WEEKLY FAVORITE: Origins Drink Up Mask

TRAVEL: Leaving for colder weather

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So, I’m the kind of person who’s super bad at packing – specially when it comes to my beauty products. Cause a girl needs more than just a shampoo and a toothbrush – the girls who says that’s all they need, don’t trust them. They can’t be human, they’re aliens or something – you need to stay away from those kinds of people.

Even though I’ve been away skiing in the Alps every year for 2 months the last 24 years, I’m still shit at packing. Clothes is not a problem, cause I got my gear and I know what I need. But beauty? You NEVER know what you need! What if your skin break out, you get cold skin or your har suddently turns green?! You need to be prepared for everything to look your best. So, I’ve tried to gather some of the products and things I always bring with me – and isn’t to heavy. (Cause that’s a problem too, yep!)

Some of these products might not be the most charming ones, but they work – and that’s all that matters.

You need two things in colder weather – first of all a lot of moisture to keep your skin hydrated, but you also need to protect your skin. Therefore you need a good SPF – and yes also during the winter time! These two I can’t live without. The hydrating creme does the job, no matter how fucked my face is. The sunfactor works as a second layer of skin – no stickyness or greasy texture, I simple use is as a primer after my daycare.

Hydreane Riche Thermal Spring Water Cream, 40 ml.
Get it at your local pharmacy.

Sheer Daily Protector SPF50, 50 ml., 280 DKK

You need good nourtering ingrediens for the lips, so they stay soft and smooth. But your lips also needs protection, which is why I love this version with a good SPF20 in it.

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK

It’s not only your skin that gets affected by the weather – your hair does too. This bad boy helps me out everytime I feel like my hair is suffering, feeling dry or looking freezy under my helmet. It’s a leave in treatment, that makes sure your hair is smooth and protected during the day – even after one two many crashes in the snow.

Nutritive Crème Magistrale, Kérastase, 150 ml., 250 DKK

Your hands are extremly affected by the cold weather. They crack easily and gets super dry. Therefore I’m gonna make sure that they stay soft and protected with a retinol serum – that does the trick!
For my nails I normally tend to use this nail hardener polish 14 days before my ski trip. This makes them super strong and harder to break when I hit colder weather. I always bring it with me, so I’m sure that my nails will stay strong and protected.

Hand Serum with Retinol 8, Verso Skincare, 30 ml., 425 DKK

Nail Hardener Extra Strong, Herôme, 110 DKK

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