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Easy Ponytail with Hair Extensions


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When I?m in a hurry in the morning or just not having a great hair day ? I can always trust my ponytail. You can style it in a million (maybe not millions, but you get the point) ways and it still look pretty cool. I always go for the sleek look to make a statement or the more casual wavy look, if I feel a little bit too styled up.

But because I cut my hair a little shorter, a ponytail on me would just look like a 2th grade cheerleader ?not that sexy of a look. Therefore I always use a few clips of extensions, to add length and volume.

  1. Make a small ponytail
    First step you use a small headband to make a little ponytail on the top of your head. Just use the hair on the top of your skull and let the rest of it hang down.
  2. Add extensions
    Now you take as many clip-ins as you want, and clip it around the small ponytail. Make sure to clip them as close as possible to each other.
  3. Make the ponytail
    Now you take your hairbrush and brush all your hanging hair around the little ponytail and your clip-ins. Make sure your hair covers all the clip-ins and put a hairband around your hair. Voila, and easy and simple natural looking ponytail!

Hairbands: Hairelastics, Blax, 8 pax, 70 kr.

Brushes: Golden Styling Comb, Balmain Hair, 260 kr.

Golden Spa Brish, Balmain Hair, 1000 kr.

Clip-in Extensions: Clip-In-Extensions, Balmain Hair, 2230 kr.

Oil: Aura Botanica Concentre Essentiel Oil, Kérastase, 50 ml., 320 kr.

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