WEEKLY FAVORITE: A Dry Shampoo That Actually Cleans Your Hair

favorites6When it comes to dry shampoos, there are so many out there – but yet, so little that actually work.
I’ve tried my part, because when it comes to being born with thin, scandinavian hair,
a dry shampoo can become your best friend.
But after getting disappointed over and over again, I’ve been left frustrated with a grey-ish weird texture in my hair
– and a look that I neither can or will controle. Most of the times I looked like a troll and an old lady combined.
Not a very charming look. And certainly not what I was looking for.

But then I found this dry shampoo. The one that changed the game.
This dry shampoo actually cleans your hair.

My biggest dream, was to find a dry shampoo that would let my fine, scandinavian hair last one day longer
– without having to put it into a boring ponytail.


It absorbs and removes oil, sweat and odor
Makes your hair look, feel and smell clean – without a weird smell of cherries or some other berries
(which some brands attend to mix in, for some silly reason)
It gives your hair a fluffy, light feeling – no powder or heaviness on the hair


The important – and yet different thing about this dry shampoo, is, that you apply it to roots and lengths.
Then you let it sit in your hair for about 30 seconds.
Now, the trick is to take out alle the grease and oil with your fingers.
You rub your hair between your palms, one section at a time.
When you’re done, look at your hands. All the grease and oil will be on your hands instead of your hair.
Clever right? Now brush your hair through and enjoy another day of clean hair!

Perfect Hair Day, Living Proof, HERE

No only my weekly favorite, this one has come to stay.
I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.
It has been a savior more times than I can count.


x M




Okay, so you know those small annoying wrinkles or layers of skin you’ve got under your eyes (haha – can you even say that?)
Well, women in every ages can have them! Both my mom, sister and I have quite deep and dark spaces under our eyes.
So, I tried this stick some time back – and I swear I couldn’t believe my own eyes!
Normally I don’t fall for stuff like this, I believe in more drastic ways, like Restylane or something like that.
But this is indeed a confident stick!
What I does, is that it not only smooths out your fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.
It also brightens, take away dark cirkles and evens out your skin under the eyes.
It really works and it looks like you’ve gotten an injection of Restylane or Botox, it fills out all the lines.

It’s like magic! 

I tried it out on both my mom (53) and sister (23) today – and it worked on both of them!
So, I thought that this should definite be my weekly favorite.

You can buy it HERE

Tell me what you think!

x M

WEEKLY FAVORITE: A Makeup Artists Must Have …


OKAY, so the thing about my Weekly Favorites is, that it’s about products I simply couldn’t live without.
These two beauties are probably some of the products that would never leave my makeup bag.
Not my personal one – and never my professional work kit.

The swatches doesn’t do these products justice at all. I’m very confused about what would ever make them look as good as they are. Cause they are. Good, I mean. More than that actually.

You work the products into your fingers and apply them literally anywhere you feel like it.
On the eyelids. Sure, no problem. On the lips, yep great idea! On the cheeks and on your upper forehead – YES PLEASE.
They can transform your skin into looking more beautiful, fresh and young, than most face masks and night creams can ever do.

Yeah, I know. I’m a silly person who’s in love.
But I am. Head over hells for these products. No shame.
I have loved them since I got to know them a few years back – and I really think you should too.

Whenever I wear these, which is basically all the time … People always asks me what I’ve done to my skin and how I get such a natural and beautiful glow. Well, I own it to these guys.

If you want to see a tutorial on how to use them, let me know.

Until then, you can try out for yourselves.

Buriti Bronzer, RMS Beauty, HERE

Master Mixer, RMS Beauty, HERE

x M


WEEKLY FAVORITE: Alt i en salve

PUDDERDÅSERNEI’m away skiing in the French Alps, which means I need some good products for my skin in this extreme weather. Though it’s at the end of the skiing season, which means it’s not too cold, I still have to take care of cracked lips, knockles and my nose!

There’s only one product I’ll always bring and it’s this balm.

I was so tired of all those lip balms out there, promising to repair my lips and leave them soft and smooth. No one ever did the job.
And then my good friends, Helene and Katja, made another wonderful product, the Alt-i-en Salve – and my life was good again.

Cause a lot of brands put good smoothing ingredients in their products – but they forget that you need to repair and fix something before you make it smooth.
So the Panthenol repairs the skin – but thet most important ingredient is the Salicylic Acid, because it’s eksfoliates your skin. So here it is, the best combo when it comes to broken skin! You’re welcome.

Alt i en Salve, Pudderdåserne.dk, 30 ml., 95 DKK.

x M

WEEKLY FAVORITE: Origins Drink Up Mask


Sometimes my skin can feel like a dead fish on land. Its dehydrated, dry and super tired to look at. Cause the thing is, when you don’t drink enough water or you forget to give your skin a hydrating cream, it will look super tired, grey and boring. And you don’t want that, right?

So this mask really does the trick! It’s my favorite lifesaver, when my skin is dry. It works during the night and it feels like your skin drinks up all the good ingredients and you’ll wake up with a perfect moisture skin!

Put the mask on your face in a not to thin layer and go to sleep! Voila, wash the leftovers off when you wake up and you’re good to go!

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, Origins, 100 ml., 195 DKK.

x M