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My Golden Girls

GOLDEN GIRLS _MG_5872 _MG_5886 _MG_5887 _MG_5889Photo by Maria / Mariajernov.com

Everybody that knows me, know I love gold! Just look at all my jewelry – I’m like a pimp mama. So when it comes to my hairbrushes, why not get them in gold too?

My beautiful, Rapunzel-like 24 karat gold plated Balmain Brush .. I mean, is there anything to say? Not really. I got it as a gift from one of the co-founders of Balmain Hair after attending the Balmain Fashion Show in Paris last Autumn 2016 – and I’ve used it every since.

Golden Spa Brush, Balmain, 1000 kr.

I always need a hairbrush in my handbag when I leave my house. But it can be a little bit disgusting to have small pieces of hair laying around in your bag – and at the same time getting dirt from your  bag into your hairbrush. Therefore I LOVE this little compact brush. It’s small, gold and has a little lid on it which makes it super handy.

Gold Rush Compact Styler, Tangle Teezer, 110 kr.

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