VIDEO WEDNESDAY: How To Do a Salon Blow Dry at Home

I promised you videos where I style some of my Balmain Hair Couture Extensions.
Here’s one of my favorite looks using only one piece of hair extension.
Who hasn’t always loved the feeling of a new blow dry straight from the salon?
Your hair always feels so soft, bouncy and smooth.
… and why not create the same feeling and look at home?

This is my way of doing it, at I absolutely love this look.


Advanced Split End Therapy, GHD, HERE

Densifique Densimorphose, Kérastase, HERE

Rotating Brush 800 Ionic, Babyliss, HERE

Hairdress, Balmain Hair Couture, HERE

I hope you’ll like it just as much as I do.
And please let me know if there’s a hairstyle you would want a tutorial on!

x M

How To Create The Munthe Look│CPHFW SS18 Edition


I promised you a special video, so here it is!
It’s the look I created for the Munthe show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, last Wednesday.
As you maybe saw on my previous post, I did the makeup as shown on the pictures.
This is a makeup and hair tutorial on me re-creating the look.
At the show I was sponsored by Nilens Jord – but in this video I used all different kinds of brands, to make it more real.

I hope you like it!


The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, La Mer HERE

Master Mixer, RMS Beauty, HERE

Syn Wash Diffusing Bronzing Powder, Laguna, Nars HERE

Touch Pen Complexion Sculptor & Concealer, Eborian, HERE


Longer Intense Cream Eyeliner, Hyberblack, Chanel, HERE

Eyeliner & Brow Makeup Brush, YSL, HERE

Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara, L’Oréal Paris, HERE

Monsiur Big Mascara, Lancôme, HERE

Eyelashes Lana #10, Huda Beauty, HERE


.. a little bit of the concealer!

Top Secrets Lip Perfector, YSL, HERE

Go check out the danish Munthe brand HERE
I think you’ll love it just as much as I do!

x M

VIDEO WEDNESDAY: 5 Italian Beauty Brands

Hi guys,

From now on I’m going to upload a video every Wednesday. Hint: Video Wednesday!
This one is about 5 Italian beauty products that should be some of the Italian bestsellers out there.
I bought them while traveling around Tuscany earlier this summer and I really fell in love with some of these products.
I’m rambling a bit – but this is the first chit chat video, so don’t judge me ..


Whitening Mint Toothpaste, Marvis, 30 DKK HERE 

Water Eyeshadow, 200 Champagne, Kiko Milano, 70 DKK HERE

Cream Crush, 06 Pearly Chocolate, Kiko Milano, 50 DKK HERE

Defence Body Anticellulite, BioNike, HERE

Defence Cleansing Mousse, BioNike, HERE

Roberts Florentine Rose Water, Roberts, 60 DKK, HERE

Hope you like the video!

x M


BEAUTY SCHOOL – How To Make A Cat-Eye

So a lot of you have asked me how to make a super dramatic cat-eye – so here it is!
In the video I guide you how to make a cat-eye with a few simple steps. This method that I use is super good for beginners – or just if your wing is making trouble one day.

As you can see on the picture, it’s a super dramatic cat-eye. But feel free to do it more fine and less intense.
You can either make the wing smaller or the line thinner.

I always use a triangle fluid eyeliner, cause I find it more easy to control.
The one I use in the video has been an all time favorite for some time now.

Colorful Eyeliner Intense & Resistant, Sephora, 80 DKK HERE


Make a small dot where the colored area in your eyes begins, when you look straight into the mirror.


Make a small dot where the colored area in your eyes ends


Make a small dot where the shape of your eye ends.


Find your bone above your eyelid, in the crease right our from your second dot, you make your final dot.


Connect the 4 dots


Fill out the entire cat-eye and voila! A beautiful cat-eye for you!

Hope you could use this!

x M



BEAUTY SCHOOL: How To Make Beach Waves With a Straightening Iron

The summer time calls for the perfect beach waves and I’m here to guide you how to make them.
I know I messed up a bit here and there – that’s what happens when you don’t use a mirror and only the kamera! Haha.
But it all worked about perfectly great anyway.
Just watch the video or read the step by step here.


Sektion your hair starting from the front of your face and back.
Make a curl in the front piece of your hair by turning the iron away from your face.


Continue next sektion of hair.
Now you wanna start you wave. Start on the mid length from your ears and down.
Start by turning the iron upwards, move a little down the hair sektion and turn it inwards.
Continue until you’re 5 cm. from the ends of your hair – now you wanna go straight down.
Remember not to press the iron too hard!


Do step 2 sektion by sektion.
Don’t brush your hair!


Add a light hairspray that isn’t too sticky.
I love to use Final Fix Hairspray, Ghd, 100 DKK
You can buy it HERE

After your hairspray you can use a texturing clay as I did.
This one really gives you that perfect messy, rock chic kind of look!
I like to clap it into the hair and separate the waves to give it the perfect finish.
Texture Clay, MoroccanOil, 200 DKK
You can buy it HERE


I hope you guy liked the video!
Remember to subscribe to my channel if you wanna follow all these tips and tricks!

x M

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