
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How to make your lipstick stay on



As you may know, I love wearing lipstick! So many of you have asked me how I make my lipstick stay put – and I understand this, because it can be really hard to find a good lipstick that does it all by itself. Therefore I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks on how to make your lipstick stay on the lips.

I really think it’s a beauty to see people exploring the world of lipsticks.
There are so many amazing colors, shades and formulas out there.

I talk a lot in the video to try and teach you guys a few tips and tricks – which means I’ll try and make it a little shorter here.
So here you go …

You can buy special lip primers, to prime your lips with. There are a lot of good ones out there – but if you don’t wanna spend money buying one, you can simply just use your regular primer. I always prime my face before foundation or powder – and you can use the same primer on your lips.

A primer will set the base for your lipstick, to make sure it doesn’t run out in small winkles or lines in your skin.
At the same time it makes it last longer.
I used one of my favorite primers from Benefit. This is the one I always use if it’s hot or I’m going out – because it really makes your makeup stay on forever!

Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Benefit, 215 DKK HERE

When you say lipliner, people often connect that with the 90’s and the whole Baywatch generation – but it really comes in handy when wearing lipstick. Chose a color closest to your lipstick color, and instead of just lining up your lips, you fill in the whole lip with the lip liner. In that way you won’t loose all your color on your lips while eating or drinking – because the lipliner acts like an “extra” layer.

Color Sensational Lip Liner 547, Maybelline, 60 DKK HERE

If you don’t trust your normal lipstick – try a liquid one. The difference with liquid lipsticks are that they tend to last longer and are highly pigmented – which makes the color more difficult to rub off. This one is my favorite one I’ve tried so far, it really stays on and doesn’t rub off on clothes or anything else.

Always On Liquid Lipstick, Bawse, Smashbox, 180 DKK HERE

This may seem like a silly thing to do – but it really works. If you don’t know setting powders, its time for you to get to know them now, cause they can save all makeup from rubbing off! It’s a white powder, but it’s transparent – which means you can’t see it on your lips or face. A setting powder is a powder that is matifying and absorbs excessive oils and sweat. It works wonders on your lips when you want your color to stay put.
Part a tissue into two, so you end up having a thin tissue. Now you place it over your lips and use a big fluffy brush to apply the powder on the tissue with.
This makes the powder stick on your lips – without ruining your color! Clever!

HD Powder, Make Up For Ever, 250 DKK HERE

I hope you guys liked it – sorry for looking a little sick in the video, I’m not wearing mascara to make you guys fokus on the lips. Haha!
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