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Hi beauties,

A few small moments and pictures from my birthday Saturday June 2nd, which was this weekend.
It was really hard for me waking up in another country without my closest friends and families around me. Normally I don’t really care about birthdays, because they’re always a bit emotional for me. Don’t know why – probably because I hate getting older. ha!
So living in another country with out the normal traditions, songs etc. felt a bit lonely.

But I am super blessed and lucky to live the life I’m living right now, to fulfill my dreams and chase my career.
I celebrated with my LA friends, eating brunch at Malibu Farm – my forever go-to spot. Dining at Laurels Hardware and finishing at a club supporting my DJ friends, Nonsens. All in all, a very lovely birthday.

Even better was me waking up at 4:30 am to live stream my little sister compete in Team Gymnastics back home in Denmark – my forever favorite sport. Of course she won – as always – that super talent that she is. So for me, there was no better way to start my birthday, even though I was a little tired from getting up that early.

I received so many flowers, cards, phone calls and messages.
It really was heartwarming feeling all the love all the way from Denmark.

Thank you,


I scream for ICE CREAM and ..

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Hi beauties,

I need to share one of my biggest addictions right now – or rather two.
One, is ice cream. It has always been. I love ice cream! And when the weather is good I’ll use any excuse
to go and get some. But another obsession of mine are lip oils.
As you probably can see in the pictures, I’m struggling to chose between eating an ice cream cone or applying one of the wonderful colors from Tom Fords Lip Slick collection.

These colors are gorgeous.
The reason why I love lip oils is because they feel nutritious on the lips – like a balm. Which I love.
But looks like a gloss. Which I hate.
I’ve always loved the glossy look, just hated the feeling.
With lip oils I get a little bit of good from both worlds.

My favorites are Tom Ford Lip Slick in the colors Bitten Berry and Hibiscus Kiss.

If you’re not a fan of glossy lips, because your hair get stuck in the stickiness or you simple prefer something more soft and natural. You should try these out.
They give a hint of a tint and feels amazing!


COACHELLA│Hair Look #1

Hey beauties,

Here’s my beauty look together with the hair look I did for Coachella week 1.
I love these cute small hair buns, they’re so fun and really in the right festival spirit.
Quick and easy hair tutorial – and you can even rock this hairstyle for an everyday look. It’s all about the attitude!

Hope you like the video!
Please let me know,


COACHELLA│Beauty Look #1

Hi beauties,

Okay, so Coachella Week #1 is coming up – and I’m going! I know right?! EXCITING!
This is something I’ve wanted to cross off my buckets list for so long .. and now it’s finally happening.
It all made sense because I live in LA now and it’s only two hours away from Coachella Valley where the festival takes place.
Therefor this week will be COACHELLA WEEK on the blog.
I’ve prepared a lot of fun content for you – making beauty looks and hairstyles for the festival.
I didn’t want to go cray cray, but I still wanted to fit in with the crowd – which means loads of glitter!
I had so much fun filming this, so hopefully you will enjoy it too.


This is the beauty look for my first day next weekend
– the hair style to this beauty look will be in the next video later this week!


Delilah – Time Frame Foundation

Nars – Laguna Liquid Bronzer

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance
(Colors: Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange & Realgar)

Duff Lashes – Monroe

Benefit – Better Than Sex Mascara

Beauty by Popsugar – Liquid Velvet Lip (Color: Be Racy)

NYX – Pigments

Setting Spray
Urban Decay – All nighter

I know this video is hella long! But it has been so long since I’ve filmed something for you guys and I just couldn’t stop rambling! Thank you for bearing over with me and thanks so much for watching beauties!


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Hi beauties,

Wauw, this has been a long time coming. Without a note or any heads up I chose to pull the plug in November and take a long digital detox. I’m so sorry to those of you I’ve disappointed by doing so, but it was a personal decision that made me do this from one day to another. I simply wasn’t motivated. I was feeling confused about what I was doing and if it even made sense for you.
But after reading all of your messages and comments I now see that it wasn’t the nicest move to just leave you without a notice.

But I’m back and feeling better than ever.
I’ve already created a lot of great video tutorials, reviews and looks for you, that I just can’t wait to show you.
This time I’ve taken to myself has been a really good way of finding out what I want to focus on in my videos. How I can teach and communicate tips and tricks to you guys. It has really made me look everything through – so hopefully you can get even more inspired, get even more informed about products and get educated in everything within beauty.

As some of you already know – or have figured out from my small insta stories – I’m still living in Los Angeles.
The reason why is, that I impressive enough, passed the many tests and got invited to take my Masters Degree at UCLA here in Los Angeles. So right now I’m living here while studying Digital Marketing.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done – but it is also the most giving and I’m pretty sure I’ve become wiser and smarter in the last four months than I’ve gotten the last four years. Haha!
So while living in this beautiful city, being a nerd at school – I will of course share all my beauty secrets and step-by-step guides with you – but I will also invite you into my LA life.

I’m so happy and humbled that you’ve all been this patient with me and I hope that I can make up for it the next couple of weeks.
One thing is sure .. I’m very excited for this next chapter!

In the pictures I’m wearing one of my favorite highlighter palettes.
It’s the Urban Decay After Glow
Both on my eyes and the cheekbones – which gives a mesmerizing look and the most beautiful and intense glow on the cheek!
I absolutely love this palette. I either use it dry with a brush – or add a little oil to make it more creamy an mix it into the foundation, blush or eyeshadow.
You can get the palette HERE

I’ve missed you guys!
Thanks for waiting.